Board Meeting Minutes October 11, 2016

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
October 11, 2016, 3:30 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway CA
Call to order  Opening comments from the President; meeting ground rules.
Roll call
BOARD-APPOINTED:  Christine Doyka, Treasurer Sarah Scudder
MEMBER REPS:  Cody “Comfy” Dillon, Maria Savage
PROGRAMMER REPS:  Vice President Jimmy Durchslag, Zack “Doopi” Gonzalez, President Dan Murphy
ABSENT:  Secretary Rob Bier, Mark Marchese
Approval of September minutes
Doyka moved approval.  Scudder seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Approval of agenda
Murphy moved approval.  Durchslag seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Open time 
Margaret Lewis said that since joining the Mediation Committee she’s become more aware of procedures.  She said changes are happening at the station right now with old staff and new staff.  Suggested that procedures and processes be shared with members, staff, etc. because then everyone can be sure that they are being followed.  She was spurred to come today by the resolution on the Consent Calendar and she doesn’t believe that policy has been followed to spur this action.
Betty Etter objected to the resolution on the consent calendar. She thinks RCR failed to warn, talk with or work with Jama Chaplin before putting this resolution out publicly.  She has known Jama for 30 years and thinks she is all about the good and necessary details. 
Murphy, Dillon, Durchslag and Marchese spoke statement in response to the speakers. 
Consent Calendar
Murphy moved to table resolution to add “whereas” language.  Durchslag seconded.  Passed with six in favor. none opposed, one abstention.
Manager’s Report
Click said she is lacking just a little bit more information about the CAB and Mediation Committee members.  She will email the Board with what she needs. Murphy moved to table this until the November meeting. Scudder seconded. Passed unanimously.
Old business
a. Transmitter link budget
b. Rivendell costs
Murphy moved to table a and b.  Dillon seconded.  Passed unanimously.
c. 2017 budget
After some discussion, Murphy moved to table.  Dillon seconded.  Passed unanimously.
New business
a. Pacifica payment, participation
Todd noted that KMUD stills host its archive with Pacifica, but she has had trouble with them in customer service for it. Pacifica’s financial difficulties were noted.  Technical Director Simon Frech is exploring other options for hosting the archive.  We get Democracy Now! through Pacifica.  We have heard that we would be able to get Democracy Now! directly. The difference would be $4,000 annually for Democracy Now, the archive, and shows that we get occasionally to cover Public Affairs shows. Murphy moved to table.  Doyka seconded. Passed unanimously. 
b. Durchslag moved to authorize Cynthia Click as check signer for all Redwood Community Radio accounts at Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt. Doyka seconded. Passed unanimously.
c. Murphy moved to keep the Membership Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Party as one event in January and to amend policy, procedures and bylaws to reflect this. Dillon seconded. Passed unanimously. 
Committee reports
Member representatives
Savage reported that a friend from Island Mountain would like to throw a party at the Mateel and give the proceeds to RCR.
Community Action Board (CAB)
There will be a meeting at the Healy Senior Center on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 6-8 pm.
Upcoming events: Two Halloween parties and food vending at the Casual Crop Exchange, Sunday, Oct. 23.
Management Evaluation – Murphy
Click said she would like to have a three-month review in January. Murphy moved to have the Management Evaluation committee perform a three-month review of the new Station Manager in mid-January.  Scudder seconded. Approved unanimously.
Elections – Durchslag
Second-year board members are recommended for Elections Committee membership. Durchslag and Murphy are interested in being on the committee. Jim Lamport was the referee last year; committee will check to see if he is interested in helping again.
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