Station Manager Contact Station Manager Sarah Reid at 707-923-2513 extension 106, Email: sarah
 News Department: News tips, contacts, questions? Please get in touch with our news department! 707-923-2605 Email: news
KMUD News Coordinator/ Community Journalism Project Manager: Terri Klemetson
Mobile phone (707) 223-6831 Email: terri
KMUD News Coordinator: Cynthia Elkins
Mobile phone (707) 223-6832 Email: cynthia
 Programming: If you have an idea for a program, would like to do a show, or are curious about a particular radio program please contact Program Director: Marianne Knorzer, 707-923-2513 extension 105, Email: pd
 Production: Contact Dave Smith to if you'd like to record an announcement, or you need a copy of a talk show and you can't find it on our audio archive. Production Assistant: Dave Smith, 707-923-2513 extension 108, Email: pa
 Volunteers Volunteers are the life blood of this radio station. We just can't do without them. From special events to the everyday tasks, volunteers help us do it all. You might want to take a look at the Volunteer Application [link to google doc] , it gives you an idea of our needs and lets us know how you want to help Volunteer Coordinator: Cynthia Click, 707-923-2513 extension 109, Email: volunteer
 Office Please send your Public Service Announcements, class ads, and pledge related questions to Traffic Manager Beth Comes-Westkamper 707-923-2513 extension 104, Email: psa
 Send your CD's to Music Director: Cynthia Click, 707-923-2513 extension 109, Email: music
KMUD - Redwood Community Radio, Inc. P.O. Box 135, 1144 Redway Dr. Redway, CA 95560-0135 Underwriting Businesses and organizations greatly benefit from underwriting programming on KMUD. Reasonably priced announcements reach an audience that makes a point of supporting the businesses who support this station. Please contact our Underwriting Representive: BR Graham, 707-923-2513 extension 103, Email: udw
 Technical For questions about radio reception, website, audio streaming, or anything technical related to do with KMUD contact Technical Director: Simon Frech, 707-923-2513 extension 101, Email: simon You may also call 707-932-5677 Reach our Board of Directors via email, or send a letter! Email: board KMUD - Redwood Community Radio, Inc. P.O. Box 135, 1144 Redway Dr. Redway, CA 95560-0135