Board Meeting Minutes February 9, 2016

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VISION Statement - Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems, to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life, and are able to survive challenges in the times ahead.
MISSION - Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.
Redwood Community Radio - Board of Directors
Tues., Feb. 9, 2016 – 3:30
Healy Sr. Ctr., Redway, CA
I.Call to order: Meeting ground rules; opening comments from the President
Roll call:
Christine Doyka, Treasurer Sarah Scudder
members’ reps
Vice-president Siena Klein, Cody Dillon, Maria Savage
programmers’ reps
Secretary Jack Frybulous, President Dan Murphy, Jimmy Durchslag
station manager
Jeanette Todd
Mark Marchese
II.Approval of Dec. and Jan. minutes was unanimous.
III.Approval of agenda. Jimmy moved that 1. procedures for Board decisions by email, and 2. Board members taking individual actions be added. Siena seconded. Unanimously approved.
IV.Open time – Rob Bier and Zack Gonzales were present.
V.Management report – JT points out that p. 30 in the packet (what’s legal in copyright law) is important reading for making policy. Station Activity Survey is also included. Public file will need to be digital by 2018. Proposal to hire SquareSpace to host our website will be forthcoming, probably in May; Syndey Morrone has offered to assist with implementation. Emergency Response 
Team has 3 facets: broadcast (how we would stay on-air in an emergency), the county’s vision, and the news room response; more on this soon. CPB non-compliance fines are listed. Amy Goodman performs Apr. 16, incl. a 40-person meet-and-greet prior to her lecture. Programming Directors are looking to revise with Programmer Reps the Programmers’ Agreement. Simon has asked for follow-up on a grant to get a new generator.
VI.Discussion, questions for Management – Jimmy offered comments on Dev’t Coordinator job description (p. 35) and differences between a Coordinator and Director; also asked if we can get health insurance for staff. Dan commented about May for Block Party, could it be in July, or coincide with a pledge drive. JT says it’s our birthday, and we should keep it close to the date.
VII.Consent calendar – Unanimously approved.
A. 2nd approval: Two changes are made to the section of Policy 2.3.5 [Board communications guidelines] called Meeting and Minutes:
i. This text, the entirety of ¶ 3, is deleted: Management shall arrange for an audio recording of the meeting, provide a copy to the Secretary within three days, and archive the original at the station for two years. Other Board members may also request a copy. Management will provide copies to the public upon request for $10 per copy.
ii. In ¶ 4, the phrase and/or the audio recording is also deleted. ¶ 4 reads: The Secretary shall take the best notes possible while participating fully in all discussions, read back motions as requested, and shall use those notes, others’ notes, and/or the audio recording to assist in producing accurate minutes. Documents approved by the Board will be included in their entirety in the minutes, or, long documents may be identified by date of draft.
B. Elections Committee appointments: Jimmy Durchslag will run Programmer elections; Maria will do Members election; Siena will be the overseer and do binders. 
VIII.Finance Com. report – Sarah: 2015 payroll taxes not yet incorporated into figures. 2016 budget shows a $400 deficit, but low-balling of fund-raising estimates nonetheless puts RCR in a good position. Q: Would the Board prefer a partial month that’s recent, or a whole month from a month ago. JT: would rather see what’s more up-to-date. Just received P&L for 2016. Jimmy pointed out: $121K profit from 2015 is incorrect, since 2016 grant revenue ($95K) was received in 2015. Also, all funds has been re-paid to Fitch and other funds. Net income for 2015 reported as just under $29K, but est. $20K is more accurate. Pacifica subscription (for Oct. through Sept.) was not billed till January, and that the bill has always arrived randomly; this does mean our 2015 surplus is $5K lower. We’re in the black! And look forward to being more solidly in the black. Jimmy: The budget shows a small break-even for 2016, but we believe the income is under-stated; 2015 fund-raising was surpassed by $20K; a 19-page report of 2015 profit and loss for all events is posted at the station.
IX.Unfinished business
A. Strategic plan, check-in: Board and Staff meeting next Tuesday. Sarah said she will meet with Jeanette to talk about funding aspects of the plan.
B. Update on security enhancements: property and people. Sarah asked for a list of names of people living close-by who are willing to come help with situations. JT says the parking lot is very dark at night, that we’ve been talking about this ever since she’s arrived, and re-iterates the need to light up the parking lot with tamper-proof lights. We got a quote for lighting up the entire property, vs. an underground cord to a pole. JT asked could the Board chase $4K to light up the front and put up a pole?
Jimmy pointed out the need to be strategic in approaching the community to fund specific projects. Sarah re-focused on the parking lot, and would feel comfortable leaving the rest of the building as-is, if we lit up the front. Dan: “and sealed the backyard”.
Sarah moved to approve $7500 from New Reserve, and from the Music Library account, to pay for lights in the parking lot and front of building. Jack seconded. Unanimously approved.
Cody will call Jim Truitt. Jeanette will call PGE. Cody suggested a Building and Grounds meeting. Maria will talk to David Katz. Dan will talk to Cynthia about the list of people to call to deal with situations, and will bring up at the Programmers’ Meeting (Feb. 20) training for those people.
X.New business
A. Procedures for Board decisions by email – all agree that it is important to be able to distinguish between requests for information and requests for action. Board members’ gathering information does not and should never require prior approval.
B. Board members taking individual actions: while not meaning to signal that individual initiative in getting balls rolling is a bad thing, it is the Board’s strong consensus that it’s best when all Board members take potentially significant actions under the umbrellas of the committees with which they are involved. Grave concerns were expressed about Board members representing themselves as Board members to representatives of other entities.
XI.Committee Reports
A.Programmers’ Reps – Next Programmers’ meeting: Sat., Feb. 20. Jimmy will do promo, Jack will email the Ps agenda, Dan will make signs for station, incl. that you are required to attend at least one event, etc. JT add to agenda participate in drives; reminder of one meeting a year, enforcement. Security. Agreement being updated: no uploading of shows.
B.Members’ Reps – Siena: a member requested that by-laws be updated on the website. 
C.Community Advisory Boards. Emma has set up a meeting. Jeanette asked if there was a response required to the letter the Board sent Emma. Dan asks about re-invigorating a central CAB. Siena: we are working at establishing a coastal CAB.
D.Correspondence Secretary – Christine.
E.Development – Siena. Submitted notes from the Jan. 19 meeting. Floor space at Mateel: 300 + 50 on the mezzanine. Discussion of breaking down the stage, and putting screen(s) outside. 300 @ $50 is break-even. Meet and greet before she speaks for 40: the first forty to put up $1000? Jeanette asked what folks here would pay: many said 50 max, Sarah said 100 with dinner. Our cost is ~ $12K. Jeanette is on top of getting a calendar for Development. JT was reimbursed $22K for fund-raising expenses last year!
F.Pledge Drive [was made a standing committee 11/15] – Jimmy D. Start Tues., Apr. 12 through Tues., the 26th. Everyone to write a promo for giving early, and ending drive early if we reach our goal. Jack will write a script for video production. Call meeting with Ruby, Bridget, Nate, Brittany.
G.Policy – Cody. Meeting next week, didn’t meet last month. Need to start working on getting old policies updated into manual.
H.Building & Grounds – Dan and Cody. Dan will do a promo to recruit for this committee. Mention in the promo a work date. Sealing off the backyard. JT: working to get a storage container.
I.Mediation – Christine. None, but Siena says a meeting is needed. Christine will call for a meeting. JT: A Programmer is requesting a grievance hearing, and is hoping for an official recommendation. But maybe it’s not complicated enough for Grievance? Or that it’s too difficult to get the GP together?
J.Emergency Preparedness – Jeanette. Bringing all the groups working independently together: what county expects from us in an emergency, what we intend to do to have the correct components, and on-air staff is prepared. Next meeting? Get a studio-transmitter link, but needs line-of-sight to the Mud and to Pratt Mtn.
K.Management Evaluation – Dan. Jimmy, Peter Ryce, Angela Zane, Christine. Report coming on Apr. 1. Peter’s writing a couple of questions. Jeanette will complete a self-evaluation. Discussion of appropriateness of getting feedback from listeners, and movement away from annual reviews.
L.Hiring – Jeanette, Christine and Dan. Shanin? Next Wed at 1.
M.Elections – Siena and Jimmy. Rob our only Member running. 2 candidates for Programmer election. Inform membership no election. Noel would retain her appointed seat one more year. Margaret Lewis is 2nd candidate for 2nd seat. No election for either Mediation or Members.
N.Networking – Jack. 
XII.Schedule - Committee meetings 
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Dr., Redway, CA.
If you plan on attending a meeting, it would be wise to confirm no changes have taken place.
A.Board of Directors 2nd Tues., at 3:30 (Healy Sr. Ctr.)
B.Development Feb. 16 at 1, followed by Pledge Drive
C.Executive Wed., Feb. 17 at 10 am
D.Policy Tues., Feb. 23 at 10
E.Program Selection 2nd + 4th Tues., at 1:30
F.Finance 4th Tues., at 3
G.Board talk show 2nd Wed. (Apr., Jul., Nov., Jan.)
H.Board / Staff meeting3rd Tues. (2/15), at 11
I. Hiring Wed., 2/17 at 1
This meeting started at 3:35 and ended about 6:35 (3 h, 00 m).
Minutes submitted for posting 26 Mar., 2016.
Last modified on Tuesday, March 29, 2016
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by acls us

Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement: Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all human and other living species on earth move toward higher quality of life and are able to survive the challenges in the times ahead.

Mission Statement: Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.



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