AIDS / HIV Public Service Announcements from R.A.I.N.S.

photo of Southern Humboldt team

These twenty-five PSA‘s are designed to reach a youth audience and the general public. They were first aired on KMUD in Fall of 2003. Fresh, diverse, full of up to date information, these announcements entertain as well as inform.

Partners in this production include Redwoods AIDS Information Network and Services (R.A.I.N.S.), KMUD, and the Melvin and Grace McLean Foundation. Thank you for considering using this FREE material.

These mp3 files are encoded at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz. Length varies between 29 to 52 seconds.

For a CD of all the spots call or write to Beth Wells at (707) 923-2783 ext 331. If you use these PSA’s we request that you let us know.

These PSA’s are encoded in the mp3 format at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz. Length varies between 29 to 52 seconds.

To play them, simply click on any of them. To download the files on a Macintosh, hold down the Option key while you click; on a PC use the right mouse button to click on the file and choose "Save As."

On a Macintosh they should open up with the free Quicktime Player or with iTunes (also free). On a Windows PC they can be played with the free Quicktime Player or iTunes, or Winamp (there’s a free version), or any of the many other mp3 players. We highly recommend iTunes if you would like to create an audio CD of any or all of these PSA’s.


1   60 Minutes   0:29
2   Austin Prowler   0:32
3   Blind Date #1   0:52
4   Blind Date #2   0:43
5   Body Art   0:37
6   Ka-ching   0:33
7   Car Crash   0:41
8   Do the Math   0:38  please note that this spot contains outdated statistics
9   Don’t Share   0:43
10   Gamble   0:42
11   Heart Beat   0:32
12   Hidden Contract   0:44
13   I Have HIV   0:39
14   Idiots Delight   0:45
15   Silence is Deadly   0:46
16   Singles Ad #1   0:41
17   Singles Ad #2   0:37
18   Wheel of Misfortune   0:31
19   War on AIDS   0:38  please note that this spot contains outdated statistics
20   Jubal’s Rap   0:38
21   Joe   0:43
22   Speak Up   0:48
23   Take A Stand   0:43
24   Talk is Good   0:44
25   Think About It   0:49



We’re looking forward to your feedback to these announcements.


photo of Southern Humboldt team
The Southern Humboldt writers and performers: (back row) Jesse, Sarah, Darcy, John, (front row) Jubal, Tserring, and Emma.

photo of Sarah and Jubal
Sarah and Jubal in the studio.

photo of the RAVEN team

Members of RAVEN, the Northern Humboldt production team: Wednesday, Derrick, Steve, and Mike.

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