Head-on collision claims life of Hoopa man

According to KMUD News:

A head-on collision on Highway 101 reportedly claimed the life of a Hoopa man, left another Hoopa resident in critical condition and injured three others.  According to the California Highway Patrol, the collision occurred just north of Weott Thursday, August 11, 2011, afternoon and involved three vehicles.  They say Brian Warnow of Fortuna drove over the center divider and into the lanes of oncoming traffic.  His Dodge truck reportedly side-swept a Toyota pickup, smashed head-on with a Monte Carlo and then went over a guardrail.  
The CHP office says Joaquin Roy Miller of Hoopa was pronounced dead at the scene.  Melbourne Miller reportedly was flown to St. Joseph’s in Eureka but was later transported to U.C. Davis Medical Center, where police say he is in critical condition.  Both Joaquin and Melbourne reportedly were passengers in the Monte Carlo that was hit head-on.  Police say Lucinda Miller was driving the Monte Carlo and was moderately injured.  Brian Warnow of Fortuna reportedly sustained minor injuries, as did the driver of the Toyota pickup that was side-swept.  Police say they are continuing to investigate the collision, but they do not believe alcohol or drug impairment played a role.  
Joaquin Roy Miller of Hoopa was 22 years old.  

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