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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sharon Latour challenges Sundberg for 5th District Hum.Co. Supervisor seat Featured

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Earlier this month 58 year old McKinleyville pastor and College of the Redwoods assistant professor, Sharon Latour, (shown in the photo), let it be known that she would be on the June 3 ballot running for 5th district Humboldt County Supervisor. The official Latour campaign launch took place on the steps of the Humboldt County Courthouse Thurs., March 21 where she threw down the gauntlet as she spoke about the current Board of Supervisors majority, including incumbent Ryan Sundberg, her opponent in this race.

Criticizing the BOS majority's mishandling of the General Plan Update process, Latour stated that, "Where there was a plan and a roadmap for our futures now there's only a mess." and went on to say that this process has cost the public time and money and eroded the public trust. Hear more about this event using the KMUD SoundCloud player below. To connect with the Sharon Latour campaign for Humboldt County Supervisor click here.

KMUD Correspondent, Daniel Mintz, covered the Latour campaign launch and submitted the report below, which aired on KMUD Local News on Thurs., March 20, 2014.



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