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Item: Date Posted: Ask for: Phone number: Address:
Wanted: Gardener in Briceland for a disabled homeowner. Is looking for 2 or 3 afternoons a month for 5 hours eash afternoon or as mutually agreed. Will pay $20 per hour. 4/21/2017   923-7873  
Services For Hire: Professional Chimney Cleaning 4/21/2017 Mike 383-9580  
Wanted: part time care provider for 7 hours a week. Is needed as soon as possible in Mckinleyville. 4/21/2017   273-8866  
Lost Phone: Black LG flip phone on Saturday April 15th. If found please drop off to KMUD office. 4/21/2017   923-2513  
Lost dog: Female terrior mix named Ashes. She is a blond brindle with black eyes, and is shaggy. Was last seen on April 14th in Rio Dell on Pacific Ave. 4/21/2017 Elizabeth or Carolyn 556-6072 or 764-5031  
For sale: Kenmore heavy-duty washing machine. Works great and is located just outside of Garberville. Selling for $50. 4/21/2017   223-4205  
Trade: looking for someone who is responsible with a fenced yard and a friendly medium to large sized dog that will get along with an older 65 pound neutered male. Looking to occasionally trade dog sitting for several days. Fenced yard is a must. Dog friendly dog is a must. 4/21/2017   672-5550  
Wanted: round plastic dome for yurt 4/21/2017 Phil 269-3394
Wanted: a highly motivated, dynamic, and experienced individual to assist with the tasks and activities forSanctuary Forest Water and Lands Programs. 24-32 hours a week. Salary based on experience. 4/21/2017   986-1087  
Wanted: foster or forever homes for dogs at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. They are full and need to find homes for the dogs quickly. 4/19/2017 Humboldt County Animal Shelter 840-9132  
Wanted: a part time Physician to join a practice of a Alternative Healthcare Clinic 4/19/2017 Jessica Moore 798-6316
For sale: 2000 Subaru Outback that is dark blue with 155 thousand miles, has a 5 speed manual transmission, and is All Wheel Drive. Car runs great. Asking for $6000. 4/19/2017 Klaro 599-4110  
Wanted: smaller size smart pots for re-use in food growing; lookig for 15, 20, & 25 gallons. 4/19/2017   601-7733  
Wanted: baked goods for North Coast Dance bake sale on May 6ht. 4/19/2017   442-7779  
Wanted: housing in Southern Humboldt. Preferably somewhere close to town. Will pay up to $1500 a month. 4/19/2017 Emily 362-0734  
Wanted: a caregiver. Special benefits. 4/19/2017 Dau 923-4134  
For sale: a custom portable dutch oven. Can be used for heating space and for cooking. Is 3 feet long and 2 feet tall. Selling for $300 but worth much more. 4/19/2017 Katie 360-839-5885  
Wanted: House or apartment that is 2 to 3 bedrooms anywhere in Humboldt. 4/13/2017 Pamela 832-885-2934  
Found dog: Alaskan Husky on April 11th about 3 miles west of Briceland. 4/13/2017 Irene 986-7574  
Lost dog: Female fox hound named "Mama" She is white with brown spots and may still be wearing her jacket. She is wearing a purple collar. Was last seen in Redway on March 31st. 4/13/2017 Chantel 223-3134  
Found dog: Red brindle unaltered male wearing an orange collar. Found on April 11th, on Bell Spirngs Road near Jewett. 4/13/2017 Terra 273-7303  
Found dog: Female Chihuahua wearing a teal collar with Diamonds. Was found on April 10th in Briceland. 4/13/2017 Valerie 223-1293  
For Free: a vintage early 80's Jayco pop-up trailer, still tows, registered, propane stove works, beds work. Minor repairs needed. Please contact for more info, must be able to tow. 4/13/2017   683-2369
Applications for low income familes to Camp Cooper, the Summer Camp are available at the Adorni Center in Eureka and are due April 30th. 4/13/2017      
Wanted: a place to rent, or land to put a own yurt on for a local woman with no pets. Can provide excellent local references. 4/13/2017 Lydia 223-0775  
Wanted: used 20 to 24 foot yurt in decent condition. 4/13/2017 Lydia 223-0770  
Care Givers wanted for Enriching Lives. This work opprotunity is available from your own home. 4/13/2017 Rebekah 268-8891
Wanted: A children's Playhouse. Can haul and is willing to pay. 4/13/2017 Darryl 223-3788  
Wanted: a playable guitar for a local. If can, drop off to KMUD. 4/10/2017      
Lost dog: Zues the male Jack Russell and Chihuahua. He is white with black spots and brown on his face. 4/10/2017      
Wanted: experienced painter with excellent referances for work 1/2 hour outside of Garberville. 4/10/2017   943-3005  
2 Lost dogs: One male german shepard mix wearing a blue collar and named Pana. One female pitbull and bull dog mix also wearing a collar and named TJ. Was last seen on April 10th in Benbow. 4/10/2017 Javi 972-4174  
Found cat: 13 pound unaltered male with a white body and a tabby head and back. He was wearing a reddish collar and has a racoon tail. Was found on April 8thon Dutyville Rd. near the Delta and is now at the Garberville vet. 4/10/2017 B'anna 223-5253  
Lost dog: unaltered MAle Jack Russell named Buddy. He is white with dark brown spots and black spots. He was lost 4 miles from the Junction on Ettersburg Road. 4/10/2017      
2 Found dogs: in Piercy near Bell Springs Road. One neutered brown Pitbull with a white chest and a spiked collar and one unaltered black lab with white chest and paws. Found on April 3rd. 4/10/2017 Jeff or Ed 984-8600  
Forrent: Cottage on developed, rural property. Privacy, views, alternative energy, swimming pond and more. Gardening opportunity with county permit. 35 minutes from Redway. $2000 per month. Excellent references required 4/10/2017   943-3005
Lost wallet: RAW papers brand tobacco pouch being used as a walletwith a Photo California ID, and cash. Last used at True value in Redway. 4/10/2017 Adam 599-3702
Found dog: Unaltered Male Dog found in Whale Gulch on April 7th. He is a Tan and red pitbull possible english bull dog mix. He is not wearing a collar. 4/10/2017 Oceanna 499-8827  
For sale: Cast iron, Kitchen Sink with a top mount, double basin, deep on one side and shallow on the other, 30 inches wide tan color. Located in Redway. $75 or best offer 4/10/2017 John 923-3727 or 954-5540