Board Meeting 6/9

Vision:  Redwood Community Radio envisions a community of listeners who, guided by the example of RCR programming, work together to create better, more just and sustainable world systems to ensure that all humans and other living species on earth move toward a higher quality of life and are able to survive challenges in the time ahead.

Mission Statement:  Redwood Community Radio will encourage a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming.

Ground Rules:  Speak respectfully to one another.  Focus on issues, not personalities.  Support the facilitator.  No interrupting.  Make criticism constructive, specific, substantiated and, ideally, when the person(s) are present.  When required, a five-minute break shall be granted to attendees to encourage peaceful communication.  Speakers during Open Time will be assigned an amount of time not to exceed five minutes. Any further discussions during the meeting will be between Board Members unless a guest is acknowledged by the Facilitator or is scheduled as part of the agenda.

DRAFT Proposed Agenda

Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors

June 9, 2021, 2:00 pm

Zoom on-line meeting

ID: 843 4608 4727  Passcode: 469614  Phone number: +1 669 900 9128
  1. Call to order, establishment of a quorum & selection of facilitator Opening comments from the President; meeting ground rules.
  1. Roll call

BOARD-APPOINTED MEMBERS: Secretary Rob Bier,  Kim Phelps, Vice President Nadine Chapdelaine

MEMBER REPS: Treasurer Shira Brown, Holly Kreb, Stephanie Thomas

PROGRAMMER REPS: Wendy Emerson, President Chanin, Lisa “Luv” Deny

STATION MANAGER:  Alyssa de Leon

  1. Approval of May minutes
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Open time
  4. Management report
  5. Finance Committee report

  • Old business
  • News Department autonomy policy (Please see Attachment I.)
  • Programmer’s agreement  (Please see Attachment II.)
  • Mediation Committee vacancy
  • Committee memberships (Please see Attachment III.)
  • New business
  • Off-budget expenditures
  • Committee reports
  • Programmer representatives
  • Member representatives
  • Community Advisory Board (CAB) – Siena Klein
  • Correspondence Secretary – Deny
  • Development – Deny
  • Membership Drive – Chanin
  • Finance – Brown
  • Audit – Brown and Scudder
  • Policy – Bier
  • Mediation – Phelps
  • Building and Grounds – Phelps
  • Committee meeting schedule

All meetings take place on-line until further notice.  To attend, please contact Station Manager Alyssa de Leon.

Board of Directors          2nd Wednesday, 2:00 pm

Membership Drive          3rd Tuesday, 3:00 pm

Policy          4th Wednesday, 11:00 am

Executive          4th Wednesday, 12:00 pm

Audit          4th Tuesday, 11:00 am

Finance          4th Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Development          4th Tuesday, 3:00 pm

Board Talk Show          Wednesday, July 14, 7:00 pm

  • Closed session – Personnel
  • Adjournment

Attachment I

News Department Autonomy policy

[New language is underlined.]

7.2.2.      Administration

The News Director works in collaboration with programming staff under the supervision of the Station Manager to ensure quality content, to schedule programming and to ensure that the station runs smoothly.

7.2.3.      Autonomy


RCR is an independent media radio station.  The newsroom needs to have a certain amount of autonomy to ensure journalism ethics can be practiced at the highest possible level.  This means monetary gain shall never be a consideration when reporting.  No RCR Member or other community member shall ever have any input into the daily news with intent to sway the content to gain any edge, preferential treatment or immunity from factual reporting.  The RCR membership does not own the news, in terms of owning any ability to shade or change the facts.  RCR shall make no policy infringing the freedom of the press to operate.  The News Director has autonomous control over the content of the nightly newscast as scheduled.

Attachment II

Programmer’s Agreement


10/23/06; 2/28/12; 2/14/17; 8/8/17; 4/8/19; 10/14/20

By signing this, I acknowledge that I have read, and agree to be bound by, all the information contained in the Operator’s Handbook and other documents given to me at training, which include relevant rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as well as relevant policy and procedures of Redwood Community Radio (RCR). I also realize that the full Policy Manual of RCR hangs on the bulletin Board at the station for my reference. These rules, regulations, policies, and procedures include the following:

1.            I understand that RCR runs substantially on volunteer energy.  8 hours per month including my on air time. (volunteer opportunities that are always available: answering phones, organizing and cleaning in the library, yard work, more available, JUST ASK!) It is my responsibility to coordinate my own volunteer hours. I will keep track of my hours and submit in writing or by email the number of hours volunteered and the specifics to the Program Director(s). 

2.             I understand that I am responsible for the quarterly review and update of my Spinitron playlist

3.            I understand that my status as a programmer and my association with KMUD is subject to periodic review by the Program Selection and Review Council, and can be terminated by the Public Affairs or Music Programming Director and/or Station Manager at any time, with sufficient reason. My show may or may not be scheduled for continued broadcast beyond this agreement. Any such terminations can be appealed using the Problem-Solving Procedure (Policy 5.1.4).

4.            I understand and agree that my show may be pre-empted by the Public Affairs or Music Programming Director, News Director or Coordinator of the on-air fund-raiser, in order to broadcast special programming. I understand that I may be required to engineer the broadcast studio during my usual time slot. As always, obtaining a qualified substitute is acceptable.

5.            I will not endorse or recommend while on-air any person, product, event, or commercial establishment, or any other entity, in exchange for my own personal gain, which can include (but is not limited to) receiving money, tickets, guest-list spots, merchandise, etc. (“payola”). All tickets given away on-air must be processed in advance by office staff. I will not endorse or recommend my own band, business, employer, etc. (“plugola”), unless done with candor, i.e., I will announce to listeners that I am in the band, or am the producer of the event.

6.            Any call-in announcements must have verification from the News Department, or I must make a disclaimer that the announcement has not been confirmed.

7.            The following activities are prohibited on KMUD property, and may result in immediate suspension:

  • Knowingly or willfully airing material of any nature, which could be considered obscene by FCC guidelines, at any time of the day or night. While not encouraged, material considered indecent by FCC and KMUD guidelines is allowed between 11 pm and 5 am only. (See list of terms posted in studios A and C.)
  • Being impaired due to use of alcohol or any controlled substance while on-air.
  • Theft of station property or resources (including, but not limited to, recordings of any kind) or “borrowing” of any property or resources without specific prior approval by the Station Manager or the Public Affairs or Music Programming Director. (Such activity could result in criminal prosecution.)
  • Failing to appear for my show without prior approval by the Public Affairs or Music Programming Director (who must approve substitutes), except in unavoidable emergencies. I will communicate with them about any absences.
  • On-air comments of a malicious or defamatory nature about any person, which could potentially subject KMUD to legal liability, or compromise KMUD’s integrity. Any on-air discussion of matters concerning disputes or disagreement within the station must have the prior approval of the Station Manager.
  • I understand that as a programmer for a 501[c][3] organization, I cannot, while on-air, endorse (or encourage people to vote for or against) a political candidate or initiative. If I myself file for election to public office, I must refrain from programming until I am no longer a candidate.
  • All food and drink is to be kept away from KMUD broadcast, production and office equipment. I agree that I will be personally and financially responsible for any damage to such equipment resulting from the negligent spilling of food or drink, or any other negligent damage caused by me or by anyone present in the KMUD facility with my permission, or someone on the premises through my negligence. (It is KMUD policy that the front door is to be kept locked at all times so that no unauthorized persons enter, and do damage which I may be responsible for.)

8.            I agree to attend at least one Programmers’ meeting per year. I understand that if I miss a meeting, I am responsible for finding out what happened at the meeting. Meeting notes will be posted on the internet and on the bulletin Board near the policy manual.

9.            I understand that no unauthorized guests are allowed on the station’s premises after normal office hours (9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Thursday).  Furthermore, I have the responsibility to ask such persons to leave.  Staff, programmers and volunteers conducting station business who are authorized by staff or, ultimately, the Station Manager may do so after hours.   Those persons may invite guests, who must remain under their supervision at all times.

10.            RCR studios and equipment cannot be used to produce syndicated programming that financially benefits the individual programmer or program.

11.            Redwood Community radio acknowledges that volunteers have the right to private lives and independent modes of expression outside the RCR organization.  As a representative of RCR, the role and responsibility of volunteers regarding social media must be clearly defined and followed.  Your words and actions reflect on you and RCR. We ask that you be thoughtful with the content you publish. Participation in social media is at an individual’s discretion; please keep in mind the following policies:

  • RCR encourages you to promote RCR programs, news, events, and other activities on your social media sites. 
  • If posting any personal opinions related to RCR, clearly state that you are a programmer, volunteer or staff member, and make certain to state that the views expressed are purely your own and not necessarily those of RCR.
  • Do not register any social media usernames, Face Book pages or other social media sites/services using “KMUD” or “Redwood Community Radio” without prior approval by the Station Manager.
  • Any conduct which is impermissible under the law if expressed in any other forum is impermissible if expressed through a blog, website or social networking on or through websites or services such as Twitter, Face Book or similar sites/services.  For example, posted material that is discriminatory, obscene, defamatory, libelous or threatening is forbidden.

______________________________________________            ________________

Programmer            Date Signed


__________________            ________________

Program Director            Date Signed

Attachment III

Committee memberships


Rob Bier, chair; Alyssa de Leon, Chanin, Nadine Chapdelaine


Lisa Deny, chair; Jimmy Durchslag, Kim Phelps, Katie Phillips, Tanya Horlick, Cheri Colson, Emma Nation-Myers, Holly Kreb, Alyssa de Leon


Shira Brown and Sarah Scudder, co-chairs; Jama Chaplin

Membershp Drive

Chanin, chair; Alyssa de Leon, Patricia Tinkler, Katie Phillips, Kim Phelps,  behr


Shira Brown, chair; Barb Truitt, Jama Chaplin, Sarah Scudder, Alyssa de Leon,   Sarah Starck


Kim Phelps, chair; Margaret Lewis, Siena Klein, Mark Marchese