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Monday, August 20, 2012

KMUD Finance Committee

KMUD Finance Committee 

Committee Members:
Julia Minton, Board Treasurer (Committee Chair)
Jama Chaplin
Dian Griffith, A/P Bookkeeper
Jeanette Todd, Station Manager
Nella White, Board Member

Scope of the Committee:

  • The Finance Committee is the fiscal awareness component of the Board. It educates, advises and recommends to the Board and management the financial possibilities and monetary consequences of KMUD’s plans, ventures and activities.Discussion during the monthly meetings is expected to consider current and projected cash flow; profit and loss trends; balance sheet items; budget alignments; status of secured, pending and potential grants and loans, and communications with the issuing agencies; current and upcoming expenditures and strategies for funding and reducing costs; any policy work that might be needed; assessments of fundraisers, benefit trends, and underwriting outlook, and general financial picture.
  • Any ideas for actions and solutions which are outside the manager’s authority will be brought to the Board.
  • The committee will begin drafting the budget for the following year starting in September and present a first draft in the Board packet for October. 
  • The Committee will also assist the Station Manager in reviewing potential Auditors.
  • If the need for a loan is anticipated, the Committee should determine the amount necessary, and with the Board’s approval take action to secure the organization’s line of credit, either privately or with an institution for the coming year.

Meeting time is the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3 pm at KMUD, although at times this may be changed to accommodate schedules.

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