Community discusses homelessness solutions & possible resource center

A meeting was held Thursday, August 4th at the Mateel Community Center in Redway to discuss issues relating to homelessness in our community. John Shelter, Executive Director of the North Coast Resource Center, used a PowerPoint presentation to help describe his program, called New Directions, in Arcata, and offered to create a similar program in Southern Humboldt. Dozens of people were in attendance, including members of Vet’s for Peace, homeless people of all ages, John Casali and members of the Eel River Clean-up Crew (themselves homeless workers), and Chamber of Commerce Members.

The photos below were taken by Felix Omai. Additional photos by Felix, including shots of Shelter’s PowerPoint presentation, can be viewed here. KMUD News Coordinator, Terri Klemetson, covered the meeting and an archived audio of the newscast which aired this story can be found here.

John Sheltor can be reached at: (707) 822-5008 Ext 305 or by e-mail at: [email protected]

Use the players below to hear or download the audio from the meeting:

John Shelter Presentation-Part 1:

{mp3} news/Shelter1 {/mp3}

John Shelter plus Q&A with audience-Part 2:

{mp3} news/Shelter2 {/mp3}

Continue John Shelter plus Q&A with audience-Part 3:

{mp3} news/Shelter3 {/mp3}

John Shelter Presenting at the Mateel

Audience at the Mateel Homelessness Meeting

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