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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lodge Lightning Complex updates and interviews with homeowners reacting to evacuation orders Featured

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Special KMUD News programming aired today giving updates on the latest news about the Lodge Lightning Complex, including homeowners reacting to ‪the ‎Lodge Lightning Complex‬ Evacuation Order given last night (Friday, Aug., 8). Use the SoundCloud player below to hear this program.


The following information and maps were supplied by Bob Barsotti, dated Saturday, August 9, 2014 at 9:43 AM:

"The fire has crossed the fire line on Brushy Mountain and has burned approx 200acres on the east side of the line. They are hitting it hard w/ aircraft today, both heli & fixed wing. They have two new heli's here called sky cranes that are dipping at the gel plant set up at Alder Springs Vineyards pond and dumping the retardant on the fires. Today they are focussing on creating a new fire break through the rangeland east of the fire and west of Hwy 101 trying to make a disconnect if the fire heads further east today. The fire has also crossed the Eel at the mouth of 10 Mile canyon and will probably burn up to Camp Seabow today. They are pretty confidant they can stop it there, but they also felt that way yesterday on Brushy Mt. They are also focusing on stopping it from spreading towards Tan Oak Park by using the fixed wing aircraft dropping retardant all along the line there."

"Here are three maps showing the fire perimeter, the air ops, and the section map. I was especially impressed in the briefing of the pilots this AM when Calfire told them that after dipping in the gel plant, if they aren't sent right back for another load they need to go to their clean out dip to clean their tanks and hoses in case their next mission is to the river, as they cannot dip in the river with retardant in their systems. Hat's off to Calfire for their extreme attention to detail in the  midst of chaos."




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