2009 Graduation

Over 1,000 students from local high schools are preparing to graduate this weekend, finishing off their secondary education and preparing for the next step forward. While many can expect a lengthy ceremony, senior Randy Howard from Whale Gulch school has the stage all to himself, as the sole member of his graduating class. Large and small schools alike will be busy in the days to come, preparing for the familiar pageantry of speeches, caps, and gowns. On behalf of Redwood Community Radio, congratulations to the graduating class of 2009–enjoy a safe and relaxing summer!     

SCHOOL                GRADUATES        TIME/DATE*

Arcata High School           190            Thursday, 11th June, 5:30 PM at College of the Redwoods  

Eureka High School           302            Friday, 19th June, 2:00 PM at Albee Stadium

Ferndale High School         44             Friday, 12th June, 7:30 PM  

Fort Bragg High School      129            Friday, 12th June, 5:00 PM  

Fortuna High School          275            Friday, 12th June, 4:00 PM  

Hoopa Valley High School   36             Thursday, 11th June, 7:00 PM   

Laytonville High School       34             Friday, 12th June, 7:00 PM  

Leggett High School           17             Thursday, 11th June, 7:00 PM    

Mattole Valley Charter School    54       Saturday, 13th June, 2:00 PM at Van Duzer Theatre  

McKinleyville High School    158           Thursday, 11th June, 2:30 PM at College of the Redwoods  

Osprey Learning Center       20            Friday, 12th June, 7:00 PM                  

South Fork High School       55            Friday, 12th June, 7:00 PM  

St. Bernard's High School    22             Friday, 5th June  

Whale Gulch High School     1              Thursday, 11th June, 10:00 AM 



*Graduation ceremonies are held on the campus of the school in question except as noted.

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