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According to a press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office, dated Dec. 19, 2011:
On December 13, 2011, after an extensive follow-up investigation stemming from the seizure of multiple commericial marijuana growing operations in the Dinsmore area in October, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office Criminal Investigations Bureau, assisted by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department (HCSO), served search warrants on several locations in an attempt to locate and arrest Courtney Fleming and Tyler Meenan.  Fleming was located and arrested for Possession of Marijuana for Sale and Cultivation of Marijuana pursuant to an arrest warrant issued for his role as a property owner related to the marijuana seized in Dinsmore.  A search of Fleming’s Fieldbrook residence led to the seizure of additional evidence indicating that he maintained that residence for the purposes of cultivating marijuana.

Tyler Meenan was located and arrested for Possession of Marijuana for Sale and Cultivation of Marijuana pursuant to an arrest warrant issued for his role (property owner) regarding the marijuana seized in Dinsmore.  A search of his Arcata residence led to the seizure of additional evidence believed to be related to illegal drug trafficking. The residence at 3780 Jones Court, Fortuna was also searched pursuant to the search warrant.  Seized from this location was approximately 14 pounds of processed marijuana, approximately 100 pounds of dry/unprocessed marijuana, and firearms.

Investigators then went to 1931 Ocean Avenue in McKinleyville in an attempt to locate two individuals who also had outstanding warrants for their arrest (Possession of  Marijuana for Sale and Cultivation of Marijuana) for their roles regarding the marijuana seized in Dinsmore.  Although unable to locate those persons, investigators detected the overwhelming odor of growing marijuana emitting from the entire area of the apartment complex, consisting of 13 individual units.  One unit was searched with the consent of the occupant, which revealed a functional indoor marijuana growing operation but no growing marijuana plants.

A search warrant was sought and obtained for 11 of the 12 remaining apartments (1897, 1899, 1901, 1903, 1905, 1921, 1923, 1925, 1931, 1933, and 1935 Ocean Drive), 1941 Ocean Drive and several vehicles.  Each location contained evidence of a functional indoor marijuana growing operation.

Arrested and booked at the HCCF were the following persons:

  • Barbara Alice Benson, 1/10/45
  • Kimberly Grace Mundy 06/18/63
  • Dustin Ray Garnier 9/13/75
  • Nicole M Rahman 07/16/85
  • Patrick Majewski 01/15/83
  • Vanessa Blount 12/15/86
  • Robert Davis Cox 07/15/81

Anyone with information about the whereabouts Paul Givens and Vanessa Flieg is encouraged to contact the nearest local law enforcement agency.

Related to this case, News Coordinator, Terri Klemetson, interviewed Jason Long who said he had been staying at a friend’s apartment located within the Ocean Ave., McKinleyville Apartment complex, cited in the press release above. The interview aired on KMUD News Fri. Dec. 16, 2011 and may be heard using the player below:



According to a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, dated Dec. 17, 2011:
On Dec. 17, 2011, at 11:00 a.m,. a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy on patrol in the Fernbridge area saw a vehicle parked near the Renner Gas Station with signs posted on it advertising “ Marijuana for sale, with free samples”. The deputy drove up in his patrol car and asked the female associated with the vehicle, identified as Tami Lorraine Madison, 40 years from Butte, Montana if this was true. She told the deputy it was a joke. The deputy looked in her vehicle and saw dried marijuana bud in plain sight on the vehicles front passenger seat. The deputy searched Madison’s vehicle and discovered over eight pounds of dried manicured marijuana bud in Madison’s vehicle.  Madison was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on felony possession of marijuana for sale. Her bail is set at $25,000.

Tami Lorraine Madison: 

 According to a press release from the Humboldt Sheriff's Office, dated Nov.7, 2011:

On Nov. 5, 2011, at approximately 10:30 a.m. a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy was patrolling in the area of Locust and Conger Streets, Garberville, when he stopped to allow a Chevy Suburban with Michigan License plates towing a trailer to exit a parking lot of a local business. As the Suburban and trailer passed in front of the deputy he smelled a very strong odor of marijuana. The odor appeared to be emanating from the Suburban pulling the trailer. The deputy continued following the vehicle and the smell continued, confirming the deputy’s suspicion of where the smell was coming from. The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at the corner of Redwood Drive and Alderpoint Road, Garberville. The deputy contacted the driver of the Suburban who identified himself as James Walter Coomes, 39 years old from Tuscon, Arizona. The deputy explained to Coomes why he stopped him and searched Coomes trailer and vehicle. 
Inside the trailer the deputy located 92 large cardboard boxes filled with marijuana bud. The marijuana is estimated to weigh over 250 pounds. The deputy also located approximately $10,000.00 in cash, and two money orders for $1,000.00 each. Coomes was arrested and booked into the Humboldt Correctional facility on charges of possession and transportation of marijuana for sale. His bail is set at $50,000.00.
Monday, November 07, 2011

"Occupy Eureka" encampment dispersed

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 According to multiple sources:

On Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 around 3:40 a.m. Eureka Police removed the individuals representing the Occupy Humboldt movement from their encampment on the Humboldt County Courthouse lawn and 13 arrests were made. Information received by Terri Klemetson, from Eureka Police Department Interim Chief Murl Harpham, indicated that according to Chief Harpham protesters have the right to protest and that while the Eureka Police Department supports everyone's right to protest, there is to be no camping on the courthouse lawn.
Before Monday's events, KMUD received a press release from "Occupy Humboldt" which stated:
"To whom it may concern:
Occupy Humboldt would like to formally declare that we stand in solidarity with all Occupiers around the world, especially Occupy Eureka and Occupy Arcata. Occupy movement is a nonviolent non-exclusionary forum for open dialogue within the community. Any other actions, alleged or otherwise are not aligned with the spirit of this movement. 

We hope to unify our global community, but we would like to distance ourselves from stereotypes of violence. Recently Occupiers in Eureka have been accused of bad habits and destructive behaviors. We love our brothers and sisters, we are a different chapter at a different site and do not support the bad habits and violent behaviors that are happening within our communities. Occupy Humboldt is an inclusive environment and welcomes all. 

While Occupy Humboldt represents the 99 percent, it does not condone in the recent accusations and alleged incidents that occurred at Occupy Eureka. Occupy Humboldt has peacefully dealt with issues and is living as a drug, alcohol and violence free site. We would like to draw a distinction between our peaceful actions and the recent actions that have disgraced our movement. 

We hope to distinguish ourselves and garner more community support as our movement proceeds. 

As a side note, Occupy Humboldt would like to give thanks to the Wiyot Tribe for the land we are currently occupying and a thank you to the Humboldt State University for their cooperation."  
In a late breaking update to the above release from Occupy Humboldt, KMUD has received information from an eyewitness to the eviction who indicates that Occupy Humboldt is now in solidarity with Occupy Arcata and Eureka and they are all currently at the courthouse protesting together.


According to a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

"On Nov. 2, 2011 at about 1:22 pm, officers of the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to the 5th Street branch of US Bank to a report of protesters inside causing a disturbance. Officers arrived on scene and found that the protesters had left. Witnesses reported that the protesters were flying a red and black flag and were chanting sentiments similar to “Wall Street has blood on their hands”. The protesters were dressed in dark clothing, some wearing masks, and at least one was carrying a large stick. The subject with the stick was reported to have been using it to bang on the front glass doors of the bank.

While officers were at US Bank, it was reported that the protesters were at the 4th Street branches of Bank of America and Chase Bank, causing similar disturbances. Officers responded to the area and located the group. Protesters were advised that their activities were outside of civilly protected activities and if any further aggressive activities were committed by the group it would lead to their arrests.

The Eureka Police Department were later contacted by citizens who voiced their complaints concerning the fear and intimidation that they experienced, by the actions of the protesters."   

 According to a News Release from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, dated Thurs., Oct., 20, 2011:

On Wednesday October 19, 2011 at about 8:20 AM, Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Division served a search warrant in the 3000 block of Hill Lane, Hydesville.  The search warrant was for a suspected large scale marijuana operation.  Seized from the property and residence was 428 pounds of dried marijuana, 429 growing marijuana plants, 2 pistols, 3 rifles and one shotgun.  Additionally; $175,211.00 in US currency was seized and a $30,000 tractor along with supporting evidence of marijuana sales.
The primary suspect at the residence was  66 year old Stanislaw Kopiej.  Kopiej is a German born US citizen and was arrested for: cultivation of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana for sale, renting, leasing or making available for use a building, room, space, or enclosure for unlawful manufacture, storage, or distribution of controlled substance, possession of controlled substance while armed with a firearm, and storage of firearms accessible to children.  Stanislaw claimed the marijuana was being grown and possessed in compliance with 215 guidelines.  Based on items of evidence located at the residence and property, this claim was disputed by deputies.  Additionally multiple cash transfers in sums of up to $30,000 were discovered from Stanislaw to a bank in Thailand.  Holds were placed on several accounts belonging to Stanislaw and a bail increase to $400,000 was sought and granted for him. Also arrested at the scene for violation of marijuana cultivation was Ka Sae Chang, a 50 year old female, who was in the United States on a 6 month visitor visa from Thailand, Kia Song, female- 33 years of age, and a 37 year old male, Kor Vang. Both Song and Vang are listed as legal refugees from Thailand.  That refugee status could change if convicted. Cited and released at the scene was the wife of Stanislaw, Nathida Kopiej.  She was cited for the same charges as her husband.  
A total of five children lived at the residence, two who were home at the time of the search warrant and three who were in school.  In accordance with the Humboldt County Drug Endangered Children Protocol, the Humboldt County Child Welfare Services were called to the scene to evaluate the need for placing the children in protective custody.  Based on their evaluation the children remained at the residence and the mother was issued a citation rather than arrested.
As the deputies were preparing to leave the residence, Thomas William Morgan (AKA: Taco Nikolov Budnakov) arrived at the scene.  Mr. Morgan is Bulgarian by birth and a naturalized US citizen.  It was determined that he was also involved in suspected marijuana cultivation and sales and a search warrant was prepared for his property near Bridgeville.  Prior to the service of the search warrant, Morgan was booked for cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale. That evening a search warrant was served at Morgan’s residence.  Seizures from the Morgan property included 191 pounds of dried marijuana, 60 pounds of processed marijuana, a handgun, evidence of marijuana sales, and $39,570.00 in US currency.
Arrested from the Morgan property, all for cultivation of marijuana, were the following persons:
  • Clare M. Campbell (07-21-1957) a US citizen from Crescent City
  • Sergey Markov (11-19-1984) a Bulgarian citizen in the US and listed as a missing student visa overstay with a hold placed on him by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  • Mihail I. Stoev (11-07-1980) a Bulgarian citizen in the US and listed as a missing student visa overstay with a hold placed on him by the DHS ICE.
  • Svetlana T. Blajeva (female 09-24-1961) a naturalized US citizen from Bulgaria.
  • Iulita K. Tsygankova (female 12-28-1988) a Ukrainian citizen in the US and listed as a missing student visa overstay with an asylum request on file.  A temporary hold has been placed by DHS ICE.
  • Iulita I. Dimov (female 11-20-1980) a Bulgarian citizen in the US and listed as a missing student visa overstay with a hold placed on her by DHS ICE.
Shown in the photo below is Stanislaw Kopiej:
Shown in the photo below i Thomas William Morgan (AKA: Taco Nikolov Budnakov):


According to a Eureka Police Department Press Release, dated Oct., 11, 2011:

The Eureka Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance with the investigation of the recent murder of Reginald Clark (click here to see the original post of this case.)  The Eureka Police Department requests that anyone who may have seen or had contact with the suspects in this case, identified as David Joseph Pedersen (age 31) and Holly Ann Grigsby (age 24), on 10-4-2011 thru the early morning hours of 10-5-2011 (especially in the area of Winco Foods), contact the Eureka Police Department. The Eureka Police Department is also wanting to talk to anyone who may have seen Clark’s vehicle or the vehicle associated with Pedersen and Grigsby, during that same time period.  Clark’s vehicle is described as a blue and silver 1989 Ford Pick-up with a canopy. Clark’s vehicle had no license plates displayed. The vehicle associated with Pedersen and Grigsby is described as a white 1999 Plymouth Breeze four-door displaying Oregon license 025 CCH.    
Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Sergeant Patrick O’Neill of the Eureka Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section at 707-268-5261
Murder suspect David Joseph Pedersen (age 31)
Murder suspect  Holly Ann Grigsby (age 24)

Ruth Fire Information Update

Fire Status as of September 25, 2011
Acres Burned:  Estimated at 1,500 acres                        Date Started: September 23, 2011
Cause: Under Investigation                                     Total Personnel:  487
Aircraft:        6 Helicopters
Percent Contained: 25%                                                                                        

There will be a community meeting today at 3:00 p.m. at the Ruth Volunteer Fire Department.
Current Fire Situation:
The Ruth Fire is burning on the Six Rivers and Shasta-Trinity National Forests near the small community of Ruth.
The fire is estimated at 1,500 acres and is currently burning at a low to minimal rate of spread due to the recent rain overnight. The fire is continuing to spread upslope away from the community of Ruth. The fire has spread over South Fork Mountain ridgeline.
Today crews will remove public safety hazards such as hazard trees and continue mop up and protecting structures and private property in the community of Ruth. Fire crews will continue direct and indirect line construction and patrol and mop up along the fire’s perimeter. Four-hundred and eighty seven personnel are currently assigned to the fire.
Closures/Road Delays:   The community of Ruth remains under evacuation order. Portions of County Road 504 remain closed. There is an emergency forest closure in effect for the South Fork Mountain area near the fire.
Fire Information is available by calling (916) 718-8648, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by logging on to www.inciweb.org and clicking on the Ruth Incident.


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Honeydew dahlia farmers win national prizes

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A local family, Doug and Nicole Almand, owner/operators of Almand Dahlia Farms, recently exhibited seven flowers at the American Dahlia Society National Show in Santa Clara California. Three of those took first place in their categories.

Use the player below to hear Community Journalist Eileen Russel's interview with Doug Almand and look below for examples of this beautiful flower.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Marijuana bust in Hayfork

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According to a news release from the Trinity County Sheriffs Office, dated August 26, 2011:

On August 19, 2011 Trinity County Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant on a property on 13 Dips Road in
Hayfork. Jason Tanner was located on the property and subsequently arrested on the above the charges shown below.
Tanner is a Director of the Dakini Collective based in Orange County, CA.

Tanner was the only member of the collective present at the collective’s grow site on 13 Dips Road.
There were 1,170 growing marijuana plants in grow bags on the property. The Dakini Collective has over 2,000
members mostly from Southern California. The collective has been registered with the state since 2009 and has a
Federal EIC number. Tanner had no caregiver relationship with the “patients” so he was arrested and the marijuana
plants were eradicated and seized. 

Agency’s involved: Trinity County Narcotics Task Force

Charges: 11358 HS – Plant/Cultivate/Etc Marijuana Hashish, 11359 HS – Possess Marijuana/Hashish for Sale,
182(a)(1) PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime


Jason Tanner
Marijuana plants in grow bags on the property


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