Board Meeting! 4/14 at 2pm

Vision:  Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life and are able to survive challenges in the time ahead.

Mission Statement:  Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.

Ground Rules:  Speak respectfully to one another.  Focus on issues, not personalities.  Support the facilitator.  No interrupting.  Make criticism constructive, specific, substantiated and, ideally, when the person(s) are present.  When required, a five-minute break shall be granted to attendees to encourage peaceful communication.  Speakers during Open Time will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed five minutes. Any further discussions during the meeting will be between Board Members unless a guest is acknowledged by the Facilitator or is scheduled as part of the agenda.

DRAFT Proposed Agenda

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors

April 14, 2021, 2:00 pm

Zoom on-line meeting 

ID: 830 6833 6341  Passcode:  247624 Phone number:  669-900-9128 Link:

  1. Call to order, establishment of a quorum & selection of facilitator Opening comments from the President; meeting ground rules.
  1. Roll call

BOARD-APPOINTED REPS: Vice President behr, Secretary Rob Bier,  Kim Phelps

MEMBER REPS:  Treasurer Sarah Scudder, Shira Brown, Holly Kreb

PROGRAMMER REPS:  President Jimmy Durchslag, Wendy Emerson, Chanin

STATION MANAGER:  Alyssa de Leon

  1. Approval of January, February, March minutes
  2. Seating of new elected members, thanks to departing members
  3. Appointment of Board member, interim officers
  4. Approval of agenda
  5. Open time 
  6. Consent calendar
  7. All Sides Now policy (Please see Attachment I.)
  1. Management report
  2. Finance Committee report
  3. Old business
  1. Elections policy (Please see Attachment II.)
  2. Definition of full-time employee (Please see Attachment III.)
  3. Audit Committee policy (Please see Attachment IV.)
  4. Credit card (Please see Attachment V.)
  5. New business
  1. Board orientation
  2. Committee chairs
  3. Board binders policy (Please see Attachment VI.)
  4. News department autonomy policy (Please see Attachment VII.)
  5. Board-appointed member policy (Please see Attachment VIII.)
  6. Committee reports
  1. Programmer representatives
  2. Member representatives
  3. Community Advisory Board (CAB) – Siena Klein
  4. Correspondence Secretary – Chanin
  5. Development – Durchslag
  6. Membership Drive – behr
  7. Audit — Scudder
  8. Policy – Bier
  9. Mediation – Phelps
  10. Committee meeting schedule

All meetings take place on-line until further notice.  To attend, please contact Station Manager Alyssa de Leon.

Board of Directors    2nd Wednesday, 2:00 pm

Membership Drive    3rd Tuesday, 3:00 pm

Policy    4th Wednesday, 11:00 am

Executive    4th Wednesday, 12:00 pm

Finance    4th Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Development    4th Tuesday, 3:00 pm

Board and staff meeting

  1. Closed session – Personnel
  2. Adjournment


Attachment I

All Sides Now policy

[The following is all new language.]


All Sides Now offers RCR listeners an equivalent to the “Letters to the Editor” feature in newspapers.   They call a dedicated telephone line and record their contributions for possible airing.   Commentaries must be no longer than two minutes.  A recorded announcement asks that contributions be done in a way that respects the listening audience.  All Sides Now is aired before and/or after the newscasts at 6:00 pm and 8:00 am.  Commentaries are screened for use of prohibited language and judged as to appropriateness.  There is no guarantee that a particular contribution will be aired or be aired at a particular time.

Attachment II

Elections policy

[Deleted language is lined-out.  New language is underlined.]


3.2.4.    Nomination Period

 5/26/10; 11/7/17

The nomination period is from the first day of the month in which prior to the annual meeting until the end of the third week of the following month following the annual meeting. (Bylaws Article V, Section 3).  This shall be announced on the air starting in the month before the annual meeting and aired frequently in the week preceding the annual meeting. The election coordinator Election Committee chair  shall post a sign at the station.  


3.3.4    Nomination Period

The nomination period is from the first day of the month before prior to the annual meeting until the end of the third week of the month following the annual meeting (Bylaws Article V, Section 2).  This shall be announced in writing to all programmers’ boxes by the first day of the month before the annual meeting. The election coordinator Election Committee chair shall post a sign at the station. 


3/28/06;  06/27/06

  1. Nomination Period

The nomination period is from the first day of the month prior to the annual meeting until the end of the third week close of the last business day (Monday through Friday) in of the month following the annual meeting.  The election coordinator Election Committee chair shall notify all programmers and volunteers in writing and shall post a sign near the studios. 

Attachment III

Definition of full-time employee

[Deleted language is lined-out.  New language is underlined.]

5.5.1.    Fair Treatment

Redwood Community Radio is bound by our own mission statement and ethical values to support fair treatment of employees, including a living wage and other benefits.  The Board considers the lack of any health or dental coverage for employees as a critical factor.  Since health or dental coverage does not appear financially feasible in the near future, time off becomes the essential benefit: a key component to healing, stress management and holistic health.  All calculations are based on a “full time” 40-hour 30-hour per week schedule.  Other employee schedules are to be prorated. This policy replaces and supersedes all earlier policies.  The changes are not retroactive, that is, time accrued before the date of the passage of this policy shall not be affected.

5.5.2.    Full Time Employees


Staff members who have a 30-hour per week schedule are considered to be full time employees.

Attachment IV

Audit Committee policy

[Deleted language is lined-out.  New language is underlined.]

2.4.6.    Audit Committee

05/11/20; 03/10/21

The Audit Committee is appointed by the RCR Board of Directors each January September, with a Board member as chair, to provide accountability for that year’s independent audit of the prior year.  Two to four people will be appointed, including at least one Board member in addition to the committee…

 The Audit Committee will work to improve RCR’s Accounting Manual by conducting an annual review of that manual and the organization’s functioning according to it.  This review is suggested for October and November.

Attachment V

Credit card resolution


The Redwood Community Radio Board resolves that Simon Frech be added as a signer to the RCR credit card account at Vocality CCU and be issued a card in Mr. Frech’s name.  Please send the card to the following address: PO Box 135, Redway CA 95560.

Attachment VI

Board Binders policy

[Deleted language is lined-out.  New language is underlined.]

2.3.2.    Board Binders

06/00; 06/27/06

Board binders are compiled for new Board members each August April by a member of the Election Committee.  (See Election Policies and Procedures.)

Attachment VII

News Department Autonomy policy

[New language is underlined.]

7.2.2.    Administration 

The News Director works in collaboration with programming staff under the supervision of the Station Manager to ensure quality content, to schedule programming and to ensure that the station runs smoothly.

7.2.3.    Autonomy


RCR is an independent media radio station.  The newsroom needs to have autonomy to ensure journalism ethics can be practiced at the highest possible level.  This means monetary gain shall never be a consideration when reporting.  No RCR Member or other community member shall ever have any input into the daily news with intent to sway the content to gain any edge, preferential treatment or immunity from factual reporting.  The RCR membership does not own the news, in terms of owning any ability to shade or change the facts.  RCR shall make no policy infringing the freedom of the press to operate.  The News Director has autonomous control over the content of the nightly news cast as scheduled.

Attachment VIII

Board-appointed member policy

[Deleted language is lined-out.  New language is underlined.]


3/21/00;  by policy “Voting” passed 4/01 and Bylaws 2003

The Board shall hear consider nominations for the annual Board appointment at the meeting where elected members are seated. If other candidates are nominated later, all Board members shall be notified as soon as possible, but no later than six days before the next meeting for a candidate to be eligible.

Just after the opening of the meeting following the close of elections, the two newly elected Board members shall be seated. Next the Board shall may choose the appointee, to be seated immediately.