CSAR 11/7

Community Safety and Awareness Report for Monday, November 7th, 2011

•It’s a cold day here at KMUD, but a great day to warm our hearts with your support!  Call 923-3911, 1-800-KMUD-RAD, visit kmud.org, or drop your Pledge off at our studios in Redway. Many thanks to Fred and Belle, who will be tabling in Garberville this afternoon with plenty of WARM Mud’Ware.  And thank YOU for putting the PEOPLE in People Powered Radio!

•Tune in tonight at 7pm for the Hospice Talk Show.  That’s tonight from 7 to 8pm, right here, on KMUD.  

This concludes the Community Safety and Awareness Report, which can be read online at kmud.org and heard weekdays at 11am, 3 pm, and as needed here, on KMUD.

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