Book Club! April 15th 5-6pm

On April 15th, Join Rochelle and Leann on a gothic mystery tour full of magic, murder and madness as they discuss the novel The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zaphon.  Set in old Barcelona at the end of World War 2, The Shadow of the Wind is a fast-paced novel, full of plot twists sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. You can Join KMUD’s Book Club on Thursday, April 15 from 5 to 6pm by calling 707-923-3911. Happy reading!


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Edge of the Herd, 4/18 1:30-3pm

This coming Sunday April 18th, Edge of the Herd with your host Bud Rogers will interview David Cobb of Cooperation Humboldt. They are hosting a Sustainability Conference starting on Earth Day, April 22nd. Tune in this Sunday at 1:30pm to learn more on Edge of the Herd, on its 15th year anniversary show! Only on People Powered Redwood Community Radio...

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The Choice is Yours! 4/15 9-10am

Life is collapsing in our seas even faster than on land. The new netflix documentary Seaspiracy urges people to refrain from consuming fish, and received plenty of criticism.  What should we do? Does this feel like a difficult choice to make? Tune in to The choice is yours with Sheila and Dorothee next Thursday, when they discuss this documentary and help measure the impacts of fish consumption on the planet and human health. That’s on Thursday the 22nd, from 9 to 10am, here on KMUD...

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Global Stuff, Live Talk 4/16 7-8pm

Global Stuff with host Jimmy Durshlag will be live on Friday, April 23rd at 7pm featuring Brian Terrell, a peace activist and a leader of the campaign against US use of killer drones. Brian served seven months in federal prison and local jails for his drone war opposition. He participated in anti-nuclear, anti-war and human rights protests around the United States, Latin America and Europe. On Friday’s edition of Global Stuff, will discuss the current state of the campaign. You can join the conversation. That’s Friday, at 7 PM, right here on the Mud…

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