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Monday, November 01, 2010

CAMP Eradicates Over 4.3 Million Plants

Written by  Bob Froehlich

 According to a Cal NORML release, California's Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) reported 4,320,314 plant seizures in 2010, slightly less than last year's all-time record of 4,463,917.  CAMP estimates the wholesale value of the destroyed crop at $17.2 billion - enough to qualify for agricultural disaster aid for any other crop.  This works out to $4,000 per plant, or over 1 lb per plant.   At this rate, the total amount of marijuana destroyed by CAMP works out to over four times the estimated marijuana consumption of the entire state of California (1 million pounds per year).  CAMP's harvest has soared ten fold since 2002-3.

The leading counties this year were Mendocino (572,680), Tuolumne (411,004), Lake (374,958), Shasta (325,480), Tehama (312,574, Sonoma (311,147), Tulare (227,002),  San Bernardino (171,258), Riverside (155,209) and Humboldt (140,911).

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