15 arrested in Hayfork marijuana bust

According to a Press Release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, dated Oct. 11, 2011:
On October 3, 2011 Officers from USFS, NSMIT, CHP and Trinity County NTF served three Federal search warrants in the Hayfork area of Trinity County. Two of the property’s were owned by Bryan Schweder on Dirt Road and Highway 3 in Hayfork and the third property was owned by Brian Pickard on Dirt Road in Hayfork. From these three sites there were a total of 593 growing marijuana plants and over 1,150 pounds of processed marijuana. Fifteen suspects were arrested, among them were the owner Bryan Schweder and co-owner Karen Niemi and eight Mexican Nationals. There were eight firearms seized, two were assault weapons and one was reported stolen. Also, over $35,000.00 in U.S. currency was seized. Two Proposition 215 recommendations were posted at the Pickard property on Dirt Road. On Schweder’s property on Dirt Road three 215 recommendations were posted and on his property on Highway 3 six 215 recommendations were posted.
On October 4, 2011 Officers from USFS and Trinity County NTF collected evidence and eradicated over 1,100 marijuana plants from a marijuana cultivation site in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest that has been linked to the Schweder and Pickard properties. There are still a few outstanding suspects and further investigation is being conducted on individuals associated with Schweder and Pickard.
On October 5, 2011 Officers from USFS and NSMIT served a Federal search warrant at another property owned by Brian Pickard in Cottonwood where Pickard was taken into custody.
Agency’s involved:
United States Forest Service (USFS)
North State Marijuana Investigation Team (NSMIT)
California Highway Patrol (CHP)
Trinity County Narcotics Task Force (Trinity County NTF)
Persons Arrested:
Bryan Schweder, DOB: 08/20/62, Hayfork, CA
Karen Niemi, DOB: 07/29/79, Hayfork, CA
Efren Rodriguez, DOB: 01/15/66, Valley Springs, CA
Lovey Thomas, DOB: 03/15/71, Tracy, CA
Frederick Holmes, DOB: 09/21/64, San Leandro, CA
Rafael Reyes, DOB: 02/07/90, Mexico
Barron Lopez, DOB: 06/07/70, Mesa, WA
Fernando Reyes-Mojica, DOB: 05/06/77, Mexico
Manuel Madrigal, DOB: 10/22/70, Mexico
Juan Vargas, DOB: 05/14/88, Raceport, WA
Victorino Betancourt-Meraz, DOB: 03/04/73, Bakersfield, CA
Oseas Tolentino, DOB: 08/06/89, Fishport, WA
Filiberto Tapia, DOB: 02/06/58, Mexico
Leonardo Tapia, DOB: 08/23/90, Corning, CA
Osiel Alvaraz, DOB: N/A, Mexico
11358 HS – Plant/Cultivate/Etc Marijuana/Hashish
11359 HS – Possess Marijuana/Hashish For Sale
12021.1(a) PC – Illegal Possession/Etc of Concealable Firearm
182 PC Conspiracy to Commit Crime
11377(a) HS – Possess Controlled Substance
Photos below show grow sites:

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