Monster Project On Display at 3rd & G Streets, in Old Town Eureka

The Monster Project, the collaborative artwork of over 50 local artists, is now on display at the northwest lot at the corner of 3 rd and G Streets in Old Town, Eureka.

In its sixth year, The Monster Project was created and is facilitated by Bryan Schoneman of
Trajectory, a Dream Maker project of The Ink People Center for the Arts.

Through the Monster Project, artists choose their collaborative partner(s) and then plan their
work together. The medium in which they work is usually completely open. During the past 5
years artists have created paintings, costume designs, songs, poetry, ceramic sculpture, dance,
and performance work. Because of the pandemic, artists this year are creating paintings – some
with text included – on panels that can be shown outdoors, and in a way that people can see
the show from a distance. Some artists have chosen to work together while social distancing,
while others have sent the artwork back and forth between them and have kept in touch

Schoneman chose the theme of Monster as the jumping off point for the collaborative work
because of its great breadth and many interpretations. It incorporates not only creatures
hidden in closets and under beds, but anything in life, as anything can be monstrous – fear,
beauty, truth, nature, desire, our own inner struggles, other people. The collaborating artists
explore their deepest humanness through their ideas of Monster.

The most important part of the Monster Project, especially relevant at this time, is the balm it is
for the way most of us feel right now. “The pain of loneliness and isolation is very real right
now. The Monster Project gives people something exciting to work on while they build
relationships with other artists. It really helps people to feel connected and not so alone,”
Schoneman says.

Leslie Castellano, an artist who has been a part of the project since its inception, feels it has had
an important impact on the Humboldt community.

“Many of the artists involved are well known in our community and viewers often leave
inspired by the way a creative dialogue about monsters is conveyed through the art and
through the project. While making work, the artists involved also create relationships with one
another. Many of these relationships continue, and the artists keep working together
throughout the year. I am inspired by the capacity for this project to serve as a vehicle for
restructuring and redefining social constructs within our local community,” says Castellano.

The Monster Project will change, grow, and add new delights over the several months it is
installed. More information on the artwork and artists involved can be found at

The Monster Project will be at 3rd and G streets in Eureka until March 31, at the earliest. After that it will be at The Sanctuary. It is an ongoing project where new artists and work are continually added. In fact, three more pieces were just added this week!


Nov 29 2020 - Mar 31 2021