Public Meeting of the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission

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Any apparent discrepancies between established Brown Act provisions and the Governor’s current disclaimer allow for some variation at this time.
Regular Meeting Agenda
June 9, 2022, 5:00 pm -7:00 pm
I. Call to Order: (3 min)
As we gather today, we acknowledge that Eureka, California is ancestral territory of the Wiyot people. We also honor all Indigenous people and territories and Sovereign governments that share governance within Humboldt County, California. We gather with respect and gratitude to these Indigenous People. We thank and honor the Indigenous Caretakers of this land who continue to cherish and protect it. Their elders have instructed the young to consider the seven generations ahead as they continue to protect the rights of the land and all people who live on it. We encourage all to align and follow the lead of local Indigenous communities as they steward the land and protect all of its natural resources.
One minute of silence
II. Roll Call: (1 min)
III. Approval of Meeting Minutes: (1 min)
Agenda Adjustments: (1 min)
Guest Speakers: (10 min)
Centro Del Pueblo
VI. Public Comment: (15 min) Recognition and introduction of guests and visitors. Public is invited to speak regarding matters not on the agenda. Comments will be limited to three minutes. Pursuant to Ralph M. Brown Act, Commission may not act on an item not appearing on the agenda. If a member of the public speaks and requests assistance on a non-agenda subject, the Commission may not take any action or propose any solutions, but the citizen(s) may be given a resource card for contact information relevant to their issue, the citizen(s) may be given a complaint intake form for purposes of adding to a future agenda of the next regular HRC meeting, and finally an individual commissioner may speak to the citizen(s) apart from the meeting and recommend steps they might take. Members of the public will each be allowed to speak on agenda items once during discussion, usually at the end of commissioner comments and prior to any action or vote by the commission. Time to speak will be closely monitored. (3 minutes per person) Public is invited to speak regarding matters not on the agenda. Comments received by email will be presented by the Chair. If a comment is presented by ZOOM it will be limited to three minutes.
To join the meeting Pursuant to the Brown Act.
The commission may not act on an item that does not appear on the
agenda. The public will be allowed to address agenda items in these methods:
1. To submit comments to the Commission please email [email protected] or with ZOOM submissions in Chat with agenda item number included.
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Meeting ID: 593 145 3354
VII. Commission Communications: (10 min)
Emails, Regular Mail
All other announcements and communications
Message Line Report Future Scheduling of Message Line
May 1-15—-Lyons May 15-31– Glover June 1 -15–Miller June 16-30–Perkins July 1-15–Aronoff July 16-31–Glover August 1-15–Larsen August 16-30–Perkins
VIII. Treasurer’s Report: (5 min)
Correctional Facilities Liaison Report: (5 min)
Standing Committee Reports: (10 min)
[Haynie, Morgan, Aronoff]
Discussion / Possible Action
[Glover, Morgan, Lochtie, Sundberg]
Discussion/Possible Action
XI. Ad hoc Committee Reports: (25 min)
RACISM / CULTURAL AWARENESS-end date 8-31-2022
Purpose: Create a list of cultural resources for the communitiy
Current Issue: Gathering resource contacts
Committee Members:[Larsen, Haynie, Miller, Lochtie]
Discussion / Possible Action
HOMELESSNESS-Committee ending date:12-31-2022 Purpose: To propose actions that will improve housing options by providing adequate shelter for all residents. Current Issue: Proposal to the Board of Supervisors Committee Members:[Aronoff, Desir, Haynie] Discussion/Possible Action
HUMAN RIGHTS SURVEY-Committee ending date: 6-30-22 Purpose: Create a survey on human rights for Humboldt County.. Current Issue: Distribute Human Rights survey, collect data, and distribute results. Committee Members:[Lochtie, Glover] Discussion/Possible Action
NEW COMMISSION LOGO-Committee ending date: 6-30-22 Purpose: Develop an HRC logo. Current Issue: Create a competition utilizing citizen suggestions/art. Committee Members:[Perkins, Glover] Discussion/Possible Action
INDIGENOUS PEOPLES-Committee ending date: 6-30-22 Purpose: To assure respect of indigenous peoples and promote their safety and rights within the county. CURRENT ISSUE: Murdered and missing Indigenous People. Committee Members: [Sundberg, Aronoff, Miller, Larsen]
Discussion/Possible Action
XII. Unfinished Business: (5 min) Discussion/Possible Action
BOS funding grants to HRC Mad River Union Monthly column DA Questions Officer Elections
XIII. NEW BUSINESS: (10 min) Discussion/Possible Action
Proposed agenda items for June 2022
As officials appointed by a legislative body (Humboldt County Board of Supervisors), members of the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission (HCHRC) have an obligation to understand, follow and abide by the Ralph M. Brown Act (Brown Act) and to ensure that everything the HCHRC does is open and available to the public for review. It is important for the HCHRC and all commissioners to follow the intent of the law as well as any legal rulings.To that end, the HCHRC has adopted guidelines for the use of any technology, especially email. The entire email policy is available upon request. 102/120


Jun 09 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm