Live Broadcast from Cannabis Health and Safety Forum

Experts and activists who are navigating the emerging mainstream currents of the cannabis industry will be featured on the panel.

The keynote speakers are Emergency and Holistic Medical Doctor and founder of Montana Botanical Analysis, a lab dedicated to performing world-class scientific analysis of medical cannabis in Montana, Dr. Michael Geci, and Montana Public Radio commentator and lobbyist Kate Cholewa.
Joining them on the panel will be Sierra Knolle who represents the Medical Cannabis Safety Council, local mostly-marijuana attorney Ed Denson, California NORML’s deputy-director Ellen Komp, and elected board member of Southern Humboldt Community Hospital Darryl Cherney.
Syreeta Lux and Charley Custer of the Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel, and Kellie Dodds of 707 Cannabis College will also give brief introductions of their newly-formed organizations.
The Garberville Veterans Association is co-sponsoring this presentation.
Doors will open at 6:30 pm and there will be drinks and snacks available.
The program and broadcast will begin at 7 pm, with introductory remarks from emcee Jared Rossman, President of the CLMP Board of Directors.
For more information, contact CLMP at 923-4646 or visit

Eureka Times-Standard June 20, 2010 has an article about the conference with links to sites referred to during the forum.

Good quality audio files from the forum below.

Introduction, by Jared Rossman. Ellen Komp, Charley Custer, Liz Davidson, Syreeta Lux, Kellie Dodds{mp3}public_meetings/CLMP Cannabis Forum 1{/mp3}

Second Hour: Sierra Knolle{mp3}public_meetings/CLMP Cannabis Forum 2-1{/mp3}

Dr. Michael Geci{mp3}public_meetings/CLMP Cannabis Forum 2-2{/mp3}

Q&A session{mp3}public_meetings/CLMP Cannabis Forum 2-3{/mp3}

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