Board Meeting Minutes February 26, 2013

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
Date & Time: 26 February 2013, 4 PM
Place: Healy Senior Center, 456 Briceland Rd, Redway, CA

I. Call to Order: Meeting Ground Rules and Opening Comments from President
II. Roll Call: Suzanne Beers, President, Board-elected; Siena Klein, Vice President, Members' Rep; Julia Minton, Treasurer, Members' Rep; Noel Soucy, Secretary, Programmers' Rep; Nella White, Member's Rep; Jordan Jumpshot, Programmers' Rep; Marcy Stein, Programmers' Rep; ex officio member: Jeanette Todd, Interim Station Manager.
Others Present: Dan Glaser, Jama Chaplin, Maria Velazquez-Soleto, George Monroe, Cynthia Click, BR Graham, Felix Omai.
III. Approval of Minutes: (November, January, and February Special) Julia moved, and Nella Seconded to approve the February Special Minutes. Unanimous. Suz moves to table approval of November and January meetings. Nella seconds. All in favor except Noel abstains.
IV. Approval of Agenda- Siena moves to accept agenda with three amendments: Closed Session after Financial Report, and move Station Manager up to item A. Add Item E. Budget to Unfinished Business. Julia seconds. Unanimous.
V. Open Time: Speakers will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed 5 minutes
BR Graham- BR thanks us for hiring our new Station Manager. She is personally looking forward to great things from all of us, and is delighted for the new leadership. BR and Dian (who couldn't be here) both endorse the idea of a Transition Committee.
George Monroe- George likes Jeanette's style, and thinks she is going to be great in the position. George is concerned that people who hang out at the station have some dysfunction. George would like to see everyone rise to the situation to help keep the station safe and successful. George thinks Jane is getting a lot of mileage out of our dysfunction. George feels that Jane is financially and legally a liability to the station.
Dan Glaser- Dan is back. He has a cane. He came to talk about the financial fiasco and the signal upgrade. Dan wants to welcome our new fearless leader. Are we serving our community with high tech fiascos and grant dependency? Are we prepared for a disaster or are we the caboose on the next high tech train wreck? The finger shouldn't be pointed at any one particular person. We pissed away (pardon his French) two properties, and we are going to go the way of KZYX if we don't fix things now.
Cynthia Click- Is stoked we hired Jeanette. She is really excited we are moving ahead on the Library. She is stoked on the trainings that are going on. She is bummed about the theft of a big pile of vinyl, and she is going to put the rest of the vinyl under lock and key. Cynthia locks the front door when she is in the studio late night. She would like programmers to lock up at night when they are in the studio to try to stop the thievery.
Felix is really pleased we hired Jeanette and didn't vacillate forever. Felix is also delighted about the Signal Upgrade.
VI. Management Report
Jeanette informed the Board during her lengthy report that everything on the Compliance Calendar is up to date.
VII. Discussion/Questions for Management

VIII. Consent Calendar
A. Appoint Suzanne Beers as Policy Chair- Marcy and Nella moved to appoint Suzanne as Policy Chair. Siena seconds. Unanimous.
IX. Finance Committee Report
X. Closed Session- Personnel matters
XI. Unfinished Business
A. Hiring a Station Manager- Nella moves to accept the recommendation of the Hiring Committee and hire Jeanette Todd as our Station Manager. Noel seconds. Unanimous.
B. Transition Committee- Julia moves to form the Transition Committee, Marcy seconds. The motion is amended that the Transition Committee up to be six months or longer. Unanimous. Jordan moves to appoint Noel, Nella, Jordan and Marcy to the Transition Committee. Siena seconds. Unanimous.
C. Music Server Proposal- Noel moves to approve the purchase of a music server for Redwood Community Radio with a spending limit of $2500. Nella seconds. Unanimous.
D. Plan Recruitment of Board Members- Board mixers, promote with other groups, on-air promos, Membership meeting, Board talk show.
E. Budget- Julia moves to table. Marcy seconds. Unanimous.
XII. New Business
A. HD radios- Link for Best Buy on website- The Board wants to do more research to find out what all of our options are to promote HD radio and our new HD radio signal.
XIII. Reports
A. Programmers' Reps
B. Members' Reps
C. Community Advisory Boards (CAB's)
D. Correspondence Secretaries- Hiring Committee Thankyous
E. Staff meeting report, and appoint next Board member(s) to attend
XIV. Other Committee Reports
A. Hiring Committee
B. Development, including Pledge Drive Subcommittee
C. Mediation
D. Policy
E. Website
XV. Scheduling -- proposed meeting times are:
A. Board of Directors: Fourth Tuesday, 4 pm, Healy Senior Center
B. Executive Committee: Second Tuesday, 11:30 am, Studio B
C. Finance Committee: Third Tuesday, 3 pm, KMUD
D. Website Committee: March 12th, 10:00am, KMUD
E. Development Committee: 1st Monday, 4th March, 3:00 pm, KMUD
F. Policy Committee: 2nd Tuesday, 3:00 pm, KMUD
G. Transition Committee: 11 March, 1:00 pm, KMUD

Minutes respectfully submitted by Noel Soucy, KMUD Board Secretary, on 6 April 2013.

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