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Date:  November 18, 2009                                                         From:  Brenda Godsey, PIO
(707) 268-3645

Subject:  Homicide Investigation Update                                               Cases: 200907665


The Sheriff's Office is releasing the name of today's homicide victim.  Robert B. Van Alstine, 30 and transient, succumbed to his injuries today at about noon. 

The Sheriff's Office is asking for help from the public in this investigation.  Mr. Van Alstine was a white male adult, about 5'8" tall and weighing 170 pounds.  He had long brown hair and green eyes.  Mr. Van Alstine had several distinctive tattoos including an "anarchy" symbol on his neck and a vertical stripe over his right eye.  Anyone with information about Mr. Van Alstine or this case should call Detective Troy Garey or Sergeant Wayne Hanson at (707) 268-3639.

Additional information regarding this case will be released as it becomes available and appropriate.

Gary Philp


Press Advisory, November 3, 2009


Sacramento - The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reminds customers that all public offices will be closed on Fridays Nov. 6, 13 and 20, 2009, in keeping with the Governor's Executive Order S-13-09.

The Department offers a number of online services through its website (www.dmv.ca.gov) including payments for vehicle registration and driver license renewals via secure debit transactions, filing a notice of release of liability, change of address, and scheduling appointments.

Customers can also effect transactions via the telephone by calling (800) 921-1117. For registration and driver license renewals, customers must have their six-digit Renewal Identification Number (RIN) that accompanies their renewal. Automated services are also available at 1-800-777-0133.

Motorists who have a registration renewal date that falls on Nov. 6, 13, and 20 will have penalties waived until the next business day.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *    
DMV is a department under the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, which is under the direction of Secretary Dale E. Bonner. The DMV licenses drivers; maintains driving records; registers and tracks official ownership of vehicles and vessels; investigates auto and identity-related fraud; and licenses car dealers, driving schools, and traffic violator schools.
Don't Stand In Line, Go Online! Doing business with the DMV has never been easier. The DMV offers an array of services to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its Web site (www.dmv.ca.gov), including online appointments for written and drive tests; vehicle registration and driver license renewals, selection of personalized license plates, changes of address and payment of fees via secure debit transactions.


The National Weather Service is reminding visiting boaters to check the weather forecast often and talk to locals about our unique weather hazards - like the Humboldt Bay Bar.    Check the weather using your VHF weather channels, or on the web at www.weather.gov/eureka , or call 707- 443-7062.  For a bar report, talk to the coast guard on your VHF or call 707-443-2212.


KMUD News received the following statement from Richard Culp, General Manager of the Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District, on June 23, 2009:

The Coast Guard's new Rescue 21 tower in Shelter Cove was vandalized by multiple gun shots with a high powered rifle in the early morning hours of June 23.
  The crime was first noticed by contractors when they arrived at the site this morning.  A preliminary assessment estimates more than $100,000 of damage was caused to structures and radio equipment for US Coast Guard, Humboldt County Sherriff, California Highway Patrol, Cal Fire/Fortuna, Shelter Cove Fire, District utility, 101Netlink wireless internet, CRE power page, KMUD radio, TV stations 3,6 & 13 and Verizon.  Not all systems were disabled but damage assessments are not complete.  More than 25 empty high power rifle casings were found around the site and bullet holes were found in nearly every structure on the site.  The shooter also pumped three rounds into the job site portable toilet, multiple rounds into the tower contractor's equipment trailers, flattening three tires. A 200 gallon propane tank was also shot but not damaged.

Bullet holes in south leg of Rescue 21 tower, Shelter Cove, California



The Humboldt County Sherriff's Department investigated the scene and collected evidence late this morning (June 23).  Deputy Allen Stockton is handling the case but indicated that the FBI will likely take charge of the case since this is a federal project.

Residents near the tower site reported later in the day that they had heard multiple gun shots in the area between 1 and 2 AM on the morning of June 23rd. 

Anyone with information about this incident should contact the Humboldt County Sherriff's office.


The Rescue 21 construction photo web page with images of the damage:  http://www.sheltercove-ca.gov/tower/tower.htm




Redwood Community Radio owns and operates a translator at that communications site. The translator receives KMUD's 91.1 signal from Pratt Mountain and retransmits on 99.5 FM, serving the Shelter Cove area. KMUD equipment was not damaged in this attack, but as you can see in one of the photos, one of the bullet holes was within a couple of inches. The antennas for the translator have not yet been installed on the new tower but are expected to be moved very soon. KMUD staff urge anyone with information about the vandalism to contact the Humboldt County Sheriff's office at (707) 923-2761 (Garberville) or the main Eureka office (707) 445-7251.


Find out more about the U.S. Coast Guard's Rescue 21 project.


Kate Klein

Kate Klein, KMUD’s long-time Music Director and community volunteer, died on Tuesday, April 15, of cancer at the Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville, surrounded by friends and loved-ones. Kate was one of KMUD’s most-beloved DJ’s, and she was also a popular DJ for parties and events. Her love of music was obvious, and her dedication to KMUD … tremendous. Kate spent countless hours volunteering for fundraisers and benefits. She was extremely committed to her work in radio, but always found time to sing, dance and play. She was a caring person who made many people feel that their thoughts and opinions mattered.

Kate greatly expanded KMUD’s music library over the years, developing one of the most extensive ones around. Her eclectic taste in music was appreciated by those who listened to her show here on KMUD, called KMOOD, which was sprinkled with profound, wise words that raised ones conciousness and spirit. Some of the words friends used to describe Kate include genius, creative, and magical.

A memorial dance is in the works, which will include live music, singing and celebration of the beauty and joy Kate brought. There has also been an account set up to help with the costs of memorial and cremation services. That account is at the Community Credit Union in Garberville, and donations are also accepted at Kidz and More in Garberville.

Kate was a gift to KMUD and our community, and her smile, her words, and Kate herself will be sorely missed. Thank you, Kate, for being a good friend.


written by Cynthia Elkins for KMUD News.


Link to article written for the Independent Newspaper by Cristina Bauss

Link to audio from Healing Factor on March 30, her very last radio show



Frank Cieciorka's Fist


Alderpoint artist Frank Cieciorka passed away on November 24, 2008, he had been suffering from emhysema. Frank was perhaps best known nationally for his woodcut of a clenched fist.



Frank was also a supporter of KMUD, and he made several drawings for us. One of them was made into Thank-you cards, and bore the image of the two motel cottages at the south end of Garberville, where our radio station was housed for ten years. For a larger version, click on the image.




Another image he gave us became the cover of our Summer 1994 KMUD Quarterly. For a larger version, click on the image.




Christine WaltersThe Eureka Police Department is requesting the aid of the public in locating 25 year old Christine Walters. Christine has blondish-red hair and blue eyes. She is 5’4” and approximately 100 pounds. She was last seen on 11-14-08 in Eureka. 

Her family has reported her missing as they have not heard from her in since November 2008.  Any information regarding Christine should be given to Police Services Officer Mary Anderson of the Criminal Investigation unit at 441-4300 or call the 24-hour dispatch number, 441-4044.
Christine reportedly took the substance Ayahuasca the day before she disappeared.
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