Board Meeting Minutes from April 23, 2013

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
Date & Time: 23 April 2013, 4 PM
Place: Healy Senior Center, 456 Briceland Rd, Redway, CA
I. Call to Order: Meeting Ground Rules and Opening Comments from President
II. Roll Call: Suzanne Beers, President, Vice President, Member's Rep; Julia Minton, Treasurer, Members' Rep; Noel Soucy, Secretary, Programmers' Rep; Nella White, Members' Rep; Jordan Jumpshot, Programmers' Rep; Antonia Lamb, board-elected; Marcy Stein, Programmers' Rep; ex officio member: Jeanette Todd, Station Manager.
Absent: Siena Klein, Vice-president, Members Rep.

Also Present: Jama Chaplin, Rohn Jennings, Jack Frybulous
III. Approval of Minutes: (March) Approved with several additions. Six votes in favor and one abstaining (Noel).
IV. Approval of Agenda Julia moves to approve the Agenda with additions. Marcy seconds. Approved unanimously.
V. Open Time: Speakers will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed 5 minutes
Jama Chaplin- Two points she would like to make. She hopes that eventually we will be able to use the Music Server discs to permanently archive some of the shows. Every once in awhile there are shows that want to be kept forever. Mostly talk shows need to be archived forever. Bylaws- the Board must assure equal access to the airwaves. Maybe it means policy, or communicating with management. We need more young people on the air. There are some programmers that have an awful lot of hours out of the month. She doesn't know why we wouldn't want to freshen things up and get some of the back log of people that applied for shows at least into the rotation.

Rohn Jennings- Very concerned about the survival of KMUD. He is concerned that the direction of KMUD may have taken a turn that is not sustainable. He thinks that we shouldn't be serving Eureka, and we need to focus on Southern Humboldt. Our support has always been in Southern Humboldt. He believes our transmitter up north was never paid for by the people up north. He would like us to focus more on Southern Humboldt. He wants to see us sell the transmitter up north to an organization that would be interested in buying it. KMUD has grown into an unwieldy organization. A board meeting should not last more than 90 minutes. Management should be carrying out the directives of the Board. Small is beautiful. Its one of the reasons that a lot of us moved here. Its what created KMUD. It's a natural tendency for organizations to want to get bigger. But we need to focus.

Jack Frybulous- DJ for 5 years, lived here for 8 years. Two items- He noticed on the first page of the packet his real name, and he wants to respectfully ask us to use his dj name instead of his real name if possible. The signal in Southern Humboldt has been degrading, it is much inferior to what it once was. This is for an analog radio.
VI. Management Report
VII. Discussion/Questions for Management

VIII. Consent Calendar – Noel moves to accept all the Consent Calendar items. Julia seconds. Passed unanimously.
A. Board talk show on second Wednesday in July
B. Vacation Pay: The second paragraph of Policy, Vacations, is revised to read: "Vacations pay, or payouts of accrued vacation time, will be based on the employee's current pay rate." This is the first of two Board considerations of this policy change.
C. The Database Sub-Committee is done with their work. Disband and thank Database Sub-Committee.
D. Development Committee- Appoint Kerry Morgan.
E. Website Committee- Accept Felix' resignation, and appoint Siena.
F. Transition Committee Description- The Transition Committee is tasked with helping to transition our Interim Station Manager Position into a permanent Station Manager position, as well as transferring the Board out of managerial duties. Also the Transition Committee is tasked with finding creative solutions to balancing the budget.
G. Pledge Drive Sub-Committee- Siena resigned. Appoint Jack Frybulous as Chair.
IX. Finance Committee Report
X. Unfinished Business
A. Board Recruitment
XI. New Business
A. Updating Board Filing Cabinet and Public File Drawer- Julia moves to table, Antonia seconds. Unanimous.
B. Reggae on the River Budget- Noel moves to approve the budget for the Reggae on the River KMUD Coffee Booth. Antonia seconds. Five votes in favor, and two abstaining (Suz and Julia). Motion passes.
C. Technology Proposal- Julia moves to table the Technology Proposal. Noel Seconds. Suz would like to see the wish list prioritized, and an expense list. Unanimous.
D. Appoint Elections Referee- Julia moves to appoint Jim Lamport upon the condition that he is willing. Nella seconds. Unanimous.
E. Revisions to Compliance Calendar- Julia moved to table. Suz seconds. Unanimous.
XII. Closed Session- Personnel Matter- Board moves to remove Jordan from the Transition Committee. Five in favor with one abstaining.
XIII. Reports
A. Programmers' Reps- We will have a Programmer meeting in June.
B. Members' Reps-
C. Community Advisory Boards (CAB's)
D. Correspondence Secretaries
XIV. Other Committee Reports
A. Development, including Pledge Drive Subcommittee
B. Mediation
C. Policy
D. Website
E. Elections
F. Transition
XV. Scheduling -- proposed meeting times are:
A. Board of Directors: 4th Tuesday, 28th May, 4 pm, Healy Senior Center
B. Executive Committee: 2nd Monday, 13th May, 3 pm, Studio B
C. Finance Committee: 3rd Tuesday, 3 pm, KMUD
D. Development Committee: 1st Monday, 16th May, 3 pm, KMUD
E. Policy Committee: 2nd Monday, 13th May, 11 am, KMUD
F. Website Committee: 2nd Tuesday, 14th May, 10 am, KMUD
G. Transition Committee: Monday, 6th May, 1230 am, KMUD
H. Quarterly Board/Staff Meeting Monday 6th May, 1030 am, KMUD
I. Board talk show- 2nd Wednesday, 10th July, 7 pm
J. Annual Membership Meeting

Minutes respectfully submitted by Noel Soucy, RCR Board Secretary on 29 May 2013.

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