hi reader,everything in this universe is connected.. but how the heck is a belgium fireman connected with KMUD .. greetings from a cold europe..wanna hear a duch song about radio? try and type: ik hou van de radio Feniks 


 AUGUST 22, 2007:  WOW BUILDER’S SHOW! 10:00 Interview with Margaret Koster  Ukiah Valley CoHousing.  We are currently a group of 10 households, working on acquiring land in Ukiah on which to build a CoHousing community of about 20-25 households and we will  be actively looking for new members once we have a site secured.  We …

sweetness of here…continues

357 pm, friday, 8-17-07, thanks for the entry; ron writes from the willits' library; pam went to her office via the bicycle; I had lunch with ping: salmon, oatmeal beer, greens, smoke, talk, radio,silent  prayer before eating with hands clasped; I rode my blue bicycle to the library… I read the S F Chronicle, Santa…

Women On Wednesday Builders Show: MAY 16

Kelly Larson:   707-247-3000 In studio ·      INTRO: Electrical Engineer:  NABSEP certification! ·      Local Appropriate Energy: Lucian at Meadows Business park  ·      Community INFO:E-waste: Eureka Recycling Center Old Appliances in SoHUM cost $25 at the dump. ·      Workshop Schedule!·      Workshops:  1.    Womyn’s PV workshop                                June 18-29  Ohio/Colorado                 2.  Friday Sept. 14 & Sept. 15-16                3.    Kelly also…

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