KMUD’s Critter Corner

Wednesday 1/16/19


It is now time for KMUDs Critter Corner. If you have a missing, or found, pet let KMUD know so we can help get your furry friend returned to you. Just call 923-2513 between the hours of 9 and 4 weekdays and 923-3911 other times and we will air your message throughout the day and here at KMUD’s Critter Corner.

If you have been reunited with your furry friend, please let KMUD know so we can remove it from the Critter Corner.


The missing critters for today are...

•Lost dog: A red neutered male Pitbull was last seen at the Whithorn Junction on 12/31/18. Butcher is a friendly 7-year-old with no collar or tags.  Call 986 7455.


The found critters for today are…

•Found dogs: 1 male German Shepard pup and 1 large white female Shepard Mix were found with no collars on Redrock Road in Benbow on 1/14/19 Call Seph at 496 9611.

•Found dog: Two Huskies were found on Kneeland Rd. on Sat. 1/12, genders unknown. One is black and white, the other is white with a black ring on its tail. One has a black and orange collar; one is a regular dog collar. Call 707-268-0360.

•Found dog: Two male dogs were found on Thomas Road past Ricco’s corner. They are black and tan with no tags or collars. Call Christen at 707-499-2569.

•Found dog: A white lab with a red collar and no tag was found on Shop Rd. in Briceland. He is a neutered male and under a year old.  Call Ally at 617-230-2755.

•Found dog: An altered male Terrier-Chihuahua was found at Alder and F Streets in Eureka. This found buddy has white on his paw's and chest and is wearing no collar. Call Danielle at 707 798 0867.

•Found dog: A male yellow lab with a camo collar and vet tags was found on Red Rock Road in Benbow near the golf course on Jan. 3rd.He weighs about 50 lbs. and has been neutered. Call Adam at 707-267-0336.


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