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“Spring Forward” Drive
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator
$32000 is not $50000 but it is not bad! We want to thank all of our listeners who donated on this Membership Drive and the ones who donated for the first time to KMUD.
Our Drives are our favorite fundraisers because we get to gather at the Studio, go on the air in unlikely teams, welcome local musicians, eat wonderful food brought in by our community members and celebrate our collective hand-made radio station.
In the photo collage, you may recognize BR, Brenda, Kim, Jeanne York, Feral Selector and little Viktor, Chanin, Pamela, Agnes, Susan, behr, Coleman, Rob, Susan again, Little Rock, JJ Burner, Randy Remote, Simon, Flurina and Doro.

Daniel from Land of a Thousand Dances, every Tuesday 2.30 to 4pm is improvising on Guitars, Cadillacs with Shira Brown, our interim Station Manager for almost three months until new Station Manager Jeffrey James arrived a few days ago.
Daniel, the jukebox man, played a full set on Honkytonk State of Mind on March 19th to help our fundraising efforts.
How to make the world a better place
by Kim, Musical Possibilities every Friday from 3 to 5.30pm
On Wednesday, March 27th during Woman On Wednesday, KMUD staff and programmers had the honor of having Miss Nona’s Kindergarten class from Skyfish Charter School in Briceland. When asked what they thought could make our world better, they shared their wisdom, which proved beyond their years! The future is filled with hope and infinite possibilities with these bright little stars!
Listen to them singing a song and being interviewed

on the archives on Women on Wednesday
Or just listen to what do they think can help make a better world.

KMUD’s Annual Block Party
by Dorothee, Membership CoordinatorThis is still in the making, so i don’t have everything to tell you yet, but for now….
Save the date : May 25th, this is the Saturday of Memorial day Week-end. If approved by the county, we may have a parade right before it with floats, tambours, dancers, veterans, puppets and all…. Stay tuned!
Music wise, I heard in the hallway that the line-up will include Mama Grows Funk who already came for our Fall Yard Party and enchanted us all. I also heard about Makenu, one of Humboldt’s favorites, local Cumbia. I also heard about some “ninja zone” and other activities for the kiddos.

We are still looking for a few vendors, for which you can fill out this application.
But also, if you are a business in our community, you may want to consider sponsoring the event. Interested? Please call the office 707-923-2513.

Looking forward to party soon with all of you at and for our cherished radio station.

News stories of the month
by Lauren Schmitt and Lisa Music

Your KMUD News Team is back with another roundup of the latest news and events shaping life throughout the North Coast. 

Major Development in Humboldt:

Military Transport Ships May Soon Call Humboldt Bay Home

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Humboldt Bay as plans emerge for military transport ships to utilize the port. This potential partnership could have far-reaching implications for the local economy and infrastructure. Listen to the story here.

Wind Energy Transmission Upgrades Could Reach $5 Billion

The renewable energy sector continues to expand in Humboldt County, with plans for wind energy transmission upgrades potentially totaling up to $5 billion. These upgrades signify a significant investment in clean energy infrastructure for the region. Listen to the story here.

The Great Redwood Trail Agency Unveils Draft Master Plan

The Great Redwood Trail, a transformative project aimed at repurposing former railroad tracks into a multi-use trail spanning from Marin County to Humboldt Bay, has taken a significant step forward. The agency behind the project has released its draft master plan, outlining the vision for this ambitious endeavor. Listen to the story here.

In Case You Missed It:

Senator Mike McGuire’s Humboldt County Town Hall

Catch up on Senator Mike McGuire’s recent town hall meeting in Humboldt County. Listen to the full audio recording for insights into key issues facing our community.

In Southern Humboldt

Southern Humboldt’s Sole Veterinary Clinic Closed March 29th

The closure of Southern Humboldt’s only veterinary clinic has raised concerns about access to essential services in rural areas. Stay tuned as KMUD’s Lauren Schmitt delves deeper into this issue and speaks with the California Veterinary Medical Association. Listen to the story here.

KMUD’s Weekly Sports Report:

Join Ray Hamill every Friday for the latest updates on local sports stories. This week, we’re celebrating a South Fork freshman’s remarkable performance and a local gymnast’s state championship win. Tune in to KMUD News to stay informed! Listen to the report here.

Major Southern Humboldt System Upgrade OK’d

The Garberville Sanitary District is gearing up for a significant water system upgrade, marking a milestone in efforts to enhance infrastructure in Southern Humboldt.  Listen to the story here.

Stay connected with KMUD News for more updates on these stories and other local happenings. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed about the issues that matter most to our community.

How do you prepare your shows?
by Agnes, Heart of the Earth, every Wednesday 9 to 10am
and World Beat Show, every Sunday 3 to 5.30pm
You can listen to this interview here or read it below
“For Heart of the Earth, which is a program about Native Americans and other indigenous cultures, I read every day on different websites, different news stories. I look for news headlines. And so by Tuesday afternoon, before my show, on the desktop of my computer, I will have different stories that I have saved, I will print them out (because it’s just easier to read hardcopy) and then on Wednesday, my alarm goes off at seven o’clock, I get up and I find the music that I feel corresponds with the stories. And there are a lot of different stories. So I have to find the ones that I feel are important for my listening audience. That stories that you don’t hear otherwise about Native issues. I spoke about boarding schools years and years ago, and people would just kind of wonder what are you talking about and then when it finally became national news, people finally understood what I was talking about. So I find the stories that a lot of the news media doesn’t want to cover that you would only find on native outlets.

For the World Beat Show, I’ve been doing it for so long and I love you know, African and Caribbean and Latin music so I’m always listening for what’s new. It’s been different, using the computer instead of CDs, but I still have a lot of just rare CDs that you do not find on the computer, on YouTube or on Spotify. I feel it’s important that we get people to hear the music of the world because music is an international language and it warms your heart to just hear people sing in their traditional languages. Dancehall in Spanish just get you up and move! and that’s what I’m about: getting up and moving your body and feeling good, or bad, or great!”

Anna from Ukraine
by Cindiana Jones, Music is medicine, Thursday April 4th at about 11.30amI first met Anna shortly after the full scale invasion in 2022. I discovered her on YouTube and was impressed with her presentations, knowledge and her ability to express both the real life situations during war time as well as historical and cultural information. Anna has daily blogs that are usually between 10 and 15 minutes long. They cover a multitude of subjects. She is otherwise a linguistic professor. You can find Anna as Anna From Ukraine on almost all social media platforms. If you have interest in Ukraine, I urge you to spend some time watching or listening to her. I think you’ll find a time well spent.

I had her on my show regularly in the last 2 years, live, sharing her views on the situation in her country. You can hear the last interview right here.
Or listen to my entire show here.

The KMUD Business show on hempcrete
by Dennis Maher, Program DirectorIn this age of global warming and the search for real solutions to the problem, good news can be rare, so I was delighted with The Kmud Business Show on Tuesday April 2nd at 9am. Our host, Patricia Tinkler assembled a panel of guests talking to us from Paris about Hempcrete. Lisa Sundberg of the Yurok tribe, Ken Hamik,  Peter Holmdahl, and a roundtable of experts and enthusiasts who gathered there, told us about the latest developments for this fire retardant, black mold resistant, carbon negative insulation material seemingly ideal for application here in Northern California. Hempcrete seems quite promising. Check out the Kmud Business Show right here! Or go to Indigenous Habitat Institute’s website.
Photo: Mama Cobra
Women Herstory Shows
by Dennis Maher, Program Director
Women’s History Month was a smashing success at Kmud! Every time you turned on the radio in March there was an amazing amount of content to ingest.
To name a few, Mama Cobra’s Small Hazards metal show was fantastic! You can listen to it by clicking right here. It featured bands with women/femme people in them either currently or in the past. The selection of bands chosen ranged from women who participated as a featured artist in the project or people who are a central piece of the band. Every time women get more exposure in the metal scene, it reminds us all that we can do or be anything we want to.
Wild Craft with Wild Ginger featured two women’s her-story shows. The first, March 12, was about female botanists of the past can be heard here, and the second, March 26 was an interview with Friends of the Lost Coast phenology citizen scientist Cheryl Lisin.
The Choice is Yours dived deep in the topic by talking about menstrual products and make up and informing us about the health, social and environment impacts of these products. Conclusion : Consider reusable menstrual protections and enjoy your natural face!Brenda Starr represented on Monday Morning Magazine. Listen to the first hour here and the second one here. Margaret also participated with a Classical Show dedicated to women composers. We heard great shows from the Women On Wednesday crew and Kmud News team. J.J. Burner and Jordan Jumpshot brought the women of rock to the spotlight and the Mixed Greens Show did two episodes of Soul Sisters featuring exclusively women. First one here and second one here.

Thank you for the wonderful content Kmud programmers!

A spring day at KMUD…
Staff meeting on the back porch
and Gray Shaw, volunteer arborist, taking care of the orchard.

Staff members from left to right : Rob, Patricia, Simon, Doro, Dennis, Jeff (this is your first pick on the new Station Manager…. more to be discovered about him on the next newsletter), Lisa, Lauren.

KMUD Board of Directors elections
by Dorothee, Membership Coordinator

The winner of the election for Members’ Representative is Stephanie Thomas, who was seated on April 9. Also seated were the two new Programmers’ Representatives, Adam Rollins (“Hill Clinton” of “Cabin Fever”) and Michelle Vassel, administrator of the Wiyot tribe, of the Dishgamu talk show. Appointed by the board on April 9 was Matt Knight (“Mateo Noche” of “A Little Knight Music.”) Congratulations and thank you to our new board members. 

Thank you so much to our exiting board members, Lisa Luv, Nadine Chapdelaine, and Tonya Farmer. Your service in the difficult job of board member is much appreciated, and thank you for continuing to serve on committees. 

Decolonizing Economics Summit
by Dorothee, Membership CoordinatorWe are so excited for the Decolonizing Economics 2024 Summit organized, among others, by our programmers Michelle Vassel and David Cobb from Dishgamu. From deep dive discussions on key issues like Making Land Back Real, Food Sovereignty, People’s Network for Land & Liberation, Democratizing the Economy, Decolonizing the Law, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Solidarity Economy 101, and more, there will be something for everyone interested in advancing economic justice and sustainability.
A group of KMUD volunteers will be tabling at Earth Day in McKinleyville on March 21st, ready to record your Earth Day messages to be played on KMUD on Monday 22nd. Come and meet us there!
But also, some of the discussions will be broadcast on KMUD airwaves… Listen to Public Affairs on Tuesday 16th at 5.30pm to know more.
Underwriter of the Month: Revolution Bicycles

by Patricia Tinkler, Underwriting Coordinator
Revolution Bicycles has been serving Humboldt County since 1996. Owners Justin Brown and Sean Tetrault bring diverse cycling interest and competitive experience to the stores. Both Justin and Sean have worked in the cycling industry for many years and have a mechanical understanding of both simple recreational bicycles and hard-core competitive purpose-built machines. Whether it be a razor sharp time-trial road machine, an eight inch travel downhill mountain bike or a four year old’s first set of wheels, they understand and are committed to fulfilling the cycling community’s diverse needs.Revolution Bicycles has two locations: one in the Henderson Center in Eureka (2811 F Street); the other in Arcata (1593 G Street). They carry Trek, Kona, Surly, and Santa Cruz bicycles and components. Services they provide include wheel builds, suspension service, bike fitting, and repairs on all makes and models.

Like KMUD, Revolution Bicycles believes in supporting the local community. Their Annual Bogstomp is legendary. This is an autumn cycling event not to be missed. The  format is cyclo-cross-ish with a mix of singletrack, pavement, gravel,  grass, packed dirt, and sometimes mud. The course is virtually flat but  still offers some technical challenges, which keeps it interesting, fun,  and lively for a wide variety of riders. From cross bikes to pixie  bikes to DH bikes – virtually any bicycle can navigate the course. They play host to possibly the most popular event of the day – the kids race –  between the 30 and 50 minute races. The kiddos race on a shortened  version of the course and are arguably the highlight of the day.

Revolution Bicycles is committed to putting their customers first and providing honest, professional, and friendly service. Years of consistent, quality service and community involvement have led to numerous “Best of Humboldt” awards and deeply rooted relationships within the local cycling community.

Their website is

revolutionbicycle.com; their phone number is (707)822-2562. Revolution Bicycles is open six days a week, 10am to 6pm, except Tuesday when they open at 9am and Saturday they close at 5pm.







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