2nd Dist. Humboldt Co. Board of Supervisors Candidates’ audio and information posted


In 2008 there were three candidates in the running for Second District Humboldt County Board of Supervisors: Clif Clendenen, Estelle Fennell, and Johanna Rodoni, who ran in her husband’s place after incumbent Roger Rodoni was killed in a traffic collision. Subsequently, the election was won by Clendenen and the seat is now up for re-election in Nov. 2012. Currently two candidates have declared for this seat, Clif Clendenen-the incumbent, and challenger Estelle Fennell.   Candidates’ photos and contact information are posted below, as are audio clips of KMUD News Reports regarding the candidates.

The photo to the right shows the borders of the Humboldt County Supervisorial Districts- District 2 is shown in yellow.
Clif Clendenen – Incumbent/2nd District Humboldt County Supervisor and Operator of Clendenen’s Cider Works
The audio clip below, with Clif Clendenen, was aired as part of the  KMUD Newscast on Nov. 21, 2011 – Terri Klemetson reporting:
{mp3} news/ClifAnnounc-TerriAired11-21-11 {/mp3}
Estelle Fennell –  Former Executive Director of Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights and former News Director of KMUD
The audio clip below, with Estelle Fennell,  was aired as part of the  KMUD Newscast on Sept. 20, 2011 – Cynthia Elkins reporting:
{mp3} news/Estelle-CynthiaAired9-20-11 {/mp3}

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