Fisheries Forum broadcast available on Cal Channel

According to a news release from Andrew Bird, Wesley Chesbro Communications Director:
Those who want to watch a broadcast of the 38th Annual Legislative Fisheries Forum, held Wednesday Feb. 16 at the State Capitol, can view an archived video posted on the California Channel. Go to On the lower right of Cal Channel’s homepage, look for the broadcast under the “Recent Videos” tab. Because of the length of the Forum, about four hours and 45 minutes, the archive is posted in two parts.

“Yesterday’s Forum was a great a success. I urge anybody involved in fishing in California who was not able to attend or view the live broadcast to watch the archived video,” said Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro (D-North Coast), who, in his capacity as chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, directed the Forum. “The Forum is unique to all other types of hearings held in Sacramento and, I believe, is unique to the nation. It is a special hearing set aside one day each year for fishing men and women, including tribal members, fishery scientists and conservationists and agencies, to come together to discuss the pressing issues facing our fish and fisheries. Yesterday’s Forum also allowed us to get together with so many old friends.”

The Fisheries Forum dates back to the 1970s and was started by former North Coast legislator Barry Keene. Many of the aquaculture and marine laws that protect California’s fisheries originated from testimony at the Forum. “Fishing is America’s oldest industry,” Chesbro added. “Fish here along our coast were the mainstay of the diet of native peoples for over 10,000 years and played an important role in feeding the miners headed for the gold fields.  Fisheries remain a significant part of our state’s history, culture and economy.”

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