CSAR 6/9/11

Community Safety and Awareness Report for Thursday, June 9th, 2011

•According to County Roads Supervisor Marty Messenger, State Parks is planning to pave 2/3rds of Whitmore Grove next week.  Work will start on Tuesday, June 14th at 8 am. Traffic will be 1 -way controlled with a pilot car.  Crews will work from 8am to 5pm through Thursday, June 16th.  

•CALFIRE Defensible Space Fire Safety Inspectors will NOT be holding inspections this week. Anyone wishing to have an inspection of their property, please contact the Garberville CAL FIRE Station at 923-2645 and visit the CAL FIRE web site at: fire.ca.gov for more information.

•Pacific Gas and Electric Company warns outdoor water recreationists to take precautions against cold and swift rivers and streams as the state’s abundant snowpack begins melting faster as temperatures rise.  This year’s deep snowfall and cool spring has left California’s overall snowpack at more than three times its usual water content, meaning snowmelt will be more rapid than usual when temperatures rise. Know the water, know your limits, wear a life jacket, and always provide parental supervision.

•Humboldt’s 40 year experiment in cannabis breeding has produced unique and potent medicines.  But, industrialization and economic forces now threaten genetic diversity. Michael Backes, of the Cornerstone Research Collective, studies medical cannabis and works to collect and preserve cannabis genetics. Liz Davidson will interview Michael on the Local Public Affairs show, tonight at 5pm, right here on KMUD.

•Then, join Barbara Shults, Registered Nurse and Director of the North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center from 7 to 8pm for the next edtion of Animal Advocate.  Thursday’s show will focus on the recent conviction of your host for taking an abused dog to the shelter and the status of the case. She will also discuss budget issues and their impact on the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and animal welfare issues throughout Humboldt County. Special Guests will include: Humboldt County Sheriff, Mike Downey and Jim Ferguson, NCAWAC Treasurer and longtime community member.  Only through the involvement of citizens can solutions be found to the serious issues facing animal welfare today. Listeners can also tune in on-line at kmud.org.

This concludes the Community Safety and Awareness Report, which can be read online at kmud.org and heard weekdays at 11am, 3 pm, and as needed here, on KMUD.



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