Barnum Timber Company and County in dispute over number of legal parcels

According to a KMUD Newscast aired July 28, 2011, KMUD News Coordinator, Cynthia Elkins, reported that Barnum Timber Company is going through a process to have the county recognize parcels on portions of their holdings and has filed an application that covers approximately 27 square miles. Barnum is disputing the number of parcels the County has certified, saying there are more. The appeals cover close to 7000 acres out of the 17,000 in the application. The parcels in dispute are in the Garberville (Sprowel Creek) and Whitethorn areas.

Use the audio player below to hear the July 28, 2011 KMUD newscast, which includes the interview with Kirk Girard, Director of Humboldt County Community Development Services Department.

{mp3} news/BarnCynthia7-28-11 {/mp3}


On July 28, 2011 the Humboldt County Planning Commission denied the Barnum Timber Company’s appeal of the staff determination regarding the legality of some of its parcels in Southern Humboldt. The appeal will now be heard by the Board of Supervisors. The Barnum Company has made it known that they will challenge the decision by suing the county if their appeal is not upheld.

On August 1, 2011, KMUD news aired a report by Daniel Mintz on the Planning Commission decision. That report may be heard by using the player below.

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Below are supporting documents and links to fill in the details of this complex issue:




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