KMUD’s Critter Corner


It is now time for KMUDs Critter Corner. If you have a missing, or found, pet let KMUD know so we can help get your furry friend returned to you. Just call 923-2513 between the hours of 9 and 4 weekdays and 923-3911 other times and we will air your message throughout the day and here at KMUD’s Critter Corner.


The missing critters for today are...

•Lost dog: Male non-neutered Husky, possible rescue dog, white face, Kong Collar, no tags. Last seen on 9/10/18 on Alderpoint Road in housing development.  Call Joyce at 707 223 5918.

•Lost dog: Non-neutered male Shih Tzu named Shiloh. 2 years old, with greyish brown fur with black ears. No collar or tags. Last seen 8/26 in Whale Gulch near county line.  Call Melissa at 223-7597.


The found critters for today are....

•Found dog: Male intact White Sheppard cross. This Dog has a Belt for a leash, no tags. Found on 9/18/18 on Barley Hill Call 707 923 3507.

•Found dog: Male neutered German Shepard, 3 years old. Black and Brown collar, no tags. Found August 31st in Garberville.  Call Dave at 227-4159.

•Found dog: Male, Mixed breed, 50 to 60 lbs. Brown with black tips, white marks on back feet. No collar. Found September 3rd on Goodman Ranch Rd.  Call Jeana at 601 4953.

•Found dog: Female Great Dane mix, white with beige and grey spots. Leather collar black and silver bones, no tags. Found 8/27 near Ettersberg. Call Ally at 672-2258.

•Found dog: Found Dog: Non-neutered male lhasa apso, 10lbs, shaggy white. Found on 8/29 on Chemise Mountain Rode. Call 296-0242.

 Call 296-0242.

•Found dog: Female, 140-pound Husky/Malamute, grey with darker markings, no collar. Found up Salmon Creek/hideaway Hill, Call Jeff at 954-2043.>>>>over>>>>>



KMUDs Critter Corner can be heard weekdays around 7:45 am, 1 o’clock and 6:30 pm. If you have been reunited with your furry friend, please let KMUD know so we can remove it from the Critter Corner.