Board Meeting Minutes from March 26, 2013

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors
Date & Time: 26 March 2013, 4 PM
Place: Healy Senior Center, 456 Briceland Rd, Redway, CA
I. Call to Order: Meeting Ground Rules and Opening Comments from President
II. Roll Call: Suzanne Beers, President, Board-elected; Siena Klein, Vice President, Member's Rep; Julia Minton, Treasurer, Members' Rep; Noel Soucy, Secretary, Programmers' Rep; Nella White, Members' Rep; Jordan Jumpshot, Programmers' Rep; Antonia Lamb, board-elected; Marcy Stein, Programmers' Rep; ex officio member: Jeanette Todd, Station Manager.
III. Approval of Minutes: (Nov, Jan, Feb)
• Marcy moves, Julia seconds to approve November minutes. Approved unanimously.
• Siena moves, Julia seconded to approve January minutes. Suzanne offers a friendly amendment to add 'Personnel Issue' to describe Closed Session. Approved unanimously.
• Nella moves, Marcy seconded to approve February minutes. Suzanne offers a friendly amendment to add a spending limit of $2500 to the motion on the server. Approved unanimously.
IV. Approval of Agenda: Move Transition Committee Report to Closed Session. Add New Music Library Quote to Unfinished Business. Remove Finance Committee Report. Remove Staff Meeting Report. Julia Moves to approve the Agenda. Siena Seconds. Agenda approved unanimously.
V. Open Time: Speakers will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed 5 minutes- No speakers are present.
VI. Management Report
• Jeanette reports that all the Compliance Calendar items are completed at this date.
VII. Discussion/Questions for Management
Jeanette added to her written report that the Board would be meeting with Strategic Planning facilitator Barb Truitt after the Annual Membership Meeting June 25.
VIII. Consent Calendar
A. Consideration of Development Director Position referred to the Transition Committee
B. Management responsible for Grants work, rather than a Board Committee
C. Appoint Jeanette to Policy Committee
• Nella moves to accept all three items on the Consent Calendar. Noel Seconds. All Consent Calendar Items approved unanimously.
IX. Closed Session- Personnel Matter
• Transition Committee Report
X. Unfinished Business
A. HD Radios- Best Buy Link-
• Noel moves to put two links on the RCR website for HD Radios. One link on the website will lead to Best Buy (the link won't say 'Best Buy'). The other link will be to a local vendor of HD radios. Siena seconds. Antonia adds the friendly amendment that the Website Committee adds other local options as they become available. Board approves the motion as amended unanimously.
B. Board Recruitment
• Julia would like to see the RCR Board partner with a local business up north to have a Board Mixer (one of the breweries would be great)
• Antonia mentions that we talk about Board recruitment on our radio shows.
• April 10th is the Board Talk Show
• The deadline for nominations for Programmer's Rep is at the end of May.
C. Budget
• Noel moves to provisionally approve Budget Draft 10 with a more thorough review in July or August. Antonia seconds. Approved with 7 votes and Siena abstaining.
D. Fitch Estate: Suzanne has the check from the sale of the property, which she as Executrix of the Fitch estate will deposit into the estate's account at the Credit Union. We don't know when probate will be done, and assets will be distributed to RCR and the other heir.
E. New Music Library Quote
• Julia moves that Jeanette can spend up to $4000 to get the equipment needed (including the music server) to digitize the Music Library, with the request that Staff works on 5 year technology plan. Noel seconds. Unanimously approved.
XI. New Business
A. Appoint Elections Committee- Antonia, Siena and Noel are appointed to the Elections Committee. Noel will coordinate Programmers' election, Antonia the Members', and Siena will monitor the process and make Board Binders.
XII. Reports
A. Programmers' Reps- A meeting is in the process of being planned for April.
B. Members' Reps
C. Community Advisory Boards (CAB's)
XIII. Correspondence Secretaries- After discussion, the Board asked Jeanette to respond to the News Director regarding the News Department's letter to the Board.
XIV. Other Committee Reports
A. Development, including Pledge Drive Subcommittee
B. Mediation
C. Policy
D. Website
XV. Scheduling -- proposed meeting times are:
A. Board of Directors: 4th Tuesday, 23rd April, 4 pm, Healy Senior Center
B. Executive Committee: 2nd Monday, 8th April, 3 pm, Studio B
C. Finance Committee: 3rd Tuesday, 16th April, 3 pm, KMUD. 2nd meeting TBA.
D. Development Committee: 1st Monday, 1st April, 3 pm, KMUD
E. Policy Committee: 2nd Monday, 8th April, 11 am, KMUD
F. Website Committee: 9th April, 10 am KMUD
G. Transition Committee
H. Jordan, Noel, & Marcy to Board talk show, 2nd Wed. 10th April.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Noel Soucy, RCR Board Secretary, on 29 April 2013.

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