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MCSO and federal agents raid Round Valley marijuana gardens Day 2

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Report Number: 10-2747/2752
Coroner Number: N/A
Incident: 11358 and 11359 H&S-Cultivation and Sales of Marijuana
Location: Round Valley private and public lands
Date: 09-29-2010 Time: All day event

Victim #1:
Name: People-State of California

Suspect #1:
Name: Gordon Wittrock
Age: 49
Address: Eel River Road
City/State: Covelo,Ca

Suspect #2:
Name: Sarhovda Lain
Age: 24
Address: Transient
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #3:
Name: Michael Daravong
Age: 28
Address: 111th Place
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #4:
Name: Framanu,Sage
Age: 36
Address: 26th Ave
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #5:
Name: Ritha Van
Age: 29
Address: 2nd Ave
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #6:
Name: Phy Run Sun
Age: 26
Address: 15th Ave
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #7:
Name: Manassah Seang
Age: 53
Address: 124th St
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #8:
Name: Tok Kim
Age: 29
Address: 7th St
City/State: Seattle,Wa

Suspect #9:
Name: Joshua Abbate
Age: 36
Address: Donald Cir
City/State: Middlletown,Ny

Suspect #10:
Name: Reynaldo Rivera
Age: 35
Address: 15th St
City/State: Deer Park,Ny

Suspect #11:
Name: Carl Weyant
Age: 26
Address: 15th St
City/State: Deer Park,Ny

Suspect #12:
Name: Hans Haaland
Age: 27
Address: Conklin Hill
City/State: Stanfordville,Ny

Suspect #13:
Name: Noel Goleuring
Age: 26
Address: Turkey Hill
City/State: Millan,Ny

Suspect #14:
Name: Joseph Cort
Age: 27
Address: Egan Ln
City/State: Hudson,Ny

Suspect #15:
Name: David Luff
Age: 30
Address: Purdue Ave
City/State: Los Angeles,Ca

Suspect #16:
Name: Sebastian Rogers
Age: 31
City/State: Costa Mesa,Ca

Suspect #17:
Name: Michael Vincent
Age: 24
Address: Bryer Cliff Ln
City/State: Pine Plain Ny

Suspect #18:
Name: Bethany Bonneville
Age: 22
Address: Main St
City/State: Pine Plain,Ny

Suspect #19:
Name: Ethan Smith
Age: 20
Address: Wight Way
City/State: Kelseyville,Ca

Suspect #20:
Name: Jose Corona Pulido
Age: 24
Address: South State St
City/State: Ukiah,Ca

On 9-29-2010 the Mendocino County Sheriffs Office for a second
day continued assisting State and Federal Agents in the service of
search warrants in regards to the cultivation and sales of Marijuana
in the Round Valley area. Camp (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting)
along with Commet (County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team)
continued open field eradication efforts in the area.

Officers arrived at an address of 28550 Eel River Road. At the
location they eradicated a total of 101 Marijuana Plants along with
approximately one (1)pound of processed Marijuana. They seized
$9985.00 in cash, one rifle and arrested eight (8) people from this

Officers served a search warrant at 29070 Eel River Road. At
the location they eradicated 68 Marijuana Plants ranging from 12'-15'
in height. They seized over one hundred and six (106) pounds of
processed marijuana. They arrested ten (10) people from this location.

Officers served a search warrant at 28990 Eel River Road. At
the location they eradicated eighty-six (86) Marijuana Plants. They
further seized approximately two thousand (2,000) pounds of processed
marijuana from this location along with five (5)rifles. They arrested
two people from this location.

During the service of the search warrants, Camp and Commet were
conducting open field raids. The combined eradication efforts
between the open field raids and the search warrants totaled 11,148
plants. A total of twenty (20) people were arrested and booked into
the Mendocino County Jail on the listed charges. Six (6)firearms were
seized and a total of $12,485 in cash was seized as evidence.

Some of the investigations and operations are continuing into
the illegal cultivation and sales of marijuana for profiteering.

Approved By: Kurt Smallcomb
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