KMUD掇 Critter Corner

Thursday and Friday 11/8-9/2018


It is now time for KMUDs Critter Corner. If you have a missing, or found, pet let KMUD know so we can help get your furry friend returned to you. Just call 923-2513 between the hours of 9 and 4 weekdays and 923-3911 other times and we will air your message throughout the day and here at KMUD掇 Critter Corner.


The missing critters for today are...

他ost dogs: I male Boxer mix, this dog has longer hair than most boxers, and 1 male, all white Great Pyrenees. Lost 11/7 in Ettersburg off Wilder Ridge Rd.  Call Eric at 805 717 7572.

他ost dog: Female Rottweiler that had puppies recently. Her name is baily and she has no collar. Last seen at Dyerville loop and Alderpoint roads.  Call Danny at 707 502 4656.

他ost cat: Spade female, white with gray and brown markings. Part Persian but does not have a flat face. Last seen on 10/28/18 in the Shady Groove Mobile Park in Redway.  Call Rita at 707 672 6824.

他ost dogs: Two dogs, 1 male bridle Pitbull and a female German Shepard. Last seen in Ettersburg, at the end of Dutyville Rd. Call Mikyla at 707 775 4482.

他ost dog: Rogue is a female German Shepherd, 11 months old. She is black and blonde and was lost at the Avenue of the Giants off ramp on Oct. 24th. Please Gabriel at 707-631-0734 if you've seen Rogue.


The found critters for today are....

Found: 2 dogs: 1st, black Male Chihuahua no collar, 2nd, small and tan with blue collar. Both very friendly. Found in Legget at the school. Call Stephanie at 707 925 6285.

Found dog: Female Pit Bull cross, 45 pounds, white with brown spots. Blue collar. Found on Spy Rock road near Crest View. Call Tom at 415 525 1924.


KMUDs Critter Corner can be heard weekdays around 7:45 am,

1 o惃lock and 6:30 pm. If you have been reunited with your furry friend, please let KMUD know so we can remove it from the Critter Corner.