Board Meeting Minutes July 8, 2019

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Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
July 8, 2019, 2:00 pm
 Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice, Garberville CA
II. Roll call
BOARD-APPOINTED REPS: behr, Secretary Rob Bier
MEMBER REPS:, Vice President Sarah Starck, Treasurer Sarah Scudder, Correspondence Secretary Coleman Pulsifer
PROGRAMMER REPS:  President Jimmy Durchslag, Dennis Maher (late), Wendy Emerson
STATION MANAGER:  Sydney Morrone
ABSENT: Christine Doyka
GUESTS:  Pamela Parsons, Chanin, Jama Chaplin, BR Graham, Julia Minton (late)
III. Approval of June 10, 26 minutes
Scudder moved approval of the June 10 minutes with the following changes: delete, under VIII.B Website, the entire sentence beginning "Doyka suggested," and, under X.G Policy, replace "Board involvement" with "policy around it" and "manager" with "director."  Durchslag seconded.  Behr, Bier, Starck, Scudder, Pulsifer, Durchslag and Emerson voted aye.  There were no nay votes.  Motion passed 7-0,
Emerson moved approval of the June 26 minutes as submitted.  Behr seconded.  Passed unanimously.
IV. Approval of agenda
Scudder moved approval.  Durchslag seconded.  Passed unanimously.
V. Open time 
Parsons congratulated the Board on its restructuring plan, saying she had never seen a board work so hard.  "Now it's time to hand it over to the staff," she added.  Parsons also said that KMUD should be audible in all of the station's offices, that visitors should hear it the moment they come in.
Chanin commended the Board, Finance Committee and "in particular, Sarah Starck" on the restructuring plan, especially for allowing that adjustments could be made and excluding the positions tentatively set for 2020.  "Please continue to be vigilant in your eyes on the budget," she said.  
Chaplin suggested that the PSRC policy draft was ambiguous about how PSRC members could be removed from the Council.  Also Programmers' Agreements are coming in, including check boxes about what volunteer tasks they'll do.  She requested that this info be entered into a volunteer database in a systematic way so that, for example, one could search for "bar" and find those volunteers, rather than also having to search for "serve drinks,"  "beer booth," etc.  
Graham pointed out that Lynn Harrington has done considerable work in updating the volunteer database.  She suggested that the administrative assistant position in the approved restructuring plan could be filled by a volunteer, something appropriate for a volunteer coordinating committee to address.
VI. Management report (Maher arrived)
Durchslag noted that there were many "incompletes" in the compliance calendar.  Morrone explained the situation with each.  Morrone reported on difficulties with the station's cell phones.  Starck raised the matter of underwriting debts. She said Minton needed to be informed of the history of these accounts.  Discussion was cut short with agreement to continue it in closed session.
VII. Finance Committee report (Minton arrived)
Starck said work was continuing to reconcile errors related to the EMerchant service.  She expressed concern about subscriber revenue.  Morrone said that some monthly sustaining members had cancelled, leaving revenue there as low as she had seen it.
VIII. Old business
A. Audit
Morrone reported that she had filed with CPB for an extension of the AFR filing deadline to Aug. 15.  (This was later granted.)  Questions from the auditor are being addressed.
B. Website
There was a wide-ranging discussion of the Web site, including the question of who is in charge of the project.  It was agreed that it would be up to the new station manager to move it forward.
C. Station manager hire
Nearly 10 applications have been received.  Interviews will begin Wednesday, July 10.
D. Station manager performance appraisal
Durchslag said that a few evaluation forms remained outstanding, particularly from staff.
E. Restructuring
Durchslag recapped the Board's June 26 action and Morrone's letter sent to the Board at that time.  She said, "There's no way one person can do the programming.  I feel very strongly about that."  She suggested circulating to the KMUD community a formal statement of the action taken.  Durchslag said he would do that.  Pulsifer moved to close off further discussion.  Bier seconded.  Behr, Bier, Starck, Pulsifer, Durchslag, Maher voted aye.  Scudder and Emerson abstained.  Motion passed 6-0.
IX. New business
A. Mid-year budget adjustment
Scudder ran down the changes, noting that while conservative estimates had been made, there was still a $41,000 deficit in the revised budget.  Durchslag moved its adoption.  Pulsifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Several shared knowledge and opinions about the stripped-down station, its programmers and supporters.  Morrone reported that a former KHSU programmer would be taking over a Saturday slot on KMUD and that another was already appearing regularly on Wednesday mornings.  She suggested a broad appeal to their former programmers.  It appeared that there are several groups associated with KHSU who are pursing slightly different goals.  
C. Membership director hiring
Bier, Starck and Morrone agreed to serve on a hiring committee.  Shira Brown and Dian Griffith were also named to the committee.  There was agreement for placing ads in the Times-Standard and North Coast Journal.
D. Cyber drive (fundraising)
Morrone said she would be placing appeals on Face Book and Instagram and soliciting messages.  Brown will track the money.  
E. NFCB report - behr
Behr provided a written report and spoke about her experience at the NFCB national conference in San Diego.  She obtained a 42-page report on emergency preparedness.  She spoke with an attorney about underwriting from cannabis-related businesses.  He said he would be pleased to help RCR at no charge.  Behr said, that after a session on human resources, she remained convinced that the employee handbook should wait for the new station manager.
F. Board self-evaluation
Starck moved to table.  behr seconded.  Passed unanimously.
G. PSRC (please see Attachment I)
Scudder moved approval of two changes: 1) insert "staggered" so to read "serve two-year, staggered terms, and 2) substitute "by a vote of the members." for "in the same fashion."  She also asked for a review of the language by Nate Horning.  Behr seonded.  Passed unanimously.
H. Incentive, performance-based raises
Starck moved to table.  Behr seconded.  Passed unanimously.
I. Credit card
Durchslag moved making himself and Scudder credit card signers, in addition to Simon Frech.  Pulsifer seconded.  Passed unanimously.
J. Generator
Julia Minton related how the Phillipsville Water District obtained a bridge loan for purchase of equipment.  Maher moved to pursue obtaining a line of credit in the amount of $39,344 from the Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt for the purpose of immediately proceeding with purchase of the emergency preparedness equipment due for eventual county reimbursement.  Behr seconded.  Passed unanimously.
K. Volunteer Coordinating Committee
Responding to numerous public suggestions at the June 26 meeting, it was agreed to form a committee.  Pulsifer agreed to organize it.  Recommendations for members were offered.
L. Reggae Messaging Promotion
Emerson moved sharing 50 percent of any proceeds with the Mateel Community Center.  Maher seconded.  Passed unanimously.
X. Committee reports
A. Programmer representatives
Durchslag said he was planning a programmer meeting for the second week I August.  
B. Community Advisory Board (CAB) - Siena Klein
A meeting was held June 26.
C. Development - Durchslag
Minton volunteered that KEIT was going to air a Ken Burns series on country music.  She said community outreach director Katie Whiteside wondered if KMUD would like to participate in some fashion.
G. Policy - Bier
Bier said he would research and report on the question of whether individuals can be promoted without requiring wide advertising.
XI. Committee meeting schedule
Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place at KMUD, 1144 Redway Drive, Redway CA.  Persons planning on attending a meeting should confirm beforehand that no changes from this schedule have taken place.
Board of Directors Monday, August 12, 2:00 pm, Hospice
Board Talk Show Wednesday, July 10, 7:00 pm
Development Thursday, July 11, 11:30 am
Membership Drive Monday, July 16, noon
Policy Wednesday, July 24, 11:00 am, Calico's
Executive Wednesday, July 24, 12:00 pm, Calico's
Development Thursday, July 24, 1:00 pm
Finance Monday, August 5, 10:00 am
Board-Staff quarterly meeting Tuesday, October 8, 10:00 am
XII. Closed session - Personnel
Program Selection and Review Council
[Language to be eliminated is struck through.  New language is underlined.]
2.4.1 Standing Committees
12/16/97; 08/24/04; 06/27/06; 02/12/18
The Board presently has five standing committees: Development, Finance, Policy, Mediation and Membership Drive. Standing committees include at least one Board member who is the Board-appointed chair. The chairperson of each committee will submit a list of committee members to the Board for approval. Members may be added as recommended by the committee chairperson and are subject to Board approval. Membership of the Board committees will be reviewed annually in the month following the seating of new Board members.
Committees draw up their own goals, rules, and definitions to implement the Board's broad plan. Committees report to the Board, which accepts, rejects or modifies their recommendations.  Standing committees can have subcommittees at their discretion. Special committees have a limited project or timeframe. Committee expenditures shall be budgeted and approved ahead of time by the Board. Management's committees, such as the Program Selection and Review Council, are advisory to and defined by management.
To ensure adequate community representation in the selection of programming on RCR, a Program Selection and Review Council (PSRC) will consist of RCR Program Director(s), Program Assistant(s) and a minimum of five active programmers or listeners.  The PSRC is advisory to the Program Director(s) and Station Manager.  Programmer Representatives on the Board of Directors, other staff or volunteers may be solicited to help recruit new members to the PSRC.  Applicants for membership on the PSRC should apply to the Program Director(s) for review.  All applications will be reviewed and put to a vote by the council.  Non-management members serve two-year terms, which may be renewed by vote of the entire PSRC.  Members can be removed from the PSRC in the same fashion.  The Station Manager shall oversee the ongoing participation of the PSRC in programming decisions.  Input, such as comments or complaints regarding programming will be forwarded to the PSRC for review.  Input shall be documented in programmer files by the Program Director(s).
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