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Found dog: Medium Sized Female. Tan with Dark Mussle. Pink Collar, no tags. Found in Briceland near Briceland Vineyards. Has been wandering around the mountain for at least a few weeks. Please text or email. 2/21/2018 Anna 541-591-2839
Wanted: Retired single man, 11 years a SoHum resident, seeks rental home. Prefers within 30 minutes of town. Can pay $700 to $1000 a month. 2/21/2018 Rob 601-5138  
Lost dog: Male Small Pit, 65 lbs named Thai. Light Brindle with Cropped Ears. Has Tags and Collar with phone number 223-5220. Last seen 2/18 on Ettersburg Rd. 2/20/2018   223-5220  
Found dog: Female mixed breed. Light Tan with pale chest. No collar or tags. Found 2/16 at Redway Elementary School. 2/20/2018 Monique 383-9557  
Found dog: Small Male. Black with Long Hair. No Collar No Tags. Found 2/15 on Redwood Dr. North of Redway. 2/20/2018   496-3953  
Lost dog: Male Great Pyranees Mix named Falcor. 120 lbs. White. Tags-Yes. Last seen 2/18 in Sealy Creek. 2/20/2018 James 672-5355  
For sale: Inverters for Solar System for Sale OutBack Power inverters for an off-grid power system. Dual FX 2024 inverters (4000 watts) and MX60 charge controller. Has the original installation and programing manuals. These inverters and charger are still mounted in our powerhouse.. Asking $3,000 best offer for inverters and charger. Also have a pole, racks and other gear for PV arrays for sale. 2/20/2018 Donna 964-0487  
For sale: Seasoned Firewood- $80/ per pickup load. Easy access. Paved driveway next to Hwy 101. 2/20/2018 Cheri 247-3440
Wanted: Looking for a nice cottage/cabin rental in the SoHum or NorHum area close to town. $1500 or under. Decent sized fenced in yard for my dogs and a garden is preferred. Love to keep and maintain a beautiful home and have a strong focus on keeping Humboldt a healthy and connected community. Love organic quality gardening, and love the Humboldt lifestyle! 2b/1bth is ideal, esp if a bathtub is in the bathroom. Looking to move in March. 2/20/2018 Eden Love 808-747-0567
Wanted: Soil old or new--if you are looking to rid of your soil and you don't know what to do with it, a newly created garden space is in need. 2/20/2018 Natalya 572-7434  
For sale: Weaver Model 1040 Climbing Harness. Unused with Lanyard and Spikes. $180 obo. 2/15/2018   273-3163  
Lost dog: Male Jack Russell named Dagger. Neutered. Age 2. White with Red Spots. Last seen 2/1 in Briceland. 2/15/2018 Peggy 986-7573  
For sale: 2 Tickets for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre performance at Zellerbach Hall on UC Berkeley Campus. Central Orchestra J101 & 102. Show is Friday, April 13th at 8pm. $270 for both. 2/15/2018 Klaro 599-4110  
For sale: A Bostitch 6 gallon air compressor and 3 air guns- 1 a brad nailer, 1 a finnish stapler, 1 a 16 gauge finnish nailer;. Also includes 40ft. hose and canvass carring case. Valued on Amazon at $279, asking $180. 2/15/2018 John 932-0398  
Found dog: Older Male Rottweiler/Heeler Mix. About 55 lbs. Not neutered. Black & Tan with Brown Paws. No collar or tags. Found 2/12 on Bell Springs Rd. Mile Marker 6.3. 2/14/2018 John 223-5707  
For sale: 210,000 gallon collapsible water tank with all fittings and attachments needed. Brand new, crated, and ready for freight shipment. Only one available. Asking $15,900 but will entertain your offer. Perfect for growers with seasonal wells. 2/13/2018   951-464-9619  
For sale: Pork. Economy got you down? Trying to be more frugal and stretch those dollars into the kitchen? Then Cut out the middle man, pool that loot together with some friends, and the heirloom family for farm fresh pork fill you bellied without emptying your wallet. $5/lb. 2/13/2018   223-2636  
For sale: Knaack model # R-175 weather guard locking truck tool box. 62" long, 13.5" high with 2 keys. Pick up in Redway or Briceland. $200 or best offer. Send Text 2/12/2018   510-334-1296  
Found dog: KMUD received a report of a Found Older Female Lab a mile and a half up China Creek. The reporting party's name is Shaggy, but his contact number has not been set up. The Owner of the Dog is Leonard Anderson. Please KMUD or the owner to reunite dog with owner. 2/12/2018 Leonard Anderson 502-1692  
Offered: Arborist Service. Removal of Dying, Dead, Dangerous, or Undesirable trees. Thinning for more light and for general health and safety. Trees above Structures or sensetive areas no problem. Also provides Fuel Reduction of Defensible space for Fire Safety. Fair & Resonable, Prompt & Courteous. Free Estimates. 2/7/2018 Cree 415-589-9396