Every Sunday Morning 8:30am Sangha, and August Weekend Retreat with Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche

Greetings Sangha,

We have some exciting news……

Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche has recently completed a new english translated book on Shamatha, Calm Abiding, meditation.
Rinpoche has accepted our request to give a weekend retreat August 14th-15th on Shamatha meditation using this book as the support.

If you are part of the deep dive two year program this retreat is included. If you would like to register for this online retreat you can do so from the link below.

The book is not yet available but is being prepared now. A link to purchase will be provided once it is available. The book is in the process of being published by Namchak publishing. I am told the book will be available via both PDF and hard copy formats.

  More exciting news……..

We are beginning our Sunday group practices again.

We will be broadcasting our morning practices online every Sunday at 8:30am PT. There is no cost to join the group practice.
We will alternate each week between Terchen Pegyal Lingpas Green Tara practice and Terchen Pegyal Lingpas smoke offering practices (sang).
Normally these practices are done together but for the sake of learning we are slowing them down a bit and adding a some explanations of when to do the visualizations etc. We may begin doing both together at some point if time permits.

If you do not have the texts PDF versions will be made available to purchase via the same tab that has the zoom link. (text proceeds go back to the translation costs)

Please note: Our morning group practice is separate from Drupon Lama Karmas Sunday Teachings which can be joined as well.

Even more exciting news…….

If you live locally you are welcome to join our Sunday morning sessions. Please wear your mask and follow all Covid 19 safety precautions both inside the temple and outside. Windows and doors will be left open. Although it has been warm all summer occasionally morning fog can make it quite chilly so please be prepared for weather fluctuations.

Looking forward to practicing together

In dharma,

Amri & Semo Sangay


Aug 14 2021


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