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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Humboldt County vs. Bob McKee court decision released Featured

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Update: Mon., July 1, 2013-Both sides file objections to Judge's ruling in Humboldt County vs. Bob McKee court decision

Both sides have filed objections to Judge Dale Reinholtsen's June 7, 2013 decision on how the Williamson Act violations in the "Tooby Ranch Case" should be remedied.

According to KMUD News Correspondent Daniel Mintz, Humboldt County is asking that its court costs be reimbursed because the county prevailed in the Reinholtsen ruling.  The county's attorney fees, which are more than 3 million dollars, are not subject to being reimbursed by the defendants. The county has also made a claim for additional property tax revenue from the defendants, and for additional penalty fines.

The defendants, Buck Mountain Ranch Limited Partnership, Robert McKee and Valery McKee, filings included an objection to the Reinholtsen ruling that the state's unfair competition law was violated, arguing instead that defendants operated in good faith and that there was a lack of notice by the county in stating their concerns. Other defendant objections refer to the processes that have affected the Tooby Ranch Williamson Act contract. Several other defendants' objections were raised and a proposal was made for consideration of additional remedies. More details can be heard using the player below.

The audio below is from a report submitted by Daniel Mintz and aired by Terri Klemetson on the KMUD Local News, Mon., July 1, 2013.

The original post for this story can be viewed below.

 In a long-awaited court ruling, filed Friday, June 7, 2013 by Humboldt County, Judge Dale Reinholtsen, Southern Humboldt developer Bob McKee has been ordered to pay $200,000 in fines to Humboldt County. In the costly 11- year lawsuit the county maintained that the defendants, Buck Mountain Ranch Limited Partnership, Robert McKee and Valery McKee, violated the Williamson Act in their development of the Tooby Ranch near Garberville, purchased by McKee, et. al. The ruling is not final. Both parties have 20 days to file objections with the court. Hear more details about this ruling using the player below. For copies of the ruling and its accompanying court order documents see the links below.

The photo above, from the Redwood Times, shows Bob McKee addressing the Rotary club in Garberville.

The audio in the player below was submitted by KMUD News Correspondent Daniel Mintz and aired on the KMUD Local News Wed., June 12, 2013.



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