CSAR 11/21

Community Safety and Awareness Report for Monday, November 21st, 2011

•County Road Crews will be conducting slide repairs on Briceland Thorn Road, 1/4 mile west of Briceland.  Expect one-way controlled traffic and minimal delays today.

•Remember: Windshield Wipers on, Headlights on!  It’s California State Law.

•The KMUD Business Office will be closed this Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th, for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  KMUD thanks everyone who helped make our Fall Pledge Drive a success, and wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday!

•The next meeting of the Redwood Community Radio Board of Directors will be held next Tuesday, November 29th, at 4pm at the Healy Center in Redway.

•Tune in for Democracy in Action with host Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap and her guest, Meg Wade, with a report from on the ground at Occupy Wall Street. Meg has been in New York for the past few weeks representing Move to Amend at Occupy Wall Street. She lives in Los Angeles and is also active with the Occupy effort there. That’s on Democracy in Action, here on KMUD, tonight from 7 to 8pm.

This concludes the Community Safety and Awareness Report, which can be read online at kmud.org and heard weekdays at 11am, 3 pm, and as needed here, on KMUD.



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