KMUD Congratulates The Class of 2020


Sterling York was a starting player on the Varsity soccer team and received “Defensive Player Of The Year”;  he also was crowned homecoming king! Sterling only needed half of an English credit to graduate when he started his senior year and was enjoying his last days of highschool with his friends. He moved back from Maui to experience this milestone with the kids he grew up with and though he is disappointed about not being able to have the traditional graduation he had hoped for, he is grateful to have had these senior year memories with his friends. He is set on attending Humboldt State University next fall. Sterling is an aspiring photographer, loves the outdoors and traveling.  Congratulations Sterling!


Nicole Klemish is a senior at South Fork High School. She is beautiful, smart, and has a positive attitude when things get hard. Nicole has always loved school! She play basketball her Jr. year as well as taking photos for the yearbook. Nicole started drawing at a young age and she is very talented and plans to attend an art school after she graduates.


 Dave Hunt is a very considerate, respectful & a hard-working young man. He’s been doing Independent Study for his Senior Year at South Fork while simultaneously working.He’s worked really hard to keep his grades up and everyone is so proud of him for reaching this milestone and continuing to be the amazing young man he is.  Congratulations David!


Mimi Leclair is a senior at South Fork high school in Miranda California. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 School year she entered as a Junior . Two months into the year, Mimi decided to push ahead and graduate at the end of this school year. Academically she had to take additional online classes through College of the Redwoods, and BYU. She has been excepted to Cal State San Marco‘s for their human development program. Mimi has put in extensive community service hours. Throughout her high school years she has always taken the time to set up and serve at the Community Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. She loves animals, she loves to garden, crochet and cook. Mimi is fun and witty and has great sense of humor.


Dakota Parker is one of the most charismatic kids you will ever meet. He is extremely funny and quick witted and a talented young man, who has a passion for music and movies. He has always been a kind and compassionate soul and is a trusted friend. Dakota supported his teams on the field AND the sidelines as a “Manleader”. He was also Homecoming Prince Jr. year. He has plans to attend Santa Rosa JC in the fall. Everyone knows whatever he puts his mind to, he will achieve!  Congratulations Dakota!


Miriah Willis is on Independent Study and has maintained a 4.0 the last two years. She is heading to Quincy, Ca, to attend Feather River College in August. There she will work to achieve a Bachelor's in Equine Health and Ranch Management.  Congratulations Miriah!


Chaney Ruiz hopes to attend the College of the Redwoods this fall pursuing acting depending on what Covid 19 has planned. Chaney was a “Cubs“ cheerleader all 4 years and earned All-America cheerleader 3 years in a role (freshman weren’t allowed to try out) this made her eligible to go to London and Rome to perform in the New Year's Day parade. Cheer being her favorite sport, softball was not far behind ,unfortunately that was cut short for her senior year. Chaney’s bummed not being able to go back to school to see her friends. She has lots of school spirit and so much love for her classmates and her teachers! She loves history, drama and art.  Congratulations Chaney!


Austin Gray played soccer and basketball throughout elementary school and junior high. During his high school years his focus shifted to more independent activities and hobbies. He spent countless hours skateboarding, playing his guitar, riding motorcycles, building beautiful woodworking projects in his SFHS Woodshop Class, working to earn his first truck, and enjoying time with friends and family. Everyone is proud of Austin's character, he's got a heart of gold and is a kind and loving young man. He has many talents, but has yet to find his career goal, so he plans to attend College of the Redwoods before transferring to a four-year university.  Congratulations Austin!


 Miranda Femenella went to Agnes Johnson Elementary School, MJH, and then all four years at South Fork High. Throughout the years she was very involved in many sports, including volleyball, dance, cheer and basketball. She's also a very talented artist who loves history. She eventually found her passion with the US Marines where she spent many hours in Physical Training, preparing to ship out to boot camp. At the same time, she was working very hard to receive the NROTC scholarship from the United States Marines to train as an officer. In March she was awarded the scholarship, so she will be attending the University of Washington, where she will take classes while being enrolled in the Officer Training program, and then she will serve her four years after in the marines. Miranda is a talented, smart, athletic, ambitious, good natured person, who loves to make people laugh. Congratulations Miranda!


Carolina Pineda has been a part of Upward Bound for 4 years, is a TRIO Ambassador, and is graduating from South Fork High. She is president of her senior class, and has been involved in basketball, soccer, and cheer. Carolina has worked steadily since her Freshman year at various jobs in the community and is a responsible, kind, and caring young woman. She plans to attend Shasta College this fall and major in Social Work.Carolina’s Senior quote is; “How lucky am I to make saying good-bye so hard?”  Congratulations Carolina!


Gage Holberg has come so far in life. He's a kind, Caring, Empathetic young man. Everyone is very proud of where he is headed in life. He wants to become an FBI Agent and work with Homeland Security! As a younger child he struggled with what he wanted in life or what direction to go and when he got his bearings he has taken off towards his goals in life. Nothing can stop this kid he WILL conquer the world and do amazing things. Congratulations Gage!



Vivian Paige is an amazing dynamic person who not only excelled at math, but is also an artist and advocate, participating in the march against climate change and being an active member of earth club her entire high school career. She is very compassionate and hopes to further her education in the psychology field. She plans on going to either Cabrillo or Humboldt State University, depending on how our current situation unfolds.  Congratulations Vivian!


Kaydon Pogue enjoys baseball and has been playing since he was 4. He has also wrestled for 4 plus years. Welding has been his passion through high school and he will continue that passion at CR.   Congratulations Kaydon!



Zaleia Bullock is a beautiful, smart and caring person. She loves singing, drawing, painting and gardening. She’s always been an artsy student who enjoyed theater and acting in plays. In high school Zaleia was an active member of ASB, served the community through volunteering in various events and helped cleanups with the Earth Club. She’s attending College of the Redwoods in the fall in order to earn her general education credits. Then she will be transferring to either UC Santa Cruz or San Diego State. Congratulations Zaleia!


Jayden Paine will be attending Santa Rosa Junior College in the fall, with the dreams of playing soccer for the SRJC Bears. Jayden has been an amazing young man to watch grow, he has a huge heart and a wise understanding of the world. His competitive spirit and focus has brought him many opportunities and successes in both academics and sports. He will be greatly missed around the house but his parents know the world needs him. Congratulations Jayden!


Stellarae Morris is planning on attending UC Berkeley in the fall. She has been a very hardworking and dedicated student, participating in chorus and drama and leading Earth Club and the student body in climate change protests and local clean-ups. She’s interested in studying art and literature and hopes to travel abroad while in college. With her passion for the arts and nature, Stella will make the world a better place. Congratulations Stella!



Nathan Baffert is an involved and super motivated kid. He will be studying aerospace engineering at UC San Diego this fall and plans on becoming a commercial pilot. He has held positions in many clubs throughout high school and has acted as a student board representative for the past two years. Nathan’s played soccer for two years and track for three, but had his last season canceled. He’s a bright, caring person who will be graduating as his class Valedictorian and I’m so proud of him. Thank you for your consideration and he is excited for what the future brings him!


Rachel Bautista. This beautiful young lady is stubborn but kind, bitter but sweet with tears because she doesn’t love school, but she made it, and everyone is so proud of her!!  She’s hard working and has had a job through high school to buy herself a car and will soon be moving into her own apartment.. She has been a cheerleader since youth football up all the way to her senior year.. Where she then became Captain of the team. She also played basketball during high school. Rachel can achieve anything she puts her mind to!  Congratulations Rachel!



Aidan Willner is planning on attending College of the Redwoods and looking forward to learning more about this beautiful world. Aidan is excited to get his motorcycle license when he turns 18 this summer, continuing his love for riding and being able to do impressive long wheelies. Aidan has always been a helpful, hardworking, kind young man and playful with his younger brothers and cousins. These qualities we know will be helpful as he navigates his adult life.  Congratulations Aidan!


Rowan Riley arrived at Whale Gulch School in sixth grade and graduates as the WGHS Valedictorian of 2020. Rowan’s two-year tenure in Leadership, his work on the WG Yearbook, and his position as Student Representative on the LVUSD School Board were perfect fits for his innate willingness to jump in to help wherever assistance was needed. Rowan plans to attend UC Merced in the fall as a computer engineering major.  Congratulations Rowan!


Ocean Hargrave arrived at Whale Gulch School as a sixth grader. Ocean’s curiosity and delight in story, combined with his advocacy, brought the D & D Club back to Whale Gulch—where it thrives. Ocean’s 6’4” stature made him the “big man on campus” but it was his sensitive nature that made him the best of big buddies. While he has been accepted at HSU, Ocean is still looking at his options for college in the fall.  Congratulations Ocean!

Ransom Senior Pic smaller file

Ransom Reid began studying at Whale Gulch School in third grade. Always a good student, his peers reveled in Ransom’s unique sense of humor. His willingness to push himself made him the most improved on our nascent basketball team and a mad-skilled trail rider. While Ransom plans to pursue dive school in Yucatan, with an eventual relocation to college in Southern California, the COVID-19 crisis has put those plans on hold for now.  Congratulations Ransom!


Lily Loomis is a bright spark in our lives! Through great dedication and skill she has maintained a nearly perfect GPA in academics and interest in a variety of activities from an early age. Her profound artistic ablilities have been her passion and focus, however, she has shown great aptitude in many realms. Lily has played several sports, has been an active member and volunteer in clubs, works at a local business and is a supportive family and community member, friend, student, and a very compassionate human. Lily will be attending UC Santa Cruz, with a major in Art and minor is Environmental Science, she is very excited about making positive changes in the world and shining her light! We are thankful to the friends, families, teachers and community that contribute to Lily and her peers and all youth. Many amazing adventures are on your path Lily, we love you and have much gratitude to share in your journey!


Elijah Roberts moved to Humboldt on Halloween, 6 days before his 10th birthday. He is an athlete excelling at every sport, every season. He’s made lifelong friends that have shared laughs and adventures. He met parents, teachers and coaches that have helped shape the person he has become. Elijah is funny, sensitive, hard working and always wants to please. He moved with his dad his Jr year to Colorado knowing his mom and friends would always be here. He got a football scholarship to Adams State College in Colorado and plans to go into forestry. Currently he’s working on a cattle ranch. Elijah is very proud to have been a South Fork Cub.


Hannah Mae Israel was an active choir and drama student. She is also an avid reader and artist! Hannah plans on attending College of the Redwoods in the fall to study early childhood development. She cares greatly about peoples rights and loves helping others. She has a bright future ahead of her and we cant wait to see where life takes her!


David Miclette is a very hardworking young man, loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing are his favorite hobbies. There's never a project or job that he shies away from. His family is very proud of him reaching this mile stone, and we know whatever direction he chooses to pursue for his future will be a success!


Savannah Krastes was an active choir student who also took a big part in caring for the environment. In her coming future, she plans to continue her care for the environment and people around her, hoping to help make a difference in the world. She is a bright, caring and smart person and we are so proud of who she has become and what her future holds. Congratulations Savannah!


Hailie Haselip has overcome many obstacles in life to get where she is. She is smart, beautiful, talented and goal driven. She is planning on getting her general education here in Humboldt and then moving on to nursing school. Congratulations Hailie!


Cobi Goodkind, is such a determined and bright young man. He was an active shop class student. School was not always his favorite but he made the most out of the opportunities. Unsure of where to go next, Cobi is on his way to do fantastic things in life with such a bright future ahead. Congratulations Cobi!

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