Old God, performed Live and in Mortal Flesh by Dell’Arte

Old God is a foppish, irreverent oracle; a singer of doom and weaver of myth–a being so old, it has forgotten its own name. This dormant comedic relic comes to Dell Arte’s Carlo Mazzone-Clementi Theater on October 27th at 8pm LIVE and IN-MORTAL FLESH to revel in its Final Moments of Entertainment.

Audiences arrive enfeebled by the weight of a million unread emails and unanswered texts, their egos inflamed via the algorithmic gods of social media and a never-ending sea of main-lined amusements. Old God meets them where they are and fights fire with fire demanding attention as the biggest form of distraction in any room. A pied piper of princely pettiness, Old God gleefully leads the audience on an unruly ride through a heap of broken images.

Exquisitely costumed and poised before a hand-painted canvas backdrop encircled by fancy golden foot lights, this white-faced clown seems to have pranced out of the theater houses of the 1800’s. Through virtuosic pantomime and improvisational feats of language, he rains down a frenetic hail of words and ideas that veer wildly from the absurd and scatological, to the poignant and the profound. No one can keep up as Old God buries the audience beneath a barrage of rapid-fire delivery, full-throttled improvised play, and crashing waves of imagery that spin wildly in topic but elegantly in body. Old God delights in hypocrisy, shoves a thumb in the eye of progress and drives a tour bus into the soft underbelly of our collective malaise. No one is safe—not the audience, not the richest man in the world, not even the actor’s own precious little ego.
Link for Old God Vol. 2 Show: https://dellarte.com/product/oldgodvol-2/
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Oct 28 2021


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm