KMUD’s Critter Corner


It is now time for KMUDs Critter Corner. If you have a missing, or found, pet let KMUD know so we can help get your furry friend returned to you. Just call 923-2513 between the hours of 9 and 4 weekdays and 923-3911 other times and we will air your message throughout the day and here at KMUD’s Critter Corner.


The missing critters for today are...

•Lost dog: Male Pit/Lab mix puppy too young to neuter. Grey with a white spot on the bottom of both front paws. Blue eyes. No collar. Last Seen in Redway on Redwood Dr. by Melody trailer park on 5/10. Call 816-723-9874.

Lost dog: Male non neutered Brazilian Mastiff named Akan. Brown/Yellowish about 40 lbs. No collar or tags. Last seen 5/11 near Chautauqua in Garberville. Call Daniel at 260-4025.


The found critters for today are....

•Found dog: Male non-neutered Pit Bull Puppy. Gray with a weepy eye and scar on forehead. Found 5/24 just off Briceland Rd. on Shop Rd.  Call Douglas at 923-1053.

•Found dog: Male unknown breed. Black/Brown & White. Red Collar no tags. Found 5/15 at Signature Coffee in Redway. Call 923-2661.

•Found dog: Male Mastiff. Approx. 100 pounds. Black, Brown, Brindle coloration. Found 5/7 Behind Ray's in Garberville. Call 223-4756.


KMUDs Critter Corner can be heard weekdays around 7:45 am, 1 o’clock and 6:30 pm. If you have been reunited with your furry friend, please let KMUD know so we can remove it from the Critter Corner.