KMUD掇 Critter Corner


It is now time for KMUDs Critter Corner. If you have a missing, or found, pet let KMUD know so we can help get your furry friend returned to you. Just call 923-2513 between the hours of 9 and 4 weekdays and 923-3911 other times and we will air your message throughout the day and here at KMUD掇 Critter Corner.


The missing critters for today are...

他ost dog: Female Chocolate Lab named Autumn. Last seen in Weott on 7/8. Call 707-223-4709.

他ost dog: Female Chihuahua/ Mini Pincher mix named Daisy. 10-12 lbs. Black with Brown Feet & Grey Face. Last seen 7/4 in Miranda. Call 707-572-7441.

他ost dogs: 2 Male neutered Pitbull. 1 brown, 1 black. Both have collars and tags. Last seen 6/29 at Renner Gas Station in Garberville. Call 498-4057/382-6804.

他ost dog: Female Pit Bull named Bella. Age 3. Blue with White Chin. Collar is Turquoise with Spikes. No tags. Last seen July 1st on Fern in Redway. Call Seth/Ed at 223-1209/223-2086.

他ost dog: Female Mini Australian Shepard. Lost between Myers Flat and Honeydew. Young dog, blue eyes, blue color. No Collar. Reward if found.  Call Karen at 707-223-3530.

他ost dog: 14 year old black and white McNabb mix. He has 4 white sox. Name is Buddy. Male neutered dog. Lost between Leggett and Piercy on exit 625, road 271. Last seen on 271 at 10:40pm 6/30. Should have collar. He is chipped. He's very friendly. $100 reward if found Call Selena at 707-357-1005. or write to


The found critters for today are....

乏ound dog: Adult Male Shepard/Lab mix. Black with White Blaze on chest. No collar. Found 7/7 in Briceland by Pond at Beginnings. Call 923-3292.

乏ound dog: Female Pug approx. 10 to 12 lbs. Brown, looks pregnant or recently had litter. No collar or tags. Found 7/2 in Miranda on School Rd. Call James at 707-498-3458.

乏ound cat: Small Tabby with Kink in its tale. No collar or tags. Found around 6/25 in Briceland. Call Derik at 923-3507.

乏ound dogs: Two Labrador Retrievers. Yellow female and young black male. Both wearing camo collars, no tags. Call 707-223-3547.


KMUDs Critter Corner can be heard weekdays around 7:45 am, 1 o惃lock and 6:30 pm. If you have been reunited with your furry friend, please let KMUD know so we can remove it from the Critter Corner.