Ferndale Town Clock is 100, Celebration Aug. 26 at 11am

The 100th birthday of the town clock in Ferndale will be celebrated Friday, August 26, at 11 a.m., in the town parking lot on historic Main Street.
The 100th birthday celebration on August 26 is sponsored by the Ferndale Museum and the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce. The program will feature reminiscences by Ferndale’s hometown celebrity, Food Network star Guy Fieri (“Be home by 6! Watch the clock!”); and family memories by Ralph Mathes and Christina Mathes.
The clock was first installed in the spring of 1922 by watchmaker Fritz Mathes, a German prisoner of war who had been incarcerated at the Presidio in San Francisco. Released after World War I ended, Fritz saw an advertisement for a jewelry store for sale in Ferndale, moved north, and purchased the Main Street business in 1919. He was later joined by his brother, Kurt Mathes, and, much later, by his nephew, Chris Mathes, who kept the clock and the store going until selling the business in 1988.
Ferndale has an immediate reason to celebrate as well. Over two years ago, the clock, which over the years has suffered two knockdowns by Main Street vehicles and the theft of its master clock, succumbed to decades of temporary fixes and stopped. Thanks to the dedicated work of many volunteers and the craftmanship of two skilled watchmaker brothers, John and David Lippold, the signature centerpiece of Ferndale’s Main Street is fixed!
Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration, raise a glass of sparkling cider in birthday toasts, and receive the official “Time and Time Again” Town Clock button that commemorates the event.


Aug 19 - 26 2022


8:00 am - 11:00 am

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