Audio of Mateel C.C.Annual Membership Mtg. now available

On Tuesday, November 15 the Mateel Community Center held it’s annual membership meeting in the hall in Redway. A potluck dinner was served starting at 5:30 pm and the meeting began at 6:30. There were about 40 people in attendance. Tune in to tonight’s Local News at 6 PM for more information.
The meeting was recorded by KMUD News Coordinator, Terri Klemetson. The audio was split into two parts and can be heard in total using the players below. The meeting begins with Doug Green, Mateel Board President, welcoming the members and opening the meeting.
Mateel 2011 Annual Meeting PART 1:
{mp3} news/MCCannualMtg11-15-11pt.1 {/mp3}
Mateel 2011 Annual Meeting PART 2:
{mp3} news/MCCmtgPt2 {/mp3}
The photo below, taken during the meeting, was provided by Felix Omai:

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