Board Meeting Minutes September 9, 2014

VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Sep. 9, 2014 – 4 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President. 
II.Roll call: MEMBERS’ REPS - President Siena Klein (term ends 2016), Julia Minton (2015), Cody “Comfy” Dillon (2017). PROGRAMMERS’ REPS - Marcy Stein (2015), Secretary Jack Frybulous (2016), Vice-president Dan Murphy (2017). BOARD-APPOINTED - Christine Doyka (2017), Mark Marchese (2016). Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio). President asked Comfy and Dan if they would make sure the Public File, and that postings on bulletin-board are kept up to date. [JT mentioned the new database would be used during Fall pledge drive.]
III.Approval of July, August minutes. Jack moved for approval of July, and to table approval of August minutes. 7 in favor; Dan abstained.
IV.Approval of agenda. Items of new business added: review 3 new policies; heating and cooling quote (in August packet); discussion of budget; correspondence with the Mateel re ROTR; a live-in host; unanimously approved.
V.Outgoing Board member Noel Soucy was thanked. Seat Members and Programmers’ Reps; appoint Board-elected; Preliminary appointment of Board Officers, discussion. Siena agreed to act as Presideant for “a while” longer. Dan agreed to act as VP. Jack agreed to be Secretary one more year. Christine agreed to serve another year as Correspondence Secretary. Board will discuss final appointments and Committee roles at Orientation. JT proposed adding “corresponding with CABs” to VP’s responsibilities.
VI.Open time – [No visitors.]
VII.Management report
CPB-mandated diversity compliance workshop for Board and Staff is tomorrow at Hospice. A Meetings/Communications Calendar was implemented last month (see p. 9 in packet). ACTION - We must get CABs going again; [note: CAB recruitment is a function of the Networking Com., but communication with CABs is a task that has been added to the Vice-president’s plate]. Networking Committee has planned mixer with Chamber of Commerce for 6 pm, Sep. 24, at the Vets’ Hall. Equipment removal quote for Cahto Peak (see p. 33). Verizon has stopped giving service for this area, so we no longer have a phone-link with Pratt Mtn., which urges us to take on an STL (studio-to-transmitter link), for which we received last fall a $3000 quote, solution in solving the HD / analog problems. Kerry Reynolds proposed a temporary tech-writer position for compiling a Procedures Manual for the Tech Director’s (and possibly the Underwriter’s) positions, to be discussed by the Transition committee. Fall Pledge Drive dates have changed, now Oct. 23 – Nov. 5, message: “we want to raise $95K (incl. $20K from Silent Drive) by Nov. 2.” The Fire Drive brought in $30K of a $35K goal. ACTION - JT asks Board members to show our faces at drives, and to act as a kind of cheering squad, and to inspire staff.
In Operations: The need to clarify that a separation exists between KMUD News and the rest of the station: newsroom is autonomous, and strong and clear language regarding the autonomy of newsroom, in line with journalism ethics, is needed. Board asked to give direction to Policy to come up with language. Comfy suggested KMUD News make an occasional disclaimer at the end of some news programs. Marcy suggested the News Dept. make a promo (which they have). JT: “We never want to be like mainstream media, and allow people to buy the news.” Julia moved that Policy Com write a policy regarding the Newsroom’s autonomy, that it cannot be influenced by membership or money. Marcy seconded; unanimously approved.
Removing equipment as required by new owners of Cahto Peak estimated at $1,500. (More info in June-Aug packets.) Employees Terri and BR are both on their way out, Terri by about March; BR’s position will be advertised after the fall drive. JT wonders how we will continue to meet the CPB requirement that we have four FTEs. Get a Treasurer!
VIII.Discussion / questions for Management Jack asked who potential treasurers are: Tracy Thiele, Joyce Yowell (who works as a Sierra Club treasurer), Stephanie Setté (Pledge Drive Com member), Heather Kornberg (has served six years on the Mateel board). Comfy asked how many positions at station need a procedures manual for them. Jack pointed out that when JT mentions Networking Committee actions, she’s talking about actions she herself has implemented.
15-minute pause for dinner, followed by a lengthy discussion of a new Board meeting time. Jack moved that the Board of Directors’ meet from now on at 3 pm (still on 1st Tuesdays), Dan seconded; unanimously approved.
IX.Consent calendar
A. The Board directs KMUD to establish a reserve of $50K + accrued interest in its own credit-union money-market account. 2nd consideration. Julia moved we approve, Christine seconded; 6 in favor; Dan and Comfy abstained.
X.Unfinished business
A. Personnel policy. (No discussion required.)
B. Review 2% annual COLA: Julia moved we accept the annual COLA policy (see p. 30). Christine seconded. Jack pointed out we should figure out where we can add $4600 to the budget. Unanimously approved.
C. Fairness Doctrine (feedback from last Programmers’ meeting). ACTION - The Board directs Policy to examine where we are with regard to Fairness doctrine.
D. Board orientation, Sep. 30, 11 - 2: Networking Com (JT, Christine, Jack) will plan and discuss. Siena suggests assistance from the Dev’t Com.
E. Station upgrades: Heating and cooling, job quote rec’d $11K (see p. 113 Aug. packet). $25K borrowed from the Fitch fund to cover payroll. ACTION - Board requests that JT obtain 2 more bids. 
F. Bi-annual budget approval – Siena: A concern that Finance Com. has not reviewed it. Auditor said she didn’t see in our Minutes any approval of overspending. Mark moved we accept the 2014 adjusted budget. Julia seconded. 6 in favor; Dan and Comfy abstained. ACTION - Jack will report at next meeting Board members’ donations (cash gifts, money in a jar) to date.
G. Plan Networking Committee Mixer (Sep. 24).
H. The two other policies added to the agenda: Julia moved we approve both 5.1.6 (Volunteer and Community Member Time Restrictions), and 7.6.1 (Children inside the Station); Jack seconded. However, a lot of time discussing 7.6.1 led to Jack’s suggestion that Julia adjust her motion: to accept only 5.1.6, which was unanimously approved. First consideration. 
XI.New business
A. Mateel Communications. The Mateel Liaison Group (JT, Siena, Mark) will ask Justin for a meeting date. Julia recuses herself from any communications and interactions with the Mateel, where she serves as an online marketing coordinator, and Youth Alive liaison.
B. Live-in host, and a place to stay for Mudders whose homes are far. Issues: Homelessness, security, vandalism, campers at station, etc. Build a tiny house, with help from Comfy? Marcy asked impact on insurance. Jack clarified that a tiny house would be behind the station. Jack moved for construction of a tiny house behind the station. Dan seconded. One in favor. 6 opposed. Mark abstained. Jack moved that a Building and Grounds Committee be established. Comfy seconded. 7 in favor, Julia abstained.
C. Library quote [no further discussion was required].
A.Programmers’ Reps. Cynthia Click will be asked to write up the notes she took. 17 showed up. JT: Programmers voted practically unanimously that volunteerism be encouraged, and a gold-star chart be looked into.
B.Members’ Reps.
C.Community Advisory Boards
D.Correspondence Secretary
E.Development Com. – Emma Nation, Siena, Marcy, Heather, Dana, Kerry M., JT were present. ROTR didn’t really make any money, reasons discussed. Marketing brochure coming up. 2344 cold-call letters sent to Ft. Bragg; 3000 to Arcata residents will be mailed shortly, followed by a mailing to Laytonville residents.
i.Pledge Drive subcom. – Paying coordinators? What merch to have at the Emerald Cup. Equity of services with the Mateel. Outreach. What the Mateel gets from our broadcasting.
F.Policy Com. – Three new polices currently under consideration. Fairness Doctrine to return to the Board packet.
G.Mediation Com. – Couple new members, but not much happening now.
H.Management Evaluation Com. – Dan says we need to ask JT how her job is going. Synchronize mgmt with staff evaluations. Re-define JT’s job description. Re-write public survey, and staff mgmt surveys.
I.Transition Com. – Julia, Marcy, Siena, JT, and possibly Christine will soon meet.
J.Elections Com. – Mark submitted a report on the Members’ election, and Marcy will submit one on the Programmers’. I will write a comprehensive report. JT suggests “contingency language” – language to solve problems already dealt with. Julia says now is the time to ACTION - be clear with Nella and Beth who is a member (and so who gets a ballot), so that it can be programmed into the new database now, while they’re in the set-up process. JT pointed out that the Lamport-addressed envelopes, and are relatively expensive, and need to be ordered well in advance.
K. Networking Com. – Chamber mixer at the Vets’ Hall! Sep. 24, 5:30 – 7:30. Invite your friends, and who will be good Board or CAB members. Rosh Hashanah. Free wine and snacks!
XIII.Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.TransitionSep. 22, 11 am
B.ExecutiveSep. 22, 2 pm; + 2nd Mon. Oct., 11 am
C.FinanceSep. 23, 3 pm
D.Board orientationSep. 30, 11 am
E.Development1st Mon., 3 pm
F.Board of Directors1st Tues., 3 pm: Healy
G.Board talk showOct. 8, 7 pm: JT, Dan & Comfy.
H.Board + staffa Tuesday in Oct. at 10:30; TBA
Agenda submitted by the Secretary on 21 Oct., 2014.
This meeting started at 4:10, and ended at 7:35.
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by acls us

Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement: Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all human and other living species on earth move toward higher quality of life and are able to survive the challenges in the times ahead.

Mission Statement: Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.



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