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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Awards at Members Meeting / Appreciation Party January 27, 2019

KMUD / Redwood Community Radio wants to thank the community for coming out to participate in our annual Members Meeting and Appreciation Party on Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Mateel. Both the meeting and the party were well attended and a very productive exchange of information took place concerning KMUD’s current status, including the station’s stable financial position entering 2019.
Many thanks to many, many individuals and businesses for their help. The Mateel Community Center, Lagunitas Brewery, Humboldt Distillery, Redway Liquors, and the Lost Frenchman are among the businesses that provided welcome contributions. Babette Bach and her kitchen crew— Scott, Varga, Vicki, Jamie, Lynn, Maureen,  Dave, Katy, George, Kathy, and Emily—spent hours putting together a veritable feast.  Bob Froehlich put great effort  getting the bar together with help from Barbara, Duff and Shaka.
Thanks also to Bobby G for helping with the Appreciation Awards Ceremony, Gardner and Lauren for managing the rousing Name That Tune contest and Ian, Dennis and Noel for providing the party music.  Also a big thanks to Jama Chaplin for helping coordinate the event. Lots of others contributed and there is always the danger of leaving people out, but mainly the KMUD Board wants to thank the community for your continued support of this valuable resource.  
Sincerely, Jimmy Durchslag, President
KMUD Board of Directors    
And here are the awards handed out this year:
Talk Show Engineers:
Excellent Service: Daralee Fallin, Nico Garreton, BR Graham, Margaret Lewis, Tanya Lynne, Dennis Maher
Longtime Engineering Service: Eric Allen, Garth Epling, Simon Frech, Eric Johnston, Jordan Jumpshot, Larry Lashley, Michael McKaskle, George Monroe
Volunteers: Lois Cordova, Jack Flaws, Barbara Froehlich, Zac Gonzalez, Lynn Harrington, Jordan Jumpshot, Margaret Lewis, Noel Soucy 
Volunteer of the Year: Johnny Why
Music Show Honorable Mentions: The Beat Drop, Global Vibe, Latino America Sonando, Mixed Greens, Rankin’ Reggae, Spirit of Rock n’ Roll, World Beat Show
Music Show Favorites: It’s All About the Music, Mudlark in the Morning
Music Show of the Year: Da Coconut Wireless
Talk Show Honorable Mentions: Heart of the Earth, Environment Show, Living with Your Dog, Politically Correct Week in Review, Thank Jah
Talk Show Favorites: All Things Reconsidered, Cannabis Show, Eurobureau, Thinking Clearly
Talk Show of the Year: Monday Morning Magazine 
Inspiring Programmers Honorable Mention: Eddie Barker, Jomama, Littlerock,  Sydney Morrone, Johnny Why
Inspiring Programmers: Ed Denson, Agnes Patak
Programmer of the Year: Jordan Jumpshot
Special Awards:
Financial Guru: Sarah Starck
Lifetime Achievement: Cynthia Click
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