Humboldt County Draft Marijuana Ordinance

December 16, 2010

The following proposed draft medical marijuana land use ordinance is the first step in the process towards a comprehensive code regulating the land use aspects of medical marijuana in Humboldt County.
This draft medical marijuana land use ordinance is intended to integrate into the current Humboldt County land use code at 313-55.1 et seq. for the coastal zones and 314-55.1 et seq. for the inland zones. This proposed draft is a first step, as it only addresses small-scale residential cultivation for personal use; transmission and distribution facilities, such as collectives, cooperatives, dispensaries, and delivery services; medical marijuana laboratory and testing facilities; and medical marijuana business offices. Many other medical marijuana land use issues, such as large-scale cultivation, outdoor cultivation, processing facilities, and related medical marijuana issues, such as branding, labeling, and certification, are not included in this proposed draft ordinance, and may be the subject of additions to this ordinance in the future.
The draft medical marijuana land use ordinance will first be heard by the Planning Commission at their January 6, 2011 meeting. Staff will request that no final action be taken that night on the draft medical marijuana ordinance to allow more opportunities for public comment. This draft ordinance is being made available to the public three weeks before it will be first be heard by the Planning Commission in an attempt to encourage and invite public discussion.

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mmluc – pc staff report 12-23-10.pdf

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