Ecology Action Nine Saturdays Workshop

GROW BIOINTENSIVE is pleased to announce the re-opening of our two-part, 9 Saturdays Courses to be held at the Victory Gardens for Peace on the Mendocino Coast.  Part 1: “Introduction to GROW BIOINTENSIVE: Growing Abundance in your Back Yard” presents a general overview of the soil and food crisis we all face, as well as a thorough review of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method, which we feel is the solution.  Classes will be held each Saturday starting June 1st and running through July 27th.  Total cost is $644 per person.  Registration is now open with the application deadline for Part 1 being May 23rd.


Apply for both Parts of the 9 Saturdays Courses online on our website,



May 30 2020 - Jul 25 2020


All Day