Board Meeting Minutes March 14, 2017

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
March 14, 2017, 3:30 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway CA
Roll call
BOARD-APPOINTED:  Correspondence Secretary Christine Doyka, Treasurer Sarah Scudder, Mark Marchese
MEMBER REPS:  Maria Savage, Secretary Rob Bier
PROGRAMMER REPS:  Interim President Jimmy Durchslag, Vice President Zack “Doopi” Gonzales
ABSENT:  Cody “Comfy” Dillon, Station Manager Cynthia Click
GUESTS:  Sarah Starck, Bob Froelich, Eden “Lady Flavah” Goldberg
Approval of February minutes
Bier moved approval, with correction of the name of Marian Mapes-Bouck and the $12,000 mentioned in  the management report; it is actually $1,200.  Doyka seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Approval of agenda
Items VI. Consent Calendar and XII. Closed Session were removed as errors.  Board meeting time was added under New Business.  Durchslag moved approval with those changes.  Savage seconded.  Passed unanimously, with Scudder abstaining.
Open time
Bob Froelich spoke about the proposed deletion of elections for Mediation Committee members.  He urged the Board to retain the current practice, that it is part of a system of checks and balances.
Management report
In Click’s absence, discussion focused on her written report.
Discussion and questions for management
Bier asked if the estimate for electrical work at the back of the building included work to repair the hole there.  He also suggested that the question be placed on the April agenda of how RCR’s workers’ compensation was allowed to lapse.
Finance committee report
Scudder reported that preliminary figures from the previous weekend’s Animal Party indicate that it broke approximately even.  She suggested that future budgets include a line item to provide funds for building maintenance and equipment replacement.  Working from requests in Scudder’s written report, Marchese moved approval of borrowing $25,000 from reserve.  Doyka seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Bier moved approval of emptying the new reserve, with the stipulation that it be paid back with payments of $500 a month.  Marchese seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Both those motions were made to deal with cash shortfalls in this time of a seasonal low ebb in finances.  Durchslag moved approval of a credit card for Click, asking the Policy Committee to develop controls for its use.  Savage seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Old business
Station-to-transmitter link, new estimates
Since no estimates had been made, Bier moved to table..  Durchslag seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Confirm email vote on new telephone system
Gonzales moved to confirm this email vote.  Doyka seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Building maintenance updates
This was covered in the management report.  The question arose of whether the Board needed to approve any other of the expenditures.  Scudder moved to table that question.  Marchese seconded.  Passed unanimously.
New business
Policy manual changes (see attachment)
Delete second to last paragraph in section 5.4.6, Termination of Employment.
Bier moved to approve.  Gonzales seconded.  Passed with five yea votes, two nay votes.
Make indicated changes in Section, Mediation Committee Guidelines and Responsibilities and Section 2.4.7, Evaluation Committee for Station Manager.  Delete Section 3.6, Representatives To The Mediation And Management Evaluation Committees.
Scudder moved to send changes in Section, Mediation Committee Guidelines and Responsibilities, back to the Policy Committee, with instructions to retain voting for the two volunteer and programmer committee members and to correct confusing language in the section.  Bier seconded.  Passed unanimously.  Bier moved to adopt the changes proposed for Section 2.4.7, Evaluation Committee for Station Manager.  Passed with four yea votes, three nay votes.  The motion passed.  Gonzales moved sending the deletion of Section 3.6 back to the Policy Committee, in light of the previous votes.  Doyka seconded.  Passed unanimously.  [The vote to change Section 2.4.7 must be reaffirmed at the April Board meeting before taking effect.]
Orientation planning
Durchslag, Bier and Gonzales volunteered to assist in preparing the Board members’ binders.  Scudder moved to table consideration of a date and location pending consultation with Click.  Doyka seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Meeting time
Doyka moved changing the starting time for future Board meetings to 4:00 pm.  Scudder seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Committee reports
Mediation – Doyka
Dates are set for the training, in Garberville:  March 31 - April 2 and April 8 - 9.  All interested parties are welcome.  Fee is $300.
Management Evaluation 
Set time and date upon Click’s return.
Committee meeting schedule
Unless otherwise noted, all meeting take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Drive, Redway CA.  Persons planning on attending a meeting should confirm beforehand that no changes from this schedule have taken place.
Board of Directors Tuesday, April 11, 4:00 pm, Healy Senior Center, Redway
Development Tuesday, March 28, 3:00 pm
Executive Tuesday, March 21, 11:00 am, Calico’s, upstairs, Garberville
Policy Wednesday, March 22, 11:00 am
Finance Thursday, April 8, 11:00 am


Proposed for Deletion from the Policy Manual

Purpose: Remove Board, station manager abilities to suspend termination procedures

From Section 5.4.6, Termination of Employment:

In any given instance, the appropriate supervising body (RCR Board of Directors or the station manager), at either body’s sole discretion, may elect to not follow the above guidelines for the termination of employment.

Proposed changes to the Policy Manual

Purpose: Eliminate election of Mediation and Mgt Evaluation Committee members

[Deletions are lined out.  Additions are underlined.]

From Section, Mediation Committee Guidelines and Responsibilities:

The committee is to be composed of five members.  KMUD programmers and volunteers will elect two of these seats. The Board of Directors selects and appoints the remaining three five seats made up of one Board member, one community member, one volunteer, one programmer and one person of any category at the Board’s discretion. To be considered a “Community Member”, a person must not be a KMUD Board member, programmer or active KMUD volunteer.  The committee may request that a specific sixth member (of any category) be appointed by the Board. Regarding the length of terms for Mediation Committee members: Each elected member serves three years. In the eventuality that one or more of the elected members is no longer able to serve, a special election will be held to replace the member(s). At the end of their three-year term, elected members may run for re-election. The three appointed seats are yearly appointments and will be re-appointed by the Board at the end of each term, or the Board will appoint a replacement member(s).

From Section 2.4.7, Evaluation Committee for Station Manager:

This committee, also known as the Management Evaluation Committee, is to start meeting each in January and to conduct management evaluations through March. Committee to be made up of three Board members (senior Board members recommended), one member elected by chosen from volunteers and programmers, and one member from the community, all appointed by the Board.

For election of representatives, see Section 3.6.

Proposed deletion from Policy Manual:


3/28/06; Rev 06/27/06

3.6.1 Candidate Eligibility

All candidates shall be programmers or volunteers in good standing 30 calendar days prior to nomination.  (Note:  An employee or person contracted for services is ineligible.)

3.6.2 Voter Eligibility

All programmers and volunteers in good standing may vote.  A volunteer who delivers six hours of service to the organization in a six-month period may vote.

3.6.3 Candidates’ Forum

The election coordinator shall schedule a forum during a programmers’ and volunteers’ meeting before or at the beginning of the voting period.

3.6.4 Nomination Period

The nomination period is from until the close of the last business day (Monday – Friday) in .  The election coordinator shall notify all programmers and volunteers in writing and shall post a sign near the studios.

3.6.5 Ballots

Two representatives will be elected to the Mediation Committee and one representative to the Management Evaluation Committee.  All candidates may submit a statement. Ballots shall be mailed to all programmers and volunteers by the close of the fifth business day in, and with return envelopes addressed to the referee. For programmers, the ballots will be sent in the same mailing as the programmers’ representative ballots.  All ballots shall be returned postmarked no later than.  Ballots shall be counted by the close of the tenth business day in.  Note:  RCR’s general election policies apply.  See Section 3.1.

3.6.6 Committee Member Seating

New representatives to the Mediation Committee shall be seated at the August committee meeting. The results of the election for Management Evaluation Committee shall be announced at the August Board meeting, and that committee will usually 
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