Cannabis Chronicles

The Cannabis Chronicles explores the rapidly changing state of marijuana from black market to industry in California. 
Cannabis Chronicles is produced and hosted by Liz Davidson.

Program 1: This first installment looks at the Tax And Regulate Cannabis initiative, with views on it fromCaNORML director Dale Gieringer and medical activist Dr. Frank Lucido. It also looks at the legal medical industry, tax money, the industry in Oakland, the impact on the black market, and what these things might mean toHumboldt's largest industry.{mp3}/cannabis-chronicles/cannabis-chronicles-1{/mp3}

Program 2: The second installment of the Cannabis Chronicles looks at the medical cannabis industry. Attorney General guidelines and the Health and Safety code name the collective or cooperative as the basis of cannabis cultivation or distribution, but laws are poorly defined and even more poorly understood. Host Liz Davidson talks to cannabis law attorney James Silva about agricultural cooperatives and dispensaries, reports on safe legal avenues of distribution, and names some misunderstandings that might cause patients or caregivers to unknowingly commit a felony. Liz also talks to a dispensary owner Mariellen Jurkowitz about her major concerns, USDA/Clean Green inspector Chris van Hook about organic cannabis, and looks at the future of regulation of this growing industry.{mp3}cannabis-chronicles/cannabis-chronicles-2{/mp3}

Program 3: he Cannabis Chronicles concludes with "Inside or Outside" a look at the environmental impacts of cultivation, both indoor, and outdoor. Interviews include Hardy, Tyce Fraser, Chris Van Hook, Dr. Michael Geci, Mariellen Jurkowitz, and Dr. Frank Lucido. {mp3}cannabis-chronicles/cannabis-chronicles-3{/mp3}

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