Over $80,000 raised in pledge drive.
Over 100 new members.
Thank you!


Congratulations to Camille Fellion, she won this rug in our pledge drive long raffle. The drive ended Friday night, November 7 with over $80,000 raised. Thank you everyone for the support of your community radio station!

Traditional Tibetan rug, gold with a blue, red and silver dragon motif, this 3 x 6 foot hand-knotted wool rug was donated by Julie and Joanna of  Himalayan Rug Traders in Eureka.

Made without child labor by Tibetans in Nepal. Mud, kids and dogs are no problem for this rug, simply hose it off with water and hang to dry. 

This rug has a retail value of $650. It can be yours with a donation or membership to KMUD and a little bit of luck.* This is another great prize, along with the Emerald Triangle bracelet, to be drawn after the Local News on the last day of our pledge drive, from all those who have participated in our Fall Pledge Drive and including all those who donated during the Silent Drive.  Get in the raffle by donating online now.  Or, call 707-923-3911 and pledge your support now!

KathleenBryson-apronKMUD supporter Kathleen Bryson got her apron!

Olive green work apron (some call it the trimmigrant apron) has two pockets and the KMUD Cannabis Seal of Approval. Made in California from 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled soda bottles, has adjustable straps. Great for garden, kitchen, and workshop. We ask for a $100 donation or membership for this item.


Emerald Triangle bracelet

This Fall KMUD is making a special effort to focus on our communities. Inspired by KMUD,  metal smith and artist Shole Ferretta, of Twin Rock Designs has created something completely original,
The KMUD Emerald Triangle.

This Emerald Triangle is sterling silver with a large Columbian 2 + carat Emerald.
The Emerald Triangle has a value of $1200.00.
In the spirit of our KMUD Community, every Silent Drive entry and every Pledge made during our Fall Pledge Drive will be entered into win the KMUD Emerald Triangle. 
The drawing for this beautiful gift will be in the evening of the last day of the Pledge Drive.
Tune in early and often to hear special programming that celebrates this wonderful and special community and KMUD, the grass roots heart of it, in the center of the Emerald Triangle.

Fall, 2014

Dear Friend of Redwood Community Radio,

If you’ve been listening to the Mud over the past few months, you’ve heard some very special programming.  In February, we focused on water-related issues; in April, we explored the world of cannabis; and in August, we explained how to protect your family and property from fire.

This fall, KMUD will extend the previous themes of water, earth, and fire to bring you special programming celebrating AIR, specifically, the air we use to broadcast a wide range of music and public affairs. We will be exploring the ways we are using our grassroots community airwaves in building community.

We all count on up-to-date information from the renowned KMUD Local News, especially with fire and persistent drought still on our minds. As we look forward to the winter rains, please remember just how important your support of the only local daily newscast will be, in the month ahead.
Our Grand Silent Drive Prize this fall is a Caribbean Vacation aboard a 36-foot Sailing Yacht, to be drawn Wednesday, October 22.  See details on the other side of this letter. Silent Drive drawings for donated prizes begin October 10, and will be drawn weekly until the On-air Drive begins, Thursday, October 23. Our goal this fall is $95,000, and your early contribution will give us a head start. The more money that comes in during the Silent Drive, the faster we will reach our goal, and the quicker we can return to the eclectic mix of music and talk you’ve come to expect from your Voice in the Redwoods.

Please donate as generously as your means will allow, and help us to continue our proud, 27-year-old tradition of bringing People-Powered Radio to your hearts and minds.

On behalf of KMUD’s Board of Directors, Programmers, Volunteers, and Staff,
Thank You in advance! 


To make it easier to enter the raffle, download the printable letter, fill it out, send it to KMUD, PO Box 135, Redway, CA 95560

Alternatively, why not make a pledge online, we'll add you to the raffle!

By completing your Silent Drive Letter coupon, and sending it back to KMUD, you will be eligible to win a week-long adventure of a lifetime!
The journey will begin on beautiful St. John where you will meet up with Captain Jimmy of Kiote Sails. You will sail out of Coral Bay and adventure to multiple stops in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.  You will learn of true pirate lore, snorkel with some of the most vivid tropical fish in the world, and lounge on private beaches. 
See Kiote Sails at: www.kiotesails.com

Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
July 1, 2014 – 4 pm
Healy Senior Center, Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President
II.Roll call:  MEMBERS’ REPS - President Siena Klein, Julia Minton (arrived 6:54). PROGRAMMERS’ REPS - Vice President Noel Soucy, Marcy Stein, Secretary Jack Frybulous. BOARD-APPOINTED - Christine Doyka, Mark Marchese. Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio).
Visitor: Scott Kender
III.Approval of May and June minutes. Jack moved for approval; Noel seconded. Passed unanimously.
IV.Approval of agenda Noel moved we modify the agenda like this: a) withdraw items A and D from Unfinished Business (appoint new Board member; changing bylaws to make dates more flexible); b) add two New Business items: Preparing new Board and CAB members; Treasurer’s Job Description; c) change item C (policy for use of reserves) to second consideration [note: it was later realized that this item had not received first approval, so this agenda item remains as it was posted]; and d) add Closed Session – Personnel, to follow New Business.
V.Open time - Speakers will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed five minutes.
VI.Management report JT asked CD about Kate Wolf fund-raising, who said that the booth had been in a really poor spot. Northern Nights: Noel says we might do a live-stream, organizers still working on getting internet (there was none last year). Live broadcast of the 30th annual ROTR, and Coffee Booth. Coffee Coordinator here in July to start brewing coffee. Dian said do not spend more money, but we ran out of coffee at ROTR last year, and at SAMF: and so need to spend money to make money. Membership ballot mailing tomorrow; working with Justin Crellin for Halloween Boogie. August Fire pledge drive coming along, with coordinators selected: Liz Davidson, Cynthia Click and Kerry Reynolds; Kerry Morgan to coordinate volunteers for food and phones. Jimmy Durschlag will help get ready but will be on vacation during drive. Locks changed, with more doors having automatically locking doors. Newsroom got new double-paned windows. 40 people are in the on-air training pipeline. Jeanie Goodfield and Ken Jorgenson resigned this week; Cousin Marc has given up his show. Mark Bettis (Sounds of the Sewer alternate Friday nights) passed away. MM will talk to the tree guy for more info. Programmer meeting between now and Fall. Finance: concern with starting the year at minus $18K; current net income is negative $37,860. “Not super-concerned. Dian not concerned at all, but says to nip spending.” To be discussed in more detail at next Finance Com. meeting. Diversity Training Sep. 10 at Vets’ Hall.
Jack moved we consider a 2nd time deleting Comp time, policy, Noel seconded. Unanimously approved. This policy takes effect.
VIII.Consent calendar (none)
IX.Treasurer’s report – Dian and JT making a draft Budget this week and next. Finance Com meeting 3rd Tuesday. Stacy will finish draft audit perhaps tomorrow. CPB extension approved. Once Board approves the draft audit, the AFR will be submitted, and then upload the final audit into the CPB-ISIS system. Board members are asked to look for and vote on straw poll regarding the draft audit.
X.Unfinished business
A. Establish Networking Com. – purpose: identify and recruit new Board and CAB members. Go to meetings: Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis, etc. Plan regular mixers; learn dates of upcoming receptions / meetings. Jack volunteers to act as first president. Siena, Christine and Jeanette also join. Jeanette asked if it would be a Board committee, and would there be a need for a chair and ACTION – creation of a job description? Suggestion: regularly scheduled Board mixers.
B. Policy for use of reserve – 1st consideration. Noel moved to approve, Doyka seconded; unanimously approved.
C. Correspondence with CABs. (Networking Com. will handle recruitment for CABs.) Noel moved the Board recommend to the Policy Com. ACTION – that it incorporate language about Correspondence Secretary duties (2.1.5) communicating with CAB. Mark seconded. Unanimously approved.
D. Personnel policy changes incl. vacation accrual. Went back to Policy Com for review. Jack moved we table, Marcy seconded. Unanimously approved.
E. Proposed policy re COLA. (JT gave background info; 2% annual suggested; JT is taking it back to the drawing-board for further review). Jack moved we table, Noel seconded. Passed unanimously.
XI.New business
A. Fairness Doctrine. ACTION – Jack suggests Noel and Marcy work with him on this next week. When asked what section JT would like attention on, she said: “Grievances (complaints, etc.) shall be submitted in writing.”
B. Prep new board and CAB members: how to facilitate their learning more quickly what’s going on. Binders. What jobs are learning experiences. Making sure Public file is up to date. Assign one for six months? Reading list. Need for Parliamentarian (in the past, the Policy Com chair).
JT: Networking Com could re-evaluate the Orientation structure. New Board members don’t know what they don’t know. Doyka think about what she doesn’t know. Dinner: social and structure aspects. Marcy suggests re-visiting and strengthening the Board binder. ACTION – Networking Com is directed to follow up on strengths and weaknesses of Orienting new Board members.
C. Treasurer’s job description (see handout: Article VII, section 4 of Board binder). Policy Manual, 2.4.10. Jack moved we table further discussion of Treasurer’s job, Noel seconded. Passed unanimously.
XII.Closed Session – Personnel
The Board directs the Policy Com. to address the issue of children at the station.
The Board directs the Policy Com. to look at limiting involvement of community members in committees. 
A.Programmers’ Reps. – Noel submitted notes from the June 17 Programmers’ meeting. ACTIONS – How to get the Mud Flap up and running again? Create one Programmers’ Reps box.
B.Members’ Reps.
C.Community Advisory Boards
D.Correspondence Secretary
E.Development Com.
i.Pledge Drive subcom.
F.Policy Com. – see Packet.
G.Mediation Com. meeting TBA. Maria Savage joining. Search for 2nd person; Christine has also expressed interest.
H.Website Com. – no report. Restructuring under consideration.
I.Emergency Preparedness Com. – inactive.
J.Management Evaluation Com. – Dan Murphy was asked to submit a report. At their last meeting, JT gave input on improving the evaluation process.
K.Transition Com. – JT will soon schedule a meeting.
L.Elections Com. – Mailing set for 10 am tomorrow.
XIV.Schedule - monthly meeting times of Committees
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.Development 1st Mon., 3 pm
B.Board of Directors 1st Tues., 4 pm; Healy Senior Center
C.Executive 2nd Mon., 10 am
D.Policy 2nd Mon., 3 pm
E.Board talk show 2nd Wed. July – Jeanette to host
F.Finance 3rd Tues., 3 pm – Budget Review
G.Website may be canceled
H.Board / Staff meeting3rd Tues. (Jun., Sep., Dec., Mar.)
This meeting began at 4:07 and adjourned at 7:10.
Submitted by the Secretary 16 Sep., 2014.


More info on Facebook and tickets here 


Tickets at inticketing.com

Hip Hop Harvest MC Competition 11/1/2014 
Ft. Talib Kweli
Hosted by Kelley Mak

Official Rules and Guidelines

Please submit your 15-minute track (s) digitally to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail to Box 135 Redway CA 95560 by midnight October 15th 2014.
After October 15th a group of 6 music industry professionals/ promotors will review submissions and pick the top 4-6 groups to perform a 30-45 minute set on the night of show November 1st at the Mateel Community Center.
The audience will vote for their favorite act in a fair and regulated way that will be counted through a 3rd party group. 
The top two performers will be identified and will flip a coin for who will perform first, then they will chose which format they will battle in (spoken word, rap, battle, beats/ no beats etc), then free style battle until either a single opponent is lyrically destroyed or the 10 minute bell rings and the crowd will chose the winner by an applause meter.
Any disagreements or presentational disputes will be settled by the ultimate judge; Talib Kweli.
More structural detail:
Kelley Mak will host the entire competition, performers will meet and greet with her pre-show during sound check, during this time we encourage you to let her know any promotional highlights you may want to present during the event.
Light & sound needs should be submitted to KMUD with enough lead time for the technicians to ensure proper follow through for the performers individual artistic representation for the night of show. Performers are encouraged to treat this like a professional show, by creating sharp practiced sets, constructing other entertainment showcases such as image projections, dancers, lights lazers or other effects.
Each participating group will be given access to the event for group members only, no guest passes will be given, due to the competeive nature of the event.
Particiapants who submit mixes/ tracks who are not chosen to compete in the event will be given 2 complimentry tickets.
Patrons entering the event will be given a strip of tickets equal to the amount of performances left to make the stage.
For example:
6 performers left to perform= patron will receive 6 tickets to vote with
3 performers left to perform= patron will receive 3 tickets to vote with
1 performer left to perform= patron will receive 1 ticket to vote with
Performers will draw straws for stage line up on the night of show.
A representative of the Mateel Community Center will count the votes; the Mateel Community Center is not involved in this event.
Thank you.
For more information please call 707-923-2513
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Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement: Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all human and other living species on earth move toward higher quality of life and are able to survive the challenges in the times ahead.

Mission Statement: Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.



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