Board Meeting Minutes from May 5, 2015

VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Tues., May 5, 2015 – 3:30 pm
Healy Sr. Ctr., Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President
II.Roll call:  MEMBERS’ REPS – President Siena Klein, Cody “Comfy” Dillon. PROGRAMMERS’ REPS – Secretary Jack Frybulous, Vice-president Dan Murphy, Bud Rogers. BOARD-APPOINTED – Christine Doyka, Mark Marchese (arrived 4:18), Treasurer Sarah Scudder. Station Manager Jeanette Todd (ex-officio). Absent: Julia Minton.
III.Approval of April minutes
Sarah moved to approve, Christine seconded; unanimously approved.
IV.Approval of agenda
Jack moved we add Closed Session, Sarah seconded; unanimously approved.
Bud moved approve the agenda, Dan seconded; unanimously approved.
V.Closed Session – Personnel
Dan moved to appoint Christine as Station Manager Liaison; unanimously approved.
VI.Open time – David Ordoñez came to express interest in serving on our Board. Emma Nation noted that the Board packet and meeting notes were in April not to be found on the bulletin board. / Station manager position and relationship with the Board needs to be clarified. / Requested meeting with Board chair and Programmer rep. Jama Chaplin saddened to hear our reserve will be used, “spending beyond our means”. Board has approved budgets with defictis the last three years. 2015 Budget to Actuals show deficits of $63K. 2013 BoD approved a deficit of $24K, and simultaneously Transition Committee was created to reduce personnel costs. Steady increase in employee costs: In 2011: $264K / 2012: $276K / 2013: $288K / 2014: $314K. Disposition requested, and reminder of last month’s disposition re Lenders’ List. Siena said Transition was to meet on Thursday, and said that Jama would receive that report.  Siena also said that Finance Committee would look at the Lender’s List.
VII.Management report – CPB extension requested. Nice to have Network Cmte meeting in June. $64K came in from last drive, with only $12K still outstanding. August drive to focus on signing up sustaining members. $10K income from Spec! Spec! 
VIII.Discussion / Questions for Management – Comfy asked how the Rivendell trial period went; JT said staff were “thrilled”. Bud suggested Eric Kirk’s office in Arcata for a mixer. Comfy reminded about PG&E pole.
IX.Consent calendar – Jack moved to approve; Bud seconded. 7 in favor; Mark opposed.
A. Appoint Jim Lamport Elections referee
B. Nominate as official theme of Board Talk Show Look to the Left
C. Motion to approve spending up to $7K on Rivendell. (2nd approval)
X.Finance Com. report – Sarah mentioned discussion at last meeting of financial oversight. Formulating cash-handling procedures. 2nd Tues, Dian reports to Finance; 3rd Tues, Finance. Final disbursement of Fitch $1900. Plan for mid-year budget review is in the making, plus review of Pledge Drive financials.
XI.Unfinished business
A. New anti-violence policy – No Policy meeting happened. Jack moved to table, Dan seconded; unanimously approved.
B. Board – Staff retreat, date and place. CR location needs to be approached with dates. After some discussion, Jack moved we have an 8-hour followed by a 4-hour session, two weeks apart. JT says involving members good idea, but they should also be invited to participate in planning for the plan; involvement from the beginning.
C. Strategic plan. Cody moved we table items B and C. Jack seconded; unanimously approved.
XII.New business
A. Amendment to Programmers’ Agreement, re: uploading shows. Jack moved that Policy look into this further; Sarah seconded; unanimously approved. 
B. Caterer in parking lot. Dan moved we ask Jeanette to look into this further; Jack seconded; unanimously approved.
XIII.Committee Reports
A.Programmers’ Reps – Bud shared a few Programmers’ opinions he’d collected about the HD Signal upgrade; too many pledge drives; News should cover what’s happening more locally; too much emphasis on cannabis.
B.Members’ Reps – Comfy relayed Members’ feedback: “Too much KMUD merch has cannabis leaves”; request for more camo hats; “four drives too many”. Jack reminded that the # of days per year raising funds is essentially unchanged.
C.Community Advisory Boards – Emma was acknowledged; next northern CAB meeting Sun., June 17. A need exists to be in closer contact with county economics office. The words “connectivity” and “community” are ringing hollow.
D.Correspondence Secretary – Two cards sent, one to Beth (?), one to Mental Health. Dan will thank the Mateel for our Cuzn Marc event. Christine will write thanks to Dazey Supply; Jennifer and Tim Metz; and Julia. 
i.Pledge Drive
F.Policy. (No meeting took place since the last Board meeting.)
G.Grounds – Discussion of gate estimates. Report coming forth later of on-site care-taking, with requests for info going out to the Mateel and to Beginnings.
H.Mediation – no recent actions; meeting scheduled for June.
I.Emergency Preparedness – no one showed up for a meeting that was planned for today. Jeanette will schedule another. Cody will contact five or six people he knows are interested.
J.Management Evaluation – follow-up report is coming, including a re-write of the SM’s job description.
K.Transition – meeting in a couple of days.
L.Elections – Siena will record on Thursday an elections promo. Mark said Jim Lamport wants in writing all elections-related dates, and he will see that Jim gets them. 
M.Networking – meeting in June? Jeff Wright suggested a Caspar Comm Ctr benefit honoring Antonia Lamb; this event needs a coordinator. Mark suggested BR might be approached. Jeanette suggested Late Night Liz.
XIV.Schedule - Committee meetings 
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.Board of Directors Tues., June 9 – 3:30 pm (Healy Sr. Ctr.)
B.Development Mon., June 8 – 3 pm
C.Executive Tues, May 12 – 11:30 am
D.Policy 3rd Tuesdays, 11 am
E.Program Selection 2nd + 4th Tues., 1 pm
F.Finance 3rd Tues., 3 pm
G.Planning Strategic PlanWed., June 10 – 11 am
H.Board talk show 2nd Wed. (Apr., Jul., Oct., Jan.)
I.Board / Staff meetingTues., May 26 – 10:30
This meeting lasted 3h 7m.
Agenda submitted by the Secretary on  9 JUN 2015.
by acls us
by acls us

Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement: Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all human and other living species on earth move toward higher quality of life and are able to survive the challenges in the times ahead.

Mission Statement: Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.



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