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Nov. 4th Election Results Featured

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Locally, Measure P-GMO Cultivation Prohibition, Measure Z- Sales Tax-Humboldt County Public Safety/Essential Services Measure, and Measure X-Southern Humboldt Joint Unified School District Bond Measure were all approved by voters with 59% of voters saying yes to P, 55% approving measure Z, and 64% favoring Measure X. And Mendocino County voters approved Measure S, the Anti-Fracking initiative by a large majority.

Democratic Candidate Jared Huffman will continue in office, as will Governor Brown.  Jim Wood will be seated for the State Assembly, District 2, and Mike McGuire prevailed in the District 2 State Senate race.

In national politics, the Republicans strengthened their majority in the House giving them the biggest majority since Harry Truman's presidency more than 60 years ago while seizing the majority in the Senate by 52-45 with two independents. Louisiana's U.S. Senate race will be decided in a Dec. 6 runoff.

Details on selected outcomes of the election are found below and are from the Humboldt County Election Night Final Report as of 11:42 PM with 100% of precincts reporting.  State vote tallies are as of 12:12 AM, Wed. Nov. 5. More details can be viewed on the KMUD News Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/KmudNews


District 2 Candidates

U.S. Representative District 2
Jared Huffman, Democratic-73%
Dale K Mensing, Republican-27%

Assembly District 2
Jim Wood, Democratic-63%
Matt Heath, Republican-37%

Senate District 2
Mike McGuire, Democratic-68%
Lawrence R Wiesner, Republican-32%

Arcata City Council Member (2 year term)
Paul Pitino-67%
Ryan Kaplan-30%

Arcata City Council Member (4 Year Term)
Sofia Pereira-39%
Mark E. Wheetley-38%
Juan Daniel Fernandez-13%
Patrick Hyland-4%
Jason Carr-4%

Blue Lake City Council Member (vote for two/shows two top vote-getters)
John Sawatzky-46%
Jean S. Lynch-35%

Eureka City Council Member Ward 1(only one candidate running)
Marian Brady-93%

Eureka City Council Member Ward 3
Mike L. Newman-51%
Kim Bergel-49%

Eureka City Council Member Ward 5
Natalie Arroyo-62%
Chet Albin-38%

Humboldt County Ballot Measures:

Measure P (yes=59%/no=41%): Genetic Contamination Prevention Ordinance/Question: Shall the ordinance prohibiting the propagation, cultivation, raising or growing of genetically engineered organisms (also known as GMOs) in Humboldt County be adopted?

Measure Z (yes=55%/no=45%): Sales Tax/Question: HUMBOLDT COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY/ESSENTIAL SERVICES MEASURE. To maintain/improve essential services, such as 24-hour sheriff's patrols; 9-1-1 emergency response; crime investigation/prosecution; drug/illegal marijuana growhouse enforcement/prevention; services for abused children/mentally ill; rural fire protection; road repairs; and other County services, shall County of Humboldt pursuant to County Ordinance No. 2517 enact a 1/2% sales tax, for five years, all revenue for the County, none for the State of California, with annual audits and public review?

Measure X (yes=64%/no=36%): Southern Humboldt Joint Unified School District Bond Measure

Other Ballot Measures:

Blue Lake
-Measure T (yes=46%/no=54%):Utility Users Tax/ Question: To help ensure that the City of Blue Lake has the funds necessary to support the quality of life its residents have come to expect through such essential services as adequate law enforcement, park and recreation programs, and the maintenance and repair of local streets and public facilities, among others, shall the City place a four percent (4%) Utility Users Tax (Resolution No. 1033) on all electricity and gas usage in the City, beginning March 1, 2015, and automatically terminating five years later?)

-Measure Q (yes=66%/no=34%):Sales Tax Extension/ Question: Shall the Eureka Municipal Code be amended to extend a one-half of one percent (0.50%) supplemental transaction and use tax to fund essential services such as police, fire medical response, street maintenance, environmental programs, zoo, parks and recreation with the following restrictions? The supplemental transaction and use tax will expire after five years, unless reauthorized by the voters. A citizen's oversight committee shall be established to conduct annual audits of all expenditures generated by the tax to ensure fiscal accountability and public participation

-Measure R (yes=38%/no=62%):Minimum Wage Ordinance Initiative/ Question: Shall an ordinance be adopted that (1) requires (a) payment of minimum wages in Eureka at $12.00 per hour for employers with 25 or more employees (including Welfare-to-Work Programs) with an annual increase, if any, based on the Consumer Price Index beginning the ninetieth (90th) day after certification; (b) City Attorney enforcement through fines, penalties, or civil actions; (c) City Council authority to amend the ordinance with regard to implementation or enforcement; and (d)voter approval of substantive changes to the ordinance; and (2) allows private enforcement through civil actions?

-Measure V (yes=37%/no=63%):"Budget Stabilization" Sales Tax/ Question: To offset state budget cuts and restore stability to Fortuna's city budget; maintain 9-1-1 emergency response services; restore cuts to police protection, gang/drug prevention, and road/sidewalk maintenance; support local businesses, the Fortuna Rodeo and AutoXpo; and maintain other essential general services, shall the City of Fortuna establish a one cent sales tax, requiring independent annual financial audits and public review, with all funds remaining in Fortuna?

Rio Dell
-Measure U (yes=53%/no=47%):Sales Tax/ Question: Shall the City of Rio Dell increase the sales tax by 1%, for five years only, providing locally controlled funding that cannot be taken by the State?

State Candidates:
Jerry BrownDemocratic-58%
Neel KashkariRepublican-42%

Lieutenant Governor:
Gavin NewsomDemocratic-56%
Ron NehringRepublican-44%

Attorney General:
Kamala HarrisDemocratic-56%
Ron GoldRepublican-44%

Betty Yee, Democratic-52%
Ashley Swearengin, Republican-48%

Insurance Commissioner:
Dave Jones, Democratic-55%
Ted Gaines, Republican-45%

Secretary of State:
Alex Padilla, Democratic-52%
Pete Peterson, Republican-48%

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Tom Torlakson, Nonpartisan-53%
Marshall Tuck, Nonpartisan-47%

John Chiang, Democratic-57%
Greg Conlon, Republican-43%

State-wide outcomes for State Propositions (as of 12:55 AM Wed., Nov 5/Propositions need over 50% to pass/pass shown in green):

Prop. 1 (yes=67%/no=33%)-Water Bond: Authorizes $7.12 billion in general obligation bonds for state water supply infrastructure projects, such as surface and groundwater storage; ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration; drinking water protection; water supply management; water recycling and advanced water treatment technology; and flood control.

Prop. 2 (yes=69%/no=31%)-Budget: Amends the State Constitution to end the existing rules for a state budget reserve—the Budget Stabilization Account (BSA)—and replace them with new rules. The new rules would change how the state pays down debt and saves money in reserves, including the requirement to spend a minimum amount each year to pay down specific debts. If passed, a new state reserve would be created for schools and community colleges. In addition, a new state law would go into effect that sets the maximum budget reserves school districts can keep at the local level in some future years.

Prop. 45 (yes=40%/no=60%)-Health Insurance: Requires insurance commissioner's approval before health insurer can change its rates or anything else affecting the charges associated with health insurance. Provides for public notice, disclosure, and hearing, and subsequent judicial review. Exempts employer large group health plans.

Prop. 46 (yes=33%/no=67%)-Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors; Medical Negligence Lawsuits: This measure would increase the state's cap on damages that can be assessed in medical negligence lawsuits to over $1 million from the current cap of $250,000, with  annual adjuments for inflation going forward. Additionally, it requires drug and alcohol testing of doctors and the reporting of positive tests to the California Medical Board for mandated discipline. Lastly, it mandates that health care practitioners consult a state prescription drug history database before prescribing certain medications.

Prop. 47 (yes=58%/no=42%)-Criminal Sentences: This measure reduces penalties for certain offenders convicted of nonserious and nonviolent property and drug crimes. The measure also allows certain offenders who have been previously convicted of such crimes to apply for reduced sentences. In addition, the measure requires any state savings that result from the measure be spent to support truancy (unexcused absences) prevention, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and victim services.

Prop. 48 (yes=39%/no=61%)-Indian Gaming: In June 2013, the Legislature passed AB 277, which approves gaming compacts between the state and the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians and the Wiyot Tribe. Under the State Constitution, enacted legislation can generally be placed before voters as a referendum to determine whether it can go into effect. This proposition is a referendum on AB 277. If voters approve Proposition 48, the gaming compacts between the state and the two tribes would go into effect, allowing North Fork to construct a casino in Madera County.

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